Part two (of three) of my new Diablo 3 fan fiction novella has been added to the existing story thread in our Fan Fiction Forum.

    Part one introduced Zia, the young female mage prodigy, Yun, the protective and infatuated Archmaester of the school, and described Zia’s miraculous early progress through her mage training. In part two, the intense pressures being placed on Zia from cruel professors, jealous female students, and obsessed male students begin to take their toll. There are minor confrontations, grueling rituals, unprecedented promotions, and a catastrophic departure from the Academy that breaks walls, gates, hearts, and the bodies of quite a few men who put themselves in the wrong place at the very wrong time.

    Here’s a sample, and you are invited to click through to read the whole piece, the concluding portion of which will be posted on Friday. As with all of our fan created works of art, you are encourage to comment in the forum thread, since your feedback is their only payment, etc, etc.

      A fourth explosion came seconds later, this one throwing Maester Shien sideways into me. I caught her, noticing on some distant level what a pleasant handful she was, but focusing my attention on the danger we were racing towards. We soon found it, when we rounded a corner into the wing that housed the student dormitories, and were halted by the appalling sight before us. Corpses were strewn across the floor, the bodies mangled unrecognizably. Arms and legs were twisted and torn, blood was splashed along the walls, and as I gazed in astonished horror, Shien made the deduction.

      “These are fifth level students. Their dormitory is behind that wall.” The wall to which Shien referred was now a heap of bricks from which dust was still billowing.

      “Zia.” I said, my voice full of worry for her safety. Shien heard me, but leapt to a different conclusion. “She has the power to destroy like this. I fear she was finally pushed too far.”

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