The Secret Cow Rift Music

March to his beat.

March to his beat.

With the Cow Rift much more common now in Patch 2.2 (I’d never seen it before and I’ve gotten it 3x so far this season.) most players are finally getting a chance to kill the Infernal Bovines. Better yet, there’s special music as part of the level, and like all the in-game music in Diablo 3 it’s haunting, moody, and almost audible.

Anyone knows where I could get that awesome music that you can hear durning cow level? 🙂
Vaneras: Actually, somebody did that not so long ago 🙂

To be honest, I had no idea there was any music, much less special music in the Cow Rift, since I’ve long since given up on being able to hear the never-loud-enough music in the game. Ambient dungeon sounds, yes. Sound effects, very yes. Music? That said, this sounds pretty cool, and next time I get the Cow Rift I’ll pause the WinAmp and turn up the game sound enough that it becomes audible, just to appreciate it in-place.

Click through for a bonus gallery of The Secret Cow Rift Music:

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  1. This seems to be a recurring feature article: “Flux Discovers Cool But Old **** the Rest of Us Already Knew About.”

    (jk Flux you’re awesome, keep posting it.)

  2. Still haven’t seen this rift yet. 🙁 Is it just normal rifts or can it spawn as a Grift as well?

  3. I’ve gotten the cow rift twice and while I did turn off my music to see if there were any cool special sound effects, I didn’t turn on the game music, so this is definitely new and cool for me. Thanks.

  4. I like the music, just wish the cows moo’d like they did on D2.

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