Soda posted a note about the experiencing sharing after carrying out some investigations on how close you need to be to other players to share experience gained.

    Based on the findings, he put together an image which illustrates that you need to be within about 35% of a mini-map distance to share the XP.

    This is how far

    To put this into perspective, Risingred also put together a small image to illustrate the distance a little better.


    In Perspective

    Bashiok’s reply uses ‘screen’ instead of ‘mini-map’ as the benchmark.

    in a party, if people are skipping loot barrels and side rooms, do you lose xp for staying back and exploring?

    You need to be within range (screen and a half or so) to be counted for drops or experience.

    When playing with others it would seem very counter-productive to not stick together, there’s not really any reason to be playing with other players unless you are wanting to group-up and share the experience any way.

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