The Infernal Machine Begins Operation

Now that v1.05 is live and the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine is operational, a lot of players are asking questions about how it works. We’ve had thorough coverage of it in the Wiki for some weeks, with info based on PTR testing testing, so that’s a recommended read. It tells where all the Keywardens can be found, how to get the keys, what to do with them, where to find the DiabloWikiHeretic’s Abode, and even has links to video of battles with the new Uber bosses, plus numerous sample Hellfire ring screenshots.

If you want more, check the blog Blizzard posted yesterday, which shares the key knowledge.

To craft the Infernal Machine, players will first need to collect four components from powerful Keywardens in each Act of Inferno:

  • The DiabloWikiKey of Destruction will drop from DiabloWikiOdeg the Keywarden in Act I – Fields of Misery
  • The DiabloWikiKey of Hate will drop from DiabloWikiSokahr the Keywarden in Act II – Dahlgur Oasis
  • The DiabloWikiKey of Terror will drop from DiabloWikiXah’Rith the Keywarden in Act III – Stonefort
  • The Blacksmithing Plans will drop from DiabloWikiNekarat the Keywarden in Act IV – Silver Spire Level 1
  • Players will be able to encounter the Keywardens in any difficulty, but only in DiabloWikiInferno and with a full five stacks of DiabloWikiNephalem Valor will they have a chance to drop pieces of the Infernal Machine. While Monster Power is not required, each level will increase the drop rate of both the keys and the plans by 10%, all the way up to a guaranteed 100% drop chance at Monster Power 10.

    Each of the double uber boss battles is said to be about as hard as Diablo on Inferno. Note what’s in the blue quote there, that you MUST have 5 stacks of NV for them to have any chance at all, and that even then it’s uncommon. You really need to do them with Monster Power turned up to have good odds.

    The DiabloWikiHellfire Ring has been tweaked slightly since the PTR also, but it remains controversial. You can specify exactly which of the four attributes you want to roll with a guaranteed +170-200, and all Hellfire rings get +35% experience, plus 4 random mods, and the proc to launch Hellfire balls. (Which was bug-fixed, not nerfed, though some fans remain touchy about that.) The ring follows the usual unique-equipped rules (you can only wear one), but it no longer has a minimum level requirement, and it can be equipped on your Follower as well, to grant you larger exp gain.

    Curious fans are already asking if anyone’s built a Hellfire Ring on the realms yet. That seems premature to me, since I’ve hardly even had time to test out Monster Power, but as dedicated and blessed with free time as some players are, I’m sure it’s been done. And then probably complained about, when the random rolls weren’t any good.

    Have you guys begun to construct your own Infernal Machines? Are you planning to do so? The ring prize is interesting, but far from character-defining, as the Hellfire Torch charm was in Diablo II. The HR seems like more of a curiosity or an optional quest, rather than a, “must have your char sucks” type of object, which can be good news or bad news, depending on your perspective.

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    23 thoughts on “The Infernal Machine Begins Operation

    1. I don’t know if I’m still excited about Diablo III enough to spend the time farming to see what the infernal machine is like, but I did hop on after the latest patch just to see what things were like.
      I like the monster power change. It’s fun to crank that up and run through a lower level. This definitely will change the way gold is farmed. I just wish there were more ‘positive’ gold-sinks now. I’m still staying away from the auctions houses. It would be nice if there was a way to use that gold in some beneficial way -and crafting still doesn’t amount to very much.
      I ran into Xah’Rith for the first time. After getting the stuffing kicked out of me, I didn’t get a key, but he did drop a legendary. It’s odd but the only times I’ve really found legendary items was soon after a patch. -Maybe they just need to have more patches. 🙂

      • LOL dude… I found 3 legendaries so far since the patch… and one of them fetched quite an amount of gold on the AH after I found it.

        • Found my second legendary last night after a couple hours of playing. -This rate of legendary drops I can handle. 🙂

      • Oddly the same thing happened when 1.0.4 was released. For the first day or two the legendary/set items were dropping quite frequently for players. Then it went back to the norm. I suspect the same thing will happen here.

