The IncGamers Best Games of 2011

Sadly Diablo 3 didn’t make the list because it’s not been released, but for the next 25 days the main site will be counting down the best 25 games of the year. The first day kicked off today and through all 25 days leading up to the winner on X-Mas day,  the team will be giving away games and prizes in competitions for the different winning games. Drop over now and see what comes in at number 25 and check back daily for more competitions

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9 thoughts on “The IncGamers Best Games of 2011

  1. Please note: This competition is open only to residents of the United Kingdom.
    Soooo bad …

    • IncGamers is based in the UK. Welcome to the world of Europeans going to gaming contest websites to see them open to Canada and the US only.

    • It’s 25 games and IncGamers is a small independent network and postage is expensive to every country in the world so be still your wagging finger.

  2. I bet #1 is Skyrim. Even though it’s one hell of bugfest and get boring fast. But it’s Elders Scrolls, so obviously it’s a automatic winner.

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