“The Vault” Greed’s Chest Bugged Drop

Could a Monk Deadly Reach?

Could a Monk Deadly Reach?

I’ve seen complaints about items from Greed’s chest sometimes dropping where players can’t reach them, and a EU Blue addressed the issue today.

Greed’s Chest Bugged Drop:

So me and 2 friends just killed the boss in the goblin vault, none of us can loot the items that dropped because the chest is blocking it, we cant go near enough to loot them.

Is there anything that can be done about this or do we simply have to abandon the loot?

Quick response would be appreciated.
Vaneras: Hey guys,

I just wanted to drop in and thank everybody who has reported this issue with Greed’s chest blocking loot, your reports have been forwarded to the appropriate folks for investigation 🙂

Is there anything that can be done about this or do we simply have to abandon the loot?
I’m sorry to say that there isn’t really anything that can be done about this right now unfortunately 🙁

Until such a time when a fix is in place for this, it would be a good idea to try and lure Greed away from the edge of the platform when it is time to deal the final killing blow that summons the chest.

I read soemwhere on these forums the thing to do is to ALT+Click the item or ALT and then click as two seperate keystrokes. I’ve tried this elsewhere and it appears to work.
That is a good tip, thanks 🙂

It just looks so clickable….

I like that the OP was made while in-game, with the “please reply quickly!” That green amulet and orange Fist were calling to him.

This used to happen fairly often with chests (and other treasure-popping clickables, like the big crypt with the Matriarch’s Bones reward) in other areas of Diablo 3, especially back in the beta. I always wondered why they didn’t just program chests to lose collision once they opened up, since those always seemed to be the treasure-blocking obstacles.

Pity that we’re now getting it with Greed’s giant and visually-awesome chest.


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  1. While the complaints with WoW are many and varied… this kind of thing would never have happened there. Can't get loot from a boss would have been fixed in a day or two, not ignored for months or years. I've even heard of a GM transferring loot cross-server using a raid log for accidental mis-looting.

    Then again, that's the kind of thing a monthly sub pays for, so… Yeah here they aren't paid enough to care I guess. 😛

  2. It happened to me but I finally got it by clicking and moving. Also allowed me to notice that the chest continues to eat Greed when we click on it (not sure it was the case on the PTR).

  3. I had two rare items fall right in the middle of the chest and I could not pick them up. Lucky for me the gem and two legendary items fell on the edge of the chest and were accessible.

  4. ****, seriously? This is one of the simplest UX scenarios their QE should have run internally…

    Been into the Vault once, luckily enough I could pick up everything.

  5. Heres an idea have the Chest spawn in a set location and if need be have it shoot its tongue to reel in Greed and when the tounge comes out so does the treasure.

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