It turns out that the DiabloWikiSalvage Cube is not actually called “the salvage cube.” Nor the “salvage chest,” or the “recycling bin,” or the “Horadric Dumpster,” or any of the other names we’ve been using to refer to it thus far. There’s lore, you see. And a special story we are not yet worthy to embrace. So said @Diablo, this evening.

    The artefact used for crafting seemed very ambiguous. Is it like the malus from D2?—PaulC050

    It has a specific name and story, we aren’t revealing that quite yet.—Diablo

    I thought Jay had actually called it the Salvage Cube at some point from Gamescom. If he did, it wasn’t in the Artisan movie, since I just went back and listened carefully. Even the tool tip doesn’t list a name, unless you count “box” as a title. And that’s a little lacking in the lore department.

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