The Radius of Experience Sharing

Soda posted a note about the experiencing sharing after carrying out some investigations on how close you need to be to other players to share experience gained.

Based on the findings, he put together an image which illustrates that you need to be within about 35% of a mini-map distance to share the XP.

This is how far

To put this into perspective, Risingred also put together a small image to illustrate the distance a little better.


In Perspective

Bashiok’s reply uses ‘screen’ instead of ‘mini-map’ as the benchmark.

in a party, if people are skipping loot barrels and side rooms, do you lose xp for staying back and exploring?

You need to be within range (screen and a half or so) to be counted for drops or experience.

When playing with others it would seem very counter-productive to not stick together, there’s not really any reason to be playing with other players unless you are wanting to group-up and share the experience any way.

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  1. Thanks for investigating this. I have another question concerning experience. If your follower kills a monster do you get full xp for that or is it split between you and the follower? Similarly, how does your follower gain experience?

    • Follower ain’t get any exp, he is allways at same level as you do.

      • I don’t think this is true…
        It might be that the follower accumulates the same EXP as you, such that he’s always made the same “progress” you have towards leveling. However, you pick him up when you are part of the way into a given experience level, whereas he starts at zero. When you ding, he won’t, and when he dings, you won’t–both have happened to me. I don’t think I’ve ever leveled up at the same time as the follower.

      • Still testing this, but…

        If you get the follower at level 8 and never use him, and then you hit level 13, then decide to use him, he should be at the beginning of level 12.

        So always one level behind you. I don’t know (yet) about experience gain and differentials, if it changes by level, etc.

  2. no contradiction.
    Bashiok spoke of SCREEN, these examples show radius based off minimap.
    35% of MINIMAP may well be 150%-200% of screen area [area you see on your monitor]

  3. Hmm, this seems a bit small to me.  I remember doing Blood Runs in D2:LoD where we all pretty much split up slightly as we ran up the mountain so ranged characters wouldn’t be killing mobs right before melee characters got in range of them.  I could see a similar situation here when running a zone like the Fields of Misery. But playing this way will cause the characters to step outside of that radius from time to time.  

    It’s not going to be much fun to constantly be asking yourself “Am I still within range to get experience for my ally’s kills just off the screen over there?”

  4. Aaaaand, that’s why I’ll play alone, I don’t want to rush like a fool without exploring anything!

  5. So has it been shown that the experience and loot radii are the same?

  6. [quote]When playing with others it would seem very counter-productive to not stick together, there’s not really any reason to be playing with other players unless you are wanting to group-up and share the experience any way.[/quote]

    In LOD, I’d frequently join busy games to run zones in another act solo – the mobs were tougher (more xp) and the drops were more abundant. Is that going to be similar?

  7. The \screen unit\ makes no sense though (might be easier to understand for some people but it’s not accurate), as the resolution has an effect of how much screen space you see and I highly doubt the calculations for determining if you receive XP are based on the configuration of the client screen resolutions.

  8. You Will die if you don’t stick together so I don’t think there’s really an issue here. (Not as likely to occur in normal but for sure in later difficulties).

  9. Can someone explain me the second picture, that should explain the first picture? I have no problem understanding the first picture, but I don’t get what the second picture titled “In Perspective” should tell me. I see that there is a second player symbol on the right side inside the radius that is still in the same spot as in the left part of the picture. Still, that can’t be everything, can it?

    • It may have been better if I included the entire screenshot for both. But basically that’s where you are in the first map, and you move to where the mystic would have been, which is like a screen plus some. Which was my point, but yeah, I could have put more thought into that.

      • Ah yes I see, I have seen lots of beta footage, though I still dont know the distances in town. Thanks for explaining.

  10. So if I fart, will my the other players within the circle experience the smell of my fart? Seems to work IRL as well! 😛

  11. This has pretty much been my only major concern with this game from day dot. 
    But at least I don’t intend on looking for random games to “pug” into to and will only be playing with good mates, who also keep all of this in mind.

  12. The whole point is that if you play multiplayer, you have a real incentive to actually stick together and play together. Rather than joining and doing your own thing.

    If you want to go slow, read everything, explore everywhere and do everything then the first time through, play solo or with a friend who wants to do the same.

    Its pretty fast paced in the beta from the public games I’ve been in. 
    Also, when you join a public game, you pick a quest (they seem to be level restricted) and everyone gets the same quests to do. This way, everyone who joins has the same goal.

  13. Nice write up, thank you.  I guess the range felt bigger to me.  Maybe it was past patches?  I thought I remember sitting at a Cath Level entrance while my buddy cleared a few rooms and getting xp.

  14. Now, is that a screen and a half (or so) away from the character doing the killing, or from the killed monster itself? Even though most ranged attacks seem to go a screen or less, it could still make a difference.

  15. This does not seem to apply to quests however. You can be in a completely different zone and still receive credit for a completed quest objective.

  16. Thanks for checking this out for us! I hate the people who would blaze passed everything just to get drops before me. I’m hoping the mobs will just pop them and won’t head my way.

    Also the latest poll, can we mail the results to Blizzard? That’s nice to see a large chunk of people who feel the same way I do about Blizzcon. Any one company who dedicates time and an unspeakable amount of resources to put together an event that focuses around THREE games should be ashamed of themselves. They could’ve taken that money and put it toward finishing several games. Anyone in these threads play Star Wars the Old Republic? As far as I know that game was announced after D3 and was released before D3, and it’s a freakin MMO!! If anyone is going to say it’s a question of money don’t bother, I don’t feel sorry in the slightest for a company with their own convention…

  17. Do someone know how to handle leechers in-game?
    I mean, let say a no-name idiot is online, just standing around doing nothing within radius of drops and experience gain. How could that benefit the rest of the fighting team? And.. isnt there any “vote kick” when majority of unknown players can kick a player that are leeching?

    • You’d be kind of forced to help if the game were actually difficult. There’s a kind of check against this built into the aggression system of the AI.

  18. I think you mean within 65%. That yellow circle is much larger than 35%; the 35% is the distance from the edge, so the circle would cover the inner 60-ish% of the map.

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