diablo 3 beta invites

    Up until this week it has been pretty hard to get gold of a Beta key for Diablo 3 but what we are seeing now is Blizzard dishing out keys in batches of 500+ to general videogame websites.

    I mentioned the Invisible Walls key giveaway last night, which I just happened to come across, but this evening I came across another giveaway which has been and gone without any fanfare I’m afraid. About 8 hours ago the chaps at Destructiod posted 500 keys which were subsequently snapped up in quick fashion as you’d expect.

    Like other contests we are seeing appear now, there was no requirement to “jump through hoopsTM” by Facebooking, posting shoe sizes on Twitter or constantly refreshing a website to be in with a better chance, these are straight-up draws. If you are desperate to get on the Beta you are going to have to be vigilant and keep an eye on general game sites this week as Blizzard appear to be dishing out keys to anyone and anything (as long as you’re not an elephant in a room), so keep alert.

    If you spot a contest let us know and we’ll make sure the community know about it quickly.

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