Offsetting the awesome new Runestone videos, there’s bad news today, as DiabloWikiBashiok revealed that the long-mysterious, long-anticipated DiabloWikiTalisman is being removed from the game, at least temporarily. The quote:

    Well, I can say from feedback and testing we’ve made the decision to pull the Talisman from the initial release of the game.

    It was a cool idea at its core, but right now it’s just really too basic and doesn’t provide anything you can’t get from the armor and weapons you’re equipping. It requires a lot of the player to invest time and energy into finding and storing yet another type of item just to add player stats. When they do all that, it’s just to do something pretty boring that they can already do with awesome things like armor and weapons. Originally the Talisman had a much deeper design, but it proved very ambitious and it got whittled down over the years to a very basic +stat per single square. We like simplicity in our designs, but charms became superfluous in their purpose.

    We really like the core idea, but we don’t want to stop everything and spend a large amount of time trying to fix the Talisman, although we do have some great ideas already. So, it’ll very likely come back in some form or another after the game ships. And be awesome.

    Presumably this means DiabloWikicharms are also gone, since they had no function other than when socketed in the Talisman.

    Early fan reaction is mixed, but what is there to say? If the feature isn’t working that great, then yes, it’s better they leave it out and bring it back once they’ve figured out how to make it better. This will also let them tailor the Talisman to fit properly into the economy and play style players create, which will naturally differ somewhat from what the devs are projecting at this point.

    If there’s a complaint to be made, you’ll require a time machine to go back and try to impact the devs months/years ago, when they made decisions that marginalized the utility of the Talisman/charms.

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