Bashiok made a blue post tell us to remember remember the 14th of… May. Since that day the full game client will become available (just not to play until the servers go up) and massive datamining will commence. (On our DiabloNut, for instance.) Also, D3CE buyers will want to avoid the Artbook and Behind The Scenes DVD until they’ve completed their first play-through. Thanks to Edward for the news tip, and here’s the quote:

    This is a warning to all that spoilers may occur both in these forums, and the internet at large. We’ve worked hard to craft an engaging story and fun game, and our hope is that you have a pristine experience. For that reason we recommend you exercise extreme caution when perusing the webs of cyber space.

    If you’re to be the lucky owner of a Collector’s Edition, we highly recommend you wait until after you have completed the game on Normal before opening the art book or watching the behind-the-scenes DVD/Blu-ray. Both of these items contain big spoilers, and should probably be avoided until later.

    You should be especially cautious on May 14, as with the installer unlocking and worldwide releases taking place, the entire game will be available to be discovered and datamined. We also plan to populate the Diablo3.com game guide with item data that Monday, which may themselves be spoilers. If you care about spoilers, it may just be best to not go on the internet on May 14.

    We will not be moderating topics discussing spoilers as long as:
    – The thread title does not contain a spoiler.
    – The thread title contains a {SPOILER} tag in it.
    If someone is found to be purposely posting spoilers with the intent to ruin the experience for others, such as using a misleading title or posting a spoiler in an off-topic thread, they will be dealt with harshly.

    We appreciate your help in attempting to keep spoilers in-check, and hope you enjoy your first experiences in Diablo III. See you in-game!

    I’ve asked the guests on the last few podcasts how they’re going to handle the spoiler issue, and replies have varied. There’s less variety in the replies to a forum vote I posted last week. Votes there are running heavily, 81% at last check, towards avoiding spoilers for the first day, or first several days after launch. Whether people will actually stick to their guns and refrain, or be unable to resist reading a few tidbits and peeking at some screenshots, remains to be seen.

    We will not post any spoilers in the main page news here, at least not without big warnings about it and a click through to see the details, and any spoilery comments will be deleted. Our D3 community forum will also be spoiler free for the first few days, with threads on the new stuff shunted into the datamining forum. (Same as we did with the initial burst of beta client datamining.)

    Fear not though; we’ll have plenty of entertainment even if you’re avoiding spoilers, as we’re planning a bunch of cool stuff for launch day, all integrated into our very busy chat room, as we lead up to the midnight CEST launch (11pm UK). At that point we’ll be providing numerous live streams of the full game, though hidden below the click through for spoiler prevention. This is especially important for people on the US server, which won’t go live until 9 hours later, since some guy in Romania will be in Act 2 of Nightmare by then.

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