Another @Diablo tweet popped up today telling us wonderful things about something we’re not permitted to see. This time, dungeon lighting.

    Lighting changes the game more than you might think. We test a dungeon, we like it, then it gets final lighting, and we LOVE it. 

    Of course dungeon lightning was a big part of the debate back in the heyday of the DiabloWikiArt Controversy, and many fans contributed ‘shopped images to show how they felt the game could be much improved with more dramatic, or darker, or different-colored lighting. This particular @Diablo claim is one we’ll probably have to just take their word for, since it’s not like they’re going to ship the final game with a, “turn off cool dungeon lightning” option.

    So, if we love the final dungeons, visually, then we should endeavor to remember that we’d love them less if not for the cool lighting.


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