The Top 25 Games of 2011 Concluding

I hope you have been keeping an eye on the IncGamers’ Top 24 Games of 2011 since the start of the month and also picked up some prizes. Well today is the big day, the #1 game will be revealed and you can also catch up on the previous 24 right here. Agree or disagree, leave the guys your feedback 🙂

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10 thoughts on “The Top 25 Games of 2011 Concluding

  1. Yep, number one is assassin’s creed revelations, and I agree: it’s better than all the tripe on the list so far, but it’s far from perfect.

  2. I am a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, but my god, what a filler was Revelations really, you can’t say it’s a game of the year by any stretch of the imagination… Arkham City was very nice, a lot nicer than the previous game, but still not a game of the year… Skyrim? No way… single player game with more wooden and lame combat system than mmo from late 2004, guess which. Just graphics don’t make a game the game of the year…   Which will it be… dno, just none of these three.

  3. Dark Souls, MW3, Starcraft 2, (if it released this year don’t remember) And yes skyrim deserves a place on here but a very low place like 20-25. I bought it and returned it after 2 days put like 4 hours into it. Was horribly boring and way way way over hyped.

  4. You love the Elder Scrolls games or you don’t, but if you do (as I do), there’s nothing better. There is certainly nothing else remotely like them on the market.

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