Bashiok made one short forum post yesterday, but it contained some interesting info as the Monk’s DiabloWikiClass-Specific Weapons saga grinds on:

    Is it correct that the Monk can only dual wield fist weapons?

    Monk and barbarian can dual wield all 1-handed weapons.

    Presumably Bashiok meant 1H melee weapons, since all along DiabloWikiwands have only been usable by casters, DiabloWikiorbs only by wizards, and Fists have always been Monk-only…?

    Even the Monk using swords and maces and such, much less dual wielding them, is a big change. Back in February of this year, Bashiok sung a very different tune about the Monk’s weapon choices.

    Bashiok: Currently our list of weapons the monk class can use is one handed swords, polearms, combat staves, and fist weapons. That could potentially change, but its probably pretty likely those will be the weapons the monk can equip. The flavor of the monk we?re working on now is a very strong connection between a small and focused group of weapon types, and the skills that use them.

    It would be interesting to hear what changed; why did the devs decide that version of the Monk was not working, and why did they change the class so radically? Did the Monk feel too limited with so few DiabloWikiweapons to choose from? Also, there were many mentions back in 2009 of potentially weapon-specific skills for the Monk; talents that he could only use with DiabloWikifists, or perhaps with a DiabloWikistaff. Yet there was no sign of any such in the DiabloWikiMonk skills at Blizzcon.

    Do these DiabloWikiMonk changes make the class seem more fun? Or has the bearded one lost something of what made him unique, by gaining access to every item? And on that subject, how about the Monk getting to DiabloWikidual wield everything? Isn’t that supposed to be the DiabloWikiBarbarian‘s specialty? Do you Barb fans feel your class is being encroached upon by this news?

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