The Masses of Diablo 3 Beta Keys

diablo 3 beta invites

Up until this week it has been pretty hard to get gold of a Beta key for Diablo 3 but what we are seeing now is Blizzard dishing out keys in batches of 500+ to general videogame websites.

I mentioned the Invisible Walls key giveaway last night, which I just happened to come across, but this evening I came across another giveaway which has been and gone without any fanfare I’m afraid. About 8 hours ago the chaps at Destructiod posted 500 keys which were subsequently snapped up in quick fashion as you’d expect.

Like other contests we are seeing appear now, there was no requirement to “jump through hoopsTM” by Facebooking, posting shoe sizes on Twitter or constantly refreshing a website to be in with a better chance, these are straight-up draws. If you are desperate to get on the Beta you are going to have to be vigilant and keep an eye on general game sites this week as Blizzard appear to be dishing out keys to anyone and anything (as long as you’re not an elephant in a room), so keep alert.

If you spot a contest let us know and we’ll make sure the community know about it quickly.

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    29 thoughts on “The Masses of Diablo 3 Beta Keys

      • We may be the elephant, but those other sites are the mice. I would much prefer to be apart of the one site that is still critical of them instead of licking boot. Dont get me wrong, im a fanboy as much as anyone else here, but i think a healthy dose of criticism is good for a gaming company. When you surround yourself with yesmen you lose sight of yourself. Keep being the elephant!

        • You are right! They are giving keys only to websites where is 0% criticism of Blizzard only “D3 is avesome”& “I love Blizzard” seriously!

    1. How about they give a beta key to all the lvl 99s of the current ladder.   We clearly care a little about diablo.

    2. And stll Diablo Inc gets no keys… this is pathetic on Blizzards part, but also on yours. DO SOMETHING.

      • To be honest, it’s not so hard to understand why Blizzard is “blacklisting” this site.  There’s a difference between criticism and defamation. 
        Look for example Flux posts: he barely (if any) does his research, uses high-caliber language (“Bashiok is a fucking idiot”), states conspiracy theories as facts.  And it’s not only Flux.  Most posters here always seem to “forget” to post the good stuff about Blizzard changes (pause in single player for example) and focus only on the “bad” or what they perceive as bad even when barely anyone cares (chat UI).
        It’s perfectly OK to be critic, but being a blatant hater is not.  This site is popular just because it’s a hater’s haven.  I still like the D2 single player forum 😛

        • That’s a nice theory but it’s not the reason.

          Also what you claim about the news isn’t correct either. As we report near on everything that happens we must be reporting the good with the bad.

          So two for two. 

    3. nice article 🙂 and yes your right! you give us an insight most other web pages dnt dare while they are busy kissing Blizzards ass .. dn’t get me wrong im probably one of their biggest fans .. but still i like an educated and not always 100%blindly positive evalutation of what is happening in Blizzworld

      Inc gamers is where i come for the best information .. more informative and more oftenly updated!

      thanks for doing a great job lads!    

    4. JUST a question I hope someone can answer: Will there be a ladder in d3 retail? I think the ladder was a big part of what made d2 fun.

      • Blacklisted or not, beta keys or no beta keys, this is still my no1 Diablo site since days.

        Only site I enjoi reading all the topics, news and comments that are not just OMG how cool this and that is and how good, positive or godly are all the changes they made to the game. I like the critics that make people think out of the box.

        Since the announcement of D3 back in France I’ve been seeking info only via incgamers site. If this site offers beta keys or not still remains no1 D3 fansite for me. Also the only fansite I bothered registering to and I’m not in the D3 beta. Rther wait for full game release than lurk on fansite for beta key.

      • blacklisted? really? come on! i have been following since not many posts but i registered in 2003 and have been following ever since! 

    5. Long time viewer (at least since 2008) first time poster. reading the above comment made me want to finally register… as i’ve always got away with reading the news/comments for a long time now.
      I’m hoping this site is handed some beta keys. I’ve been visiting this site for years now. It’s my goto website for Diablo 3 related news and updates.

    6. Croatian game magazine NextLevel is giving out 50 beta keys, I just got one this morning (20 have already been given so far). Currently downloading the game, didn’t know EU servers were up
      Yay, finally D3 beta for me!:))

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