The call for new columnists to apply to this site came at a good time for me. I had been thinking about getting back into writing internet articles for a while. Back in 2000, I wrote a few, which were posted mainly to RPGDot, and WomenGamers. I gave writing for the Internet a rest when I started a new job, but 18 months later I was ready to get back on board. I typed off an application to Flux.

    And so the Ninth Circle was born. Over the past year the column has gone from three-weekly to fortnightly installments. When writing I have tried to stay away from basing the articles around a specific part of Diablo 2. I have done this mainly because Flux covered this type of thing in his column, and also because guest articles tend to focus there too. Instead, I have chosen topics like the growing trend of gaming for cash, and looked back at great games of the past.

    It has been an enjoyable year, and I

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