The Memorial Kanai’s Cube + Shared LGems?

Kevin Kanai Griffith

Kevin Kanai Griffith

Many fans have wondered where the name for DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube came from, and it’s actually a memorial to a deceased member of the Diablo 3 team.

Kevin Kanai Griffith is a very dear friend to many in the game development community. He currently works at Blizzard as Artist on the Diablo 3 team. KKG has been fighting a rare and ruthless form of cancer known as Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS)… On October 17, 2014 Kevin lost his battle with ASPS cancer and passed away. We will continue the Artbook project in his memory and in tribute to him.

A nice tribute to put his name on a very useful and cool game feature.

In happier news, one topic of conversation about the Cube is how it seems a logical method to make DiabloWikiLegendary Gems sharable across your entire account. We’ve seen a lot of requests for that, since there are a lot of annoyances to Legendary Gems being physical objects.



  • They consume a lot of stash space.
  • It’s annoying to have to remember to unequip and leave them in the stash when sharing the same LGem between characters.
  • It’s annoying to have to level up spare LGems to use the same one on multiple chars without switching, or to have a backup in case of HC death.
  • It’s annoying when Guardians keep dropping level 0 gems of a type you’re using on another char.
  • It’s really annoying when you switch around gear and forget to unsocket a gem before you dump the jewelry into your stash, whereupon it vanishes from all space and time.
  • Etcetera…
  • Kanai’s Cube could solve all those issues, simply by integrating LGems into the interface and allowing each character to either 1) right click and extract a copy of their current level of that gem, basically like creating a crafting recipe without any RNG, or 2) making LGems completely virtual, so you’d just click some icon on the paperdoll and then select which of your LGems to activate in which piece of jewelry.

    How about it? Do you guys want Legendary Gems to leave the stash-clogging physical plane and become virtual bonuses a bit like passive skills? Or would that fail to activate your hoarding and clicking feedback pleasure centers and you want there to be physical LGems you can sort and arrange and chuckle and gloat over in the dark of the night?

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    1. Sounds like a great idea and that's definitely high up on the quality of life side of things. I wouldn't mind legendary gems existing only in the interface. Not counting the awful greater rift clear screen, Blizzard is usually really good at creating beautiful solutions through satisfying UI elements and interactions. On a sidenote regarding crafting mats and the discussion on making them exist in the interface vs satisfaction of picking them up in actual item form. That could also be solved by just adding a pickup text much like gold and XP, or a more blinged version of the achievement or massacre text popups and informing the player through those that you have picked up these mats. I don't think there's a huge amount of satisfaction involved in picking up mats you have thousands of already.Really wish they utilized the interface side of Diablo more. That also extends to new screens for stuff like the greater rift level specific rankings for speed and other rankings for gold/kill streaks etc.

    2. Well, let's hope they don't nerf the cube into Suckdom, otherwise it'd be a pretty crappy tribute.Agreed, that the LGem feature of the cube would definitely be a nice QoL feature, which I would enjoy. However, I must admit that it would be yet another step in the 'dumbing-down' of D3 HC, in that now what happens when your HC dies? You still have your max-level gem? I can hear Xanth turning over in his Filthy Casual grave, and then getting straight back up again and being right back to where he was in T6.

      • Agree. I took some risks to level a gem to 25 which make it valuable (sorry to be so low geared compared to all here). If it is available forever (not completely because seasons), it means I will not have to take this risks anymore which to me is one of the fun parts of HC. Somehow, it is also the same with Kunai's cube, but I like too much to tinker with builds to be displeased about it.

    3. "I can hear Xanth turning over in his Filthy Casual grave, and then getting straight back up again and being right back to where he was in T6."Oh man that really made me laugh.  Good one.  Perhaps that's because I was thinking along those same lines.  I stated in Xanth's column that I thought the one major sting left in hardcore death was in the loss of well rolled, build defining ancient weapons, and in highly ranked legendary gems.  Kanai's cube sounds like it is already on track to remove the sting of ancient furnace/starmetal/krider loss by allowing you to use their legendary properties with any weapon you find.  If they go one step further and turn the cube into a legendary gem storage device/duplicator then they will with one fell swoop eliminate almost all the sting left in a HC death.Personally I don't want to see legendary gems become some intangible checkbox on an interface.  I like that I have to take them out and swap them around and that I could make one slip and lose a really good one permanently.  Sure it is occasionally annoying to realize your gem is on another character, and to try to remember to desocket before you log every time, but you know it makes me feel good to move them around and actually interact with my gear now and then.

      • The cube would just store the LGems, like a stash-type feature. You would still have to socket the gem into your jewelery to use it (and pay un-socket fee to swap with another).

        Therefore, if your HC dies while wearing an item with the gem in it, you lose the gem along with the host item.

    4. and what the heck is going on with the quoting on these pages?  I noticed in another thread everyone's quoting seemed to be all messed up.  So now I try to quote a single line from PrvtPiLe's post (the line about Xanth turning over in his grave) and instead I get…….I don't even know what

    5. the question that burns me most is: does/can/have to find each nephalem have their own cube?

    6. The cube is account wide, per game type (SC/HC, seasonal/non)

    7. I'm all for anything that lets me spend more time playing and less time juggling inventory, and also frees up space in said inventory.Re: HC. I only play SC (because I suck at D3), but I find the debate fascinating. On the one hand all HC players seem genuinely bummed by the setback suffered when they die – mostly loss of equipment – on the other hand there is endless complaining about the setback getting less and less consequential. I'm wondering if Blizzard would ever introduce a "super hardcore" mode, where you would really start from scratch with every every character. Would that satisfy HC players?

      • Usual comment is that it would split up the community. I dare not speak for HC players since I am young one.

        • I like the idea of a "Super Hardcore" mode. I usually play softcore and have dipped my toe in hardcore more recently. I have died a handful of times because of dumb mistakes in going above my head in difficulty levels. When I return, I always find it much easier the next time around because I have gold, mats, etc. to craft and buy new gear from the get-go. Also, I know at max level you have a lot more saved up in hardcore with having back up sets and such along with patterns and other mats to be able to build yourself up to at least T2 again. I think this new mode proposed would be a lot of fun and rewarding for players that can survive. Maybe another possible idea for a mini-season. Hearthstone has been going the route of having games with different rules every few days and it's a nice change from the normal gameplay. I think it's definitely worth a test for Diablo in the next patch.

    8. (Why are line breaks not working?)(one line break)(two line breaks)

    9. To fix "They consume a lot of stash space" is easy… Increase that damned stash space!

      • It's looking more and more like the devs are trying to reduce the number of items that get stored instead of providing more storage. This might be a better approach if it leads to less juggling around.

    10. I wonder if Kanai's Cube will do anything with the easter egg "Lost" pages.

    11. I like the passive legendary feature, It makes the game much less of you won the lottery this season.  I lost an ancient Golden Fleece around p250 and haven't found another(normal or Ancient) since then.  Granted, I can have my shield bash crusader push a bit higher than the prior based on where I finished, but still not what I want to play.The legendary gem feature on the other hand is part of HC, easily replaceable items, but you have to put a bit of time in to get them above 30.  ( I can do 1-25 in about an hour)  I think they need to allow them to be leveled still.

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