The Witch Doctor Unleashed on Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page

Blizzard have unleashed the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor on the Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page. As before we get a short story, a spotlight video showcasing the Witch Doctor, a chance to win some cool prizes and the exclusive Class Sigil.

WD Crest CrestThe Witch Doctor.

The witch doctors. Sage conjurers, enchanters, and mystical warriors who are driven by a charge to maintain spiritual balance and harmony in the violent world of Sanctuary. They command ancient magics rooted in the primal powers of life and death, and are adept at summoning fearsome, shadowy creatures. A witch doctor is armed with simple talismans, fetishes, rough carvings… and endless ravening throngs of vengeful spirits set to bring destruction at their master’s command.

The Witch Doctor got a background-building short story as well, which you can read here.

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    24 thoughts on “The Witch Doctor Unleashed on Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page

    1. so i just went to the skill calculator on d3 site and now i cant choose the skills i want. for my wiz i want arcane orb and ray of frost. the way they have it set up i can only have one of the two. please tell me they are just kidding.

      • you can choose any skills you want..use left and right arrows 😉

        and in the game..turn on Elective mode..

        • thank you times a million. i was so afraid for the last 15 minutes that there were going to be like 2 builds for each class. whew! i feel much better now. thanks friend

      • There’s not enough time in the day to flame all of the posters who don’t do any research or don’t understand the game. And what’s with your name? Was xXSephirothXx and Ra1stlin taken?

        • @ nevindaal i dont get it
          @crazy and moc  i have been following the game pretty closely thank you but they are constantly changing it and i figured i might have missed an update. and not having my two favorite skills at the same time would have upset me. sorry for being passionate about the game =/

    2. These hero pages are just the tip of the iceberg. I really want to plaaaaay. Not take stupid pictures once a week ! >.<
      Captcha: Jack be nimble – Wth…? xD

    3. Brom’s painting of the Witch Doctor is absolutely terrific!
      The story once again isn’t about the WD we will play as. I wonder if we will hear about this Benu and the monk from the monk short story in-game.

      • No, the WD we shall play will be the heretic spoken of. By the way, the background stories are all godawesome, and this one in particular takes the cake. It’s not exactly Shakespeare but given that the stories are just promo material unlikely to even be published in book form anywhere, it’s really really good. 

        • Agreed, these stories are all pretty good within their context.  Not going to win any awards but very entertaining reads.

    4. Witch Doctor is a stain in a silk sheet. What a fail! I wonder they got this idea (cof cof design mistake).

      Captcha: of course… 

    5. Noticed how awesome JONDAAAAAR looks in the beta ? Totally captured the Diablo II Necro and transfered him into III. Playing the old Necromancer would have been great fun. Perhaps…some day….in an expansion…

      • D2 did similar things with D1’s Rogue (Blood Raven) and Sorcerer (The Summoner), so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see cameos from other Diablo-series character classes.

        • Based on what I’m reading in the Book of Cain and elsewhere I’d wager that Necros may actually have a larger role in the storyline than cameos.

    6. This was my favorite story so far.  I also read the entire thing with the WD voice from the game, wasn’t really able to do visualize that in my head with the other stories.
      And yes, yes I know… it’s not his voice in the story and what not.

    7. I’m sure the WD reigns supreme in the open field in “Inferno”, just like the necro once did in difficult “Hell” areas.

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