The Wizard God Mode With Archon and Teleport Bug

This bug has been floating around for a while today and site visitor Roomy posted a video of the Wizard Archon/Teleport bug that basically renders you invulnerable. This has not been fixed by Blizzard as yet but we assume this is going to get tackled sharpish, well we hope so at least because they are aware of it.

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    56 thoughts on “The Wizard God Mode With Archon and Teleport Bug

    1. Cool was just checking the site contemplating if it would be worth playing again after almost 3 weeks break. Apparently not.

      The SS invu wasn’t that bad this early but now everybody and their mum will have access to godmode farming.
      Well done Blizzard, now they need some patch to implement a ladder reset equivalent to make me come back. 🙄

    2. Blizzard has gotten to a point where all it cares about is money. They got the initial sales, now it’s just lackluster updates and game breaking content. If they really cared, they would have never introduced the Auction House feature and would full-proof their damn patches before a release.

      Farewell, Blizzard. I used to love you…

    3. > Grind a level 60 Wiz as quickly as possible
      > Farm Act 3 unhindered until fixed
      > ???
      > Profit (literally)

    4. it’s a trap, they introduced it so everyone would roll a wizard and buy stuff up off ah.. they will fix it when they have enough rerolls 😉 and then promptly nerf the class to oblivion so you really wasted your time

    5. Not fixed as of yet. Just for fun I’m going to run through the game on Inferno with my Wiz. It’s not like I’ve been taking this game seriously for several weeks.

      • That was my though exactly, how log was this god mode. Also just tried it and it works without a problem. Does not matter even if you switch the skills after its enabled, and it is reset when you use teleport. So basically you are still in between the start and the end of the teleport.

    6. This is borderline discrimination! 😀

      If you weren’t rolling a Wizz by now, just give up.

    7. No longer works as of 2:51 am EST as I just gave it a try with my wizard and ended up dying afterwards.

    8. The vid is pretty lame as a tutorial, between the guy’s thick accent and mumbling and whining, he’s not exactly working to convey information.

      Not sure if you need particular rune effects in Teleport and Archon, or it’s a timing thing, but I tried it several times and couldn’t get it to work. Anyone gotten it to work? Can you offer more detail than “hover your mouse near the char and hit both Archon and Teleport at the same time?”

      • Use fracture and improved archon. Pop archon leave game, resume pop teleport then right after this almost instantly archon and voala. You are stuck between the start and end of the telefort phase. Switching skills does not break it, only poping teleport again does.

        • in the video he mentions FRACTURE rune for teleport and i chosed improved archon rune because 25% more damage ofc, i have godmode not worried about dying. so i chose right on that rune apparently. make sure mouse is over your character when you press teleport and archon at the same time. it worked the very first time i tried it. I live in california usa and understood the video well enough to do it first try lol.. not that difficult as he says in the video seriously if you have issue gettin this to work i feel sorry for ya.
          edit: he also says in the video….., the images do NOT spawn if done correctly.

    9. just logged in, had an update by the look of the load screen.
      and it DOESN’T work anymore.
      That or I am failing.

    10. I am using it right now.

      Just use teleport with fracture, and archon with improved archon.

      Hit teleport a split second before you hit archon, and voila, godmode.

      • Thanks. Much more specific. I tried a few combo’s with runes. But none worked.
        And I tried no runes.
        Specificity FTW

    11. 2 things

      1; this is how it should be, you should feel like a god in this game.
      2; he is a god, and it takes him like 30 sec? to kill a normal pack in the first bit.. What’s so funny about that?.. really.. even in god mode

    12. This guy’s attitude stinks. “Blizzard should be spending time on things like this instead of worrying about the Real Money AH.” Yeah because I’m sure the same bugfixing people are the ones who are wasting their time developing the RMAH. 🙄

      We get it, you don’t like the RMAH. Not the video for that, friend.

      • Wow, youre a fanboy arent you? How many $5 cheques are you getting? Point is they are only diverting their attention to the RMAH, and yes the ‘bugfixing ppl’, if they even exist, are probably the same ones milking out the RMAH to the max.

        This game is ruined because its bugged to high hell, everything is conspired around the RMAH and the $$$$ it makes, and full of ninja nerfs and fixes like the recent desec and plague and fire damage boosts, and the team just doesnt listen to the fans, instead preferring to hide in the shadows, close important topics on the official forums, or else pretend they actually care by asking for feedback on how to change end game mfing? WTF there is no more mfing that is so D2, nowadays we call it AHing.

        Everything the D3 team does is designed around making ppl spend on the GAH and RMAH, you must be real silly to not see this or deny it…

        • “and yes the ‘bugfixing ppl’, if they even exist, are probably the same ones milking out the RMAH to the max.” May you explain this please? I still don’t see how QA has anything to do with the RMAH.

