The Jay Wilson Bug: God mode Barbarians

We’ve seen God mode DiabloWiki wizards and next up for deification: DiabloWiki Barbarians !

The basic premise is you use DiabloWiki furious charge runed to dreadnaught to rush into a boss battle(Ghom or Cydaea) and quickly skip the cinematic. The game then registers you as constantly in charge mode. Damaging anything you walk towards, and healing you due to the rune. You are then free to switch skills and slaughter everything in your wake.

There are also reports about this working for Demon Hunters who cast DiabloWikiSmoke Screen immediately after DiabloWikiVault, but I cannot confirm yet. God mode has now been doubled and I would expect a hotfix tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Enjoy it while it last Barbs!

Will DiabloWiki Monks and DiabloWikiWitch Doctors get a shot at Godhood or will Blizzard bring every class down to earth? Sound off in the comments about what you think about our newest Deity.

Special thanks to Kripp for putting together the awesome tutorial vid.

Update: Blizzard is aware of it and working on it, and they’re not going to ban Kripp for documenting it.

Diablo player Kripparrian, uploaded a video on youtube showing to the public about the GOD MODE barbarian bug that he is using. On the video, he showed the how the bug works and taught everyone who watched that video how to do that to their own barbarian, which is not reasonable and not acceptable.

I personally think that this action not only violates the rule of fair play of the diablo society, which this bug can change a barbarian become completely invincible, which is not fair to other players. Further more, Kripp not only using this bug, but also teaching and encouraging others to use this bug, which is totally unacceptable as well.

I wish BZ will not let someone to destroy the wonderful atmosphere of Diablo, and will make punishment(Banning) to this kind of player. I know that any player that you find taking advantage of any bugs for gains will always be severely actioned, and often closed as you take these matters very seriously.
Vasadan: We are aware of the Barbarian bug and are working on it. However, let’s not throw mud at other players. Locking this thread.

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74 thoughts on “The Jay Wilson Bug: God mode Barbarians

  1. Blizzard did a pretty poor job of internal playtesting. They should have had at least a small group of the public playtest the entire game instead of a small group of the public playtest a small part of Act1 only.

    • I’m betting this gets hotfixed quickly like the wizard bug, but it will only treat the symptom and not the problem. Pretty much how they have addressed *everything* up to this point. Skills casting to quickly? Nerf IAS. Bots getting easy loot? Nerf drops from pots/chests/ect. Wizard godmode? Fix teleport+fracture so it rechecks when cast with archon.

      I should go try mirror image + archon and see if that works. Or when they fix this try whirlwind with blood funnel or wind shear.

      The basic concept of using a skill that forces the character into a state and then interrupting it is the same. Wizards can use archon to interrupt their state while other classes need a cutscene to do it. Guess we’ll see if people with time read this and experiment on their own.

    • Srsly why Jay ^%#[email protected] Wilson is still working for Blizzard ? After that Tremendous Fail? If he was a man (we all know he isn’t) he have to leave right now.Take the responsibility man… it was your job to navigate and watch the whole developing process.And after all you deliver us Beta ? You just cannot be serious GREEDY FAGETS.

    • Hey guys, this was reported over a month ago on their official bug forums. How any of you still defend blizzard past this point is beyond me. They make a online game focused around real money and wizard / barbarian exploits like this slips through the cracks. I’m sure there is plenty more where these came from.

      Diablo 3 is a piss poor game that took 6+ years to develop- its not fun, it has game breaking flaws, and it encourages peope to use RM…. awesome….

      • The real money ah is there as a measure to stop people from using 3:rd party websites such as d2jsp for real money transactions. It’s a valid response to create a safer environment for everyone. Stop exaggarating please.

        And yet you find your way here commenting on a game you don’t even like.
        Don’t have better things to do?

        • I think he meant that large exploits like these — where you can become invincible and mow down all of inferno for hours on end — allow a player to get very good items quickly. If the player sells them on the RMAH, blizzard gets a cut, so he was implying that Blizzard could’ve easily “looked over” this exploit to allow these players to fill their pockets through RMAH item sales.

          If it is indeed true that this exploit was reported on the forums weeks ago and got buried in threads unnoticed, then it just heightens that suspicion.

        • Hrm if they were really concerned about players safety, why would they take a large15% cut. Not only that, but they forced online only to prevent this. Yet bots, glitches, and bugs run rampant. Again, I still don’t understand how anyone can defend Blizzard anymore….

          PS: of course I care about this game. Followed the dev cycle for years… I am just greatly disappointed in the piss poor job they have done. Especially coming from a company I used to love…

          • “Not only that, but they forced online only to prevent this.”
            No, I’m pretty sure they didn’t force online only to prevent glitches. They did it for a completely different reason, with the bonus that glitches like this can be hotfixed quickly.

            Shame they didn’t do it straight away, if that’s true that it was reported a long time ago. Still, it probably got lost somewhere under the insane amounts of QQing.