    2. Experience gain increase.. First useless stat that will make the ring redundant at higher Paragon levels. +(insert main stat), further improving on the most broken mechanic in the game, I suppose they don’t want to make the game better. Four randomized attributes which I can pretty safely assume will not have a set pool to choose from and will instead pull any attribute from the entire pool of attributes… and to top it off, a halfassed Item Lore quote created out of thin air and on a whim.

      MEANWHILE I somehow and highly doubt Monster Power level 10 will even challenge some of the best geared players, so people’re going to have this crap before too long– oh wait, some already do..

      • is it possible to put one on your follower and one on yourself ?

        or does “limit one” really mean “limit one” ?

        • Yes, followers can wear them as well. they work like any other unique, in that you can only equip one at a time. You just can’t trade/buy them.

    3. I’ve got 2 parts, but not yet a ring. This is from a portal opened by me and one from another random guy on MP5 (so I was lucky) and did not take that long, as the whole team gets the benefit from one portal.
      There should be loads of people with hellfire rings by now. If I’d have 3 active friends with reasonably good gear to effectively farm with, I’d probably also have had a ring after not that much playing. Guess it’s time for the LFG-forum 😮

    4. I’m running MP3 fine and MP4 is doable but a tad slow for my liking. Ran into Xahrith on MP3 and damn he’s tough. His rain of frozen bodies all over the screen is unforgiving of positional mistakes. The act1/2 keywardens are nowhere near in comparison. Haven’t seen the act4 one. My monk has 54k buffed dps, 4.8k armor with MOE:HT, 700 allres and 39k hp. She was creamed.. thrice. Embarassing actually. Got an invite for the Siegebreaker/Kulle fight with 5NV on MP5 and hit the enrage on both tries. Not possible with 50k+ dps, no way.

      On a side note, got 4 legendaries today playing 7 hours or so. Do you guys think a Mara’s with 2 fury less on HotA and ~90 str/vit +os will fetch much with the HotA build gaining popularity?

      • I do agree that the act3 keywarden is a total bitch, at least for monk. Always frozen, and it’s hard to always follow the real copy when he has all the illusions up. LoH doesn’t help me much when I can’t hit anything 😮 The act4 one was for my character much, much easier. Done them all on MP 4 and 5.

        Surprised you didn’t manage with Kulle/Siege. I did them in a party of 3 on MP5. I went for shield, and so had 43k DPS. Our WD had maybe 100k DPS and the Barb had insanely low DPS, like 15k I believe and went all tank (he was pretty much unkillable…) and the bosses went down easily, even though it took some time. Me and the WD died once each because of stupid mistakes, but we never wiped. Maybe you have to kite a lot because of low LoH or AS?

        • My AS is a bit low at 1.85 and loh is at 1400. Kulle’s fireballs were taking out half my hp and the falling boulders with serenity off meant a very dead monk. However, with cycling serenity and sss I was facetanking kulle fine. The other monk was keeping siegebreaker occupied and 2 DHs tried to burn kulle down with me. Not enough dps I guess.. the dot u take after the enrage is tough and though kulle died both times siegebreaker completely refused to take any damage while enraged.

      • Mara’s Amulet = Loss in DPS. Very few will sacrifice DPS for -Fury for a Barb skill in this slot.

    5. I had a total blast tonight playing a few of the uber bosses at mp4 in a full group of well-geared but not BiS type guys. We died dozens of times. We beat the Siegebreaker/Kulle pair and none received drops. Bummer. That was very challenging. But incredibly fun. Most fun I’ve had, gameplay-wise, since the first few hours of purchase.

      Skel King/Magda was also very hard for our group, but we killed them after about 5 tries. Also nothing, again at mp4. Doh. We screwed up the last Machine and gave up.

      All in all, it was super, super,super fun and I don’t regret losing my Machine I solo found the keys for. Hell of a lot of fun.

      • True, uber hunting is a lot of fun and quite challenging for average geared players. Most fun I’ve had playing D3 in a long time.

    6. At this point I’m not going to waste my time acquiring the ring. The ring is crap. Even if I could spawn it with +200 primary stat and hand pick the 4 random affixes it would still be crap in terms of being worse/not any better than rings I would already have to own in order to acquire it.

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