          I’m no fanboy, I’m not really happy with Diablo 3 either, but my gripes are more to do with how simplified the game is compared to Diablo 2, and the lack of progression more than anything. So I agree about the MF thing, if the RMAH is the cause of that, fine.

          But this video was annoying to watch because the guy wouldn’t stop whining about an issue that has nothing to do with the bug.

          And yeah my $5 cheques are coming in thick and fast… 🙄

        • YEAH BUDDY, the game is SOOOO ruined.

          I wish I was getting $5 cheques, because I think the game is farking awesome.
          I must be a fan boy (yay, always wanted to be one of those).
          Get over yourself man, and go find somewhere else to sulk.

          Peace Out..

          • Yeah I always wanted to type in CAPS to show how FRUSTRATED I AM and use retarded english like faaaark, gg fanboii u r

      • Yeah, the second half of the video was completely unnecessary. If he didn’t have any more to say about the exploit he should’ve left it at that, because that’s what people came to hear, but instead it’s like he went “now that I have your attention, please listen to me whine for about a minute”. Yeah, no thanks.

        • Well, it’s his youtube channel, his video. I’m pretty sure he can do whatever the hell he wants. :p

          • Absolutely. I guess I’m just tired of being bombarded with negativity whenever I try to keep up with D3-related news, whether it’s in the forums/comments or in this case the actual news item.

    13. Post major exploits right on the main page so even more people can abuse it. Way to go

    14. Those who use this bug way too much may get banned from the game entirely… dont say I didnt warn you if it happens! Good luck!

      Edit: They DO watch what we do and how we do play the game… this is how some achievements’s requirements and such have been changed unannounced!
      ^FAIR WARNING!!!!!!^

      • You honestly believe anyone will get banned for using two skills at the same time? It is in the game, not a third party program. They could not prove that you didn’t just hit the two skill buttons at the same time inadvertently. Show me in the terms of service where it says you cannot use skills that have unintended effects. Until then, it’s on Blizzard to patch broken game mechanics. Amirite?

    15. The whole time I was thinking, I would love to use that to beat Ghom. But, I figure if I can’t beat him on my own, I don’t have the skill to go further in the game. I just don’t think that bug would be fun at all, unless used solely for making money. I guess I am just old fashioned in that I want a challenge and to actually play the game myself.

      • dude. I can’t kill Ghom(barb), but I can kill Diablo solo or even in 2pl game with dead member. This is bad so I wanna some invul wiz to help me.BugVSBadBalance 😆

    16. Seems mainly those who were “done with this horrible” game are the ones coming out of the woodwork to cheat.

      So they quit playing because the game is too hard? Why else would godmode be a motivator to start playing again? Can’t be the RMAH, since they hate that as well.

      • Wth are you talking about? People who are “done with this horrible”, like me, has just 1 more reason to not come back. Fanboys like you is the motive of this “horrible” game not going fixed for a long time…

      • i agree i am one of those, the items need to be fixed. its a fact. blizzard knows it. and some of the community with half a brain does too. The whole item hunt is a bit off right now. it’s just something new and entertaining. ive leveled all classes to 60.. zzzzzzzzzzzz 🙄

    17. Okay just to clear things up since I hoe this gets nerfed very quickly.

      Teleport + Fracture rune
      Archon with any or no rune(I tested them all)
      Teleport very close by to your character (right on top of yourself works well)
      IMMEDIATELY after initiating the teleport, turn on archon.

      If done right you should just be in archon form with no fractures. Sometimes you will do it way too fast and it will fail even if u don’t see the fracture, but if that happens just rejoin the game to reset cooldown on archon and try again.

      You should be using hotkeys like (1-6) to do this quick enough.. I don’t know who doesn’t.

      EDIT:::: You can use teleport again, just not teleport with fracture rune. You can switch skills, even changing out the teleport skill, which is recommended.

      Use a build with all offensive buffs and crowd control besides archon.
      You can town portal undisturbed.
      Magic find heavy gear as long as you can kill fast still is a good idea.
      Abuse this, so Blizzard patches it quickly.

    18. I hope they get this fixed ASAP too. Kinda makes it seem pointless to play really. It really seems like every time I turn around Blizzard has another facepalm moment.

      On a side note, why is this even on the front page? I thought cheats/exploits wouldn’t be on the front page until after they were fixed.

    19. Tried it…….. Then i thought…. Blue Gear of Int + MF = Profit…. D3 Ah worthless now, d3 in general worthless.. it blows.

    20. Thank you for publishing this, rush, I’m sure this contributed to blizzard fixing it. I spammed public chat all day: Everyone should grab a slice while they could, and help get it fixed. Woo!

    21. Was fun while lasted. Sad thing is that this was the most fun time I have had with wizard, so I think it sums pretty well what people want (i assume there were other people enjoy farming too?). Have an easy access to all game and get better loot.

    22. “Have reasonable access to all game with reasonably well geared characters and get better loot.”


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