          • Century, it was reported on the bug forums… not much QQ there. There is absolutely no excuse for these things to be missed. This shouldn’t even had made through alpha imo

    • So you were the guys that were angry Diablo 3 did not have a local copy play and so every glitch could be exploited until eternity ?


    • And then we fail really bad.That’s why i quit my favorite game… only 3 weeks after release.PATHETIC!!!Unbelievable

      • True gamers don’t quit. Not saying D3 is perfect, but even with its issues, it is still better than any aRPG games out there.

        • I’d have to disagree with D3 being the best arpg out there. There are plenty better, this is just the most recent…

          • Of course it is the best.

            Having fun for 10 weeks now and my daily loggings into WOW BG’s//arena’s are now becoming weekly… even if I still need some CATA PvP gear on my boots and rings.

            I don’t know what will happen when MoP launches but at this rate (and if some others have my exerience) Blizzard could feel D3 influence on long term WOW play.

            Perhaps that’s the reason they didn’t create long term play per sรฉ ๐Ÿ™‚

            But at my slow playing rate bringing each class in HC to 60 till the start of Inferno, I have around 1 year ahead of me (counting deads of course).

            And the PvP patch isn’t even out yet.

            If you don’t like things in D3, ok.

            But the D3 on line engine is s u p e r b compared to games like LOL, Dota 2. I won’t even discuss TL, those are all subpar in engine behaviour.

            So let the PvP come when all is sorted out anyway.

          • Thrall: that’s cool for you man. Diablo 3 is serving you as filler wow content until MoP comes out. But for many of us, we are core Diablo franchise fans that don’t play wow. After playing D2 on and off for the better part of 11 years, we expected this game to last more than a month.

            I cannot even begin to argue about the story and kiddy like atmosphere with corny dialogue. This is the polar opposite than what Diablo fans wanted… Also, comparing dota games like LoL and dota 2 to Diablo 3 is ludicrous.
            They aren’t even arpgs.

            I know I am not the only one when I say that Diablo 3 should’ve expanded upon Diablo 1 / 2, instead they made a game that isn’t even recognizable to the previous games, except in name only.

            Diablo 3 best arpg ever? No, not hardly. But this is imo of course..

        • You wrong! I’m a real fan and quit after 1 month. Game is focused on AH to progress. As a casual player farming forever and don’t get near a good item to replace actual gear isn’t fun. A real player want fun, not work.

  2. Possibly the internal playtesting caught these things. There’s another step in the process after reporting where the developers assess the risk of a fix, and then the producer decides whether or not to attempt and include it.

    If a company is more concerned with money (keeping the project costs low) than quality, more and more bugs will be deemed “shippable” in pursuit of that goal.

    • I’m pretty sure they aren’t worried about keeping project costs low for a game that took 7+ years to make.

      • Nothing can beat 24 Hours play per day on 8 million copies sold.

        Get a grip will you.

        NO game ever can stand the test of this kind of data sampling ever.

        • They knew about the wizard god mode and barbarian god mode for at least a month and they did not fix it until it became wildly spread – what does that tell you about them?

  3. what a POS game. These god mode bugs are the only thing keeping people interested in the game.

      • Was that a reply to my comment? There was a spammer spamming rudeness, I replied my post to that. Now they’re deleted and mine is not for some reason. It got broken and now my post is last even though I posted it as a reply to spammer ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  4. “It is nowhere near the awesome of wizard. Works only on 2 bosses.”
    The reading comprehension is not strong with this one.

    • Don’t fool yourself.Those guys are not Blizzard.The Real Blizzard Dev’s left long time ago.These guys just leeching from old glory… but it won’t last long.

  5. This game is POLISHED you hear me ?! POLISHED all these videos are fake! there are no exploits in online only games.

    • Yeah sure bro ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll try it again after maybe half year… to see what’s happen.Or maybe never play it again.

      • good see you then, stop coming on each thread reminding us you quit in the meantime.

      • My sister also quit the game because she says inferno is too hard. I guess its the same for you huh?

  6. Does this “permanenting” exploit also work with other temporaly skills such as Archon for example ?

    • I’m over-simplifying everything, but here’s one way this could happen:

      Let’s look at the charge rune that damages enemies you run through. In the code, it’s like flipping a light switch — when the game sees you’ve run into a monster, it checks that charge rune’s light, so that it knows whether to deal damage to the monster.

      Normally, the game flips the switch on when you start to charge. Then, the program leaves a note to tell itself to turn charge off in a few seconds, so you don’t keep the buff forever. But by jumping in to a cutscene, the player must be skipping past the code that does the clean-up. To stress the metaphor a little, it’s like you leave a note on the door, but you leave the room through a second door and never see that note.

    • Poor quality control; management puts the screws to QA to hasten ship date. Further, it simply isnโ€™t possible to test IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combination).

      Stands to reason a wider net could have been cast during the beta phase, but then money just might have been lost (oh, the horror) during further production delays for โ€˜polishingโ€™. Remember the hue and cry about that?

  7. My monk will be safe from any kind of god mode because he’s collecting dust right now. I have discovered the joy and excitement that is Path of Exiles.

