One of the odder tidbits in the v1.13 patch notes is this little line, “Updated two Act 5 mercenary names to Klar and Tryneus.” What does this mean? Why was the change made? Has it been confirmed? Yes. Thanks to MakeLoveNotDupe‘s screenshot we know both of them are now hireables on the test realm, and thanks to the code-delving of Silospen, we know that the names were indeed “updated.”

    In 1.13, MercX136 is called ‘Klar’, in 1.12 it was ‘Weohstan’.
    In 1.13, MercX135 is called ‘Tryneus’, in 1.12 it was ‘Erfor’.

    So it’s been done. But why? If there was a problem with “Weohstan” and “Erfor,” (perhaps they mean something naughty in some language?) it would have been easier to simply delete them from the very long list of possible Act 5 mercenary names. The fact that they were not simply deleted, but were changed, and that a note about that change was put into the patch text, seems a strong indication that this means… something. Something!

    What? Well that’s the debate. The most obvious “maybe” is that this is tied to Diablo 3. We’ll see NPCs named Klar and Tryneus in the game, or they’ll be important figures in the game story. It’s been twenty years since the destruction of the Worldstone; these two Barbarian warriors might have risen to positions of command over the past two decades, and the D3 devs thought it would be cool to have them mention that they were lowly warriors during Baal’s siege of the Barbarian lands.

    To speculate further, this seems a strong hint that players will return to the Barbarian lands in Diablo 3.

    Blizzard has revealed very little of the plot or locations we’ll see in D3. Cinematic stills and early concept art seem to show the D3 cinematics recreating of scenes from the conclusion of the D2X plot. Baal’s armies, Tyrael’s destruction of the Worldstone, Mount Arreat’s destruction, etc. There’s also one piece of concept art that seems very like an icy Barbarian city.

    None of these hints tells us anything for sure, but a return to the Barbarian lands, and a meeting with Commanders Klar and Tryneus, seems a reasonable hypothesis. Or, perhaps players will meet these two Barbarians elsewhere in the land of Sanctuary; wandering and killing monsters as part of the general exodus from the Barbarian lands caused by the destruction of their sacred mountain? Agree, disagree, or add your own hypothesis in comments. Perhaps we can achieve some consensus, or at least have a thread to look back on and laugh at once the game’s released.

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