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44 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Seen…

  1. I almost had a heartattack lol. Thought beta was released and I did not see it 1st.
    I wannneeeeettttt! :,(

  2. Hmm, I can’t help but get the sense of unfamiliarity. Diablo games have always traditionally had a very dark undertone to its main menu. The kinda of menu background would be more suited to Heroes of Might and Magic.

    • Again, Diablo 3 is to the Diablo series what WC3 was to Warcraft. And WC3 is universally acknowledged as a brilliant, innovative product, and is the most well-remembered of the pre-WoW games. Hell, it looks beautiful even today… 

      So don’t expect any traditional stuff. Just expect awesomeness!

    • I’ve played private realms that had different, but brighter start screens.  All that matters is the content, not the color of it.  The one I had was just as bright orange, but featured a stylized generic warrior (ended up eerily similar to D3 barb).  A light blue had Templars on it.  All that matters is content, and I’m actually glad to see some recognition about Ureh.

  3. O_O
    What did we miss? “Coming up soon” from where? Don’t tell these are screens from July event I won’t believe.
    Updated: Ah, ok, I found them. July event =(

    • I’ll give Flux a couple more hours to post them before following your example; the interface ones are the moneyshots for me.

  4. I remember them saying “Ureh” didn’t make it into the game. Seems strange to use it as a background for the login screen if that’s the case. Anyway, looks great.

    • I believe it’s a proxy image. It’s a prerendered image from trailer if I’m not mistaken. And I doubt D3 login screen wouldn’t be animated as WoW and SC2 screens.

      • I think they must have put Ureh back in…else it wouldnt have been on the login screen of the beta. Unless their design people are mindless idiots who only care about aesthetics…

        Lets just hope they put it back in. I for one have always wanted to walk around Minas Tirith 😛

  5. How odd, they just turned around the picture and make it the login screen? Kinda lazy and lame. Or did the people of Ureh fix one of their tower points and the other one fell off?

  6. MOAR!
    Why do we have to wait if you already got the shots?
    You know it’s dangerous to withhold infos from Diablo 3 fans….

  7. This login screen is most likely a placeholder, just like the Deathwing wallpaper was during the WoW Cataclysm beta. It was later replaced by a full animated dragon sitting on the towers of Stormwind.

  8. I leaked this over a week ago, damn incgamers you slow as hell.
    Theres more pictures, but I’m not reposting cause your lazy.

    • Maybe they want to make the login screens of their games look the same so you instantly think “this is a Battle.Net game”

  9. Even though this is probably not the final login screen it still taunts me to no end… :bloody:

  10. Meh. Seeing how I have to pass the Blizzard Gateguards just to play a game that I bought, this pic is just one more reason I can’t wait for Torchlight 2. Leave it to the original D1 folks to actually get the dungeon crawler genre right this year! Huzzah!

  11. They were actually in our forums even before then. But they were much lower quality and had watermarks. I was waiting to get the high quality ones to post on the news page.

    And I have a LOT more pics than have been leaked previously. showing more stuffs.


  12. I wonder why Account Name, Password and Remember Account aren’t in “diablo font”?

  13. Stop all your trolling on how Diablo sux, and how Torchlight 2 looks amazing Bullshit. No one cares, and imo TL2 looks very dull like the first TL. Read the url, you’re on a Diablo site… If you don’t like it, LEAVE! This looks amazing! Ever since I read \The Kingdom of Shadow\ Ureh has been a very scarey place for me!!

    • Never said the game isn’t any good there big fella… just the strategy of lockdown versus open access. I actually love the more realistic rendering of D3 than TL2, storyline, etc…but, being 30 minutes from any sort of civilization with spaztastic internet every time it rains, snows, or the wind blows…am I going to drop $60 for weather-dependant D3? No, that’s just silly. Thus, I await TL2 and the challenge of modding it into something more like D3 without all of the new ‘thou shall only play when connected’ nonsense.  Just a simple D1-D2 enthusiast here who prefers the challenge of solo play, non-internet reliant play, and feels like they’re trying to milk too much from the golden calf.

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