    • POE against D3? D3 is way better. Thats why you are commenting on a D3 thread, instead of POE.

      • Because he obviously has a D3 account…. He has a monk and already invested money into the game. If he’s anything like me he is looking for a reason to come back and play again. Instead, all we get is more reasons to avoid this terrible product.

        • Why ? Because 8 million people found 3 exploits after 10 weeks playing at a rate of 24/7 ….

          And they fix it with the on line only mode.

          Problem solved.

          If Diablo 3 were OFF line mode however … it would be there until the end of times… if you wanted that.


    • the bug was reported in june on forums but there was no answer to the post on bug forums, 1 month later it became popular and now blizzard started to do something

      • Yes that’s sad.

        But it is the result of 99.99% of the posters being rather mindless haters which clutter the constructive posts with “game sucks baaaah”, I want “Jay Wislon killed” etc …

        So once these comments clutter up things there is no chance in hell anyone would take this reporting seriously.

        Also: if thousands of players invent things (session spoofing says hi) it is hard to track the right problems …

  8. So the first person to beat Hardcore Inferno with a Barb puts together a video of being invulnerable as a Barb. So did he cheat or not?

  9. Just tried the thing on my DH and it doesn’t seem to work…

    blizz please fix it ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I don’t understand, how can a game have bugs after release?? I’ve never seen a game have bugs before; what an outrage!!!


    • Bugs are expected, yes.

      But stuff like this and all the other major bugs are arguably unacceptable considering the amount of time this game was in development and beta.

      Even major bugs will no doubt show up after release, sure, but the game seems like it wasn’t fully tested, especially considering the amount of time they spent on it.

      • I know, really. After all, D2 has zero bugs or exploits of hacks of any kind, so it’s unacceptable that there are some minor and quickly fixed ones in D3. God Blizzard has really gone downhill over the years.

        • That’s some pretty nice sarcasm there Flux.

          No one in their right mind is asking for a flawless and bug-free game here, derp. But I guess if we look at it your way, since D2 was full of bugs and exploits, it’s probably okay with D3.

          • It is not ok, but accepted. If you ever coded, you know that there is no perfectly written program.

            These god mode glitches did not affect others playing online. It did not affect the economy or the AH/RMAH. So why get so worked up about it?

            It sure beats the PK in town from D1, or SOJ dupes in D2.

          • I do code, actually, but I wasn’t ever trying to state it ‘should be’ perfect. Anyone asking for perfection is delusional.

            I don’t know, maybe my comments were misinterpreted. Bugs, exploits, glitches; those are all expected. It’d be surprising if they weren’t there. I just think they might have been more prevalent than I was expecting, but who knows. I still enjoy the game regardless.

            And yeah, for the record, D3 is leaps and bounds more secure and bug-free than D2.

        • Was there RMAH in D2? Did players could make money from god-mode bugs officialy? Was there supposed to be very safe online-only requirement in D2? Did it take 7 years to be made?

  11. Look I know the game hasn’t had exactly as good of a beginning as Diablo 2, come on with the constant complaining. It’s basically 2.5 months old and they know there are glaring issues. Let them patch things in some and give it some more damn time, don’t come on here saying yadda yadda I quit so long ago, but I’m still here to complain about it. No one cares. I’m not being a white knight, but I find it funny as hell that there are people that have quit that I guess just use the D3 fansite as a community to complain about the game they hate so much so fast. D2 wasn’t a perfect little peach either, and it’s still not.

  12. No way Kripp cheated. I’ve watched his stream daily.

    100% clean inferno.

    50k ppl watch when he got kill diablo hardcore achievement.

  13. Sometimes I wonder if the comments posted here are from real human beings.

    Also, the cutscenes have been buggy since beta. I can get skills to complete at the beginning of all of them. My personal favorite is shadowbeasts while leah is capturing demon souls.

  14. Er I mean the demon hunter skill rain of fire with stampede :). It shakes the screen and covers the area with dark winged things.

  15. If diablo 3 was a single player/cooperative game only this would not be a problem…but those farmers affecting the AH/RMAH and item drop rates…sucks.

  16. I demand that de next D4 game MUST be ON Line ONLY.

    I have it with D3 being playable on local Disk copy so every guy can exploit these things without ever being fixed until eternity…

    Oh wait…

    • These exploits don’t matter in SP. If you want to play online, aka. bnet, that’s online only too. Oh wait?

  17. “(…) rule of fair play of the diablo society (…) is not fair to other players. (…)totally unacceptable (…)
    (…) wonderful atmosphere of Diablo, and will make punishment(Banning) to this kind of player. (…)
    Vasadan: We are aware of the Barbarian bug and are working on it. However, letโ€™s not throw mud at other players. Locking this thread.”
    What’s with the attitude of the guy ? Is he/she even real ? The fact that you can profit via the RMAH by using the exploit is troubling though. If Kripparrian’s videos can help forcing Blizzard into action, go for it.
    edit: why did my comment end up here? Do I fail at comments so much ?

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