A Battle.net poster made a suggestion on the official boards on how an DiabloWikiattribute system in Diablo 3 could work, with more effects to a given stat the more points were in it. As is always the case with discusses about stats in Diablo III, the issue of auto-stat placement came up, and that’s when DiabloWikiBashiok chimed in with an extensive post on the matter of automatic stats, and also a request for help with greater variety in Diablo III.

    Thanks for the thread and I wanted to say I do appreciate the time and effort and ideas being put in to coming up with solutions for topics that are important to you. I want to try to put the idea of auto attribute allocation, the topic of this thread, in a potentially different light though. Potentially.

    It seems there are really only a few core problems for those that do take issue with auto attributes when you boil it down. The loss of a customization option and the ability to create builds for characters that are apart from the norm – or even just kind of crazy and experimental. Some other issues could be a loss of a

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