The Honest Diablo 3 Trailer

Hot on the heels of the What of Blizzard made SNES games comes another amusing video called the “Honest Diablo 3 trailer”. I think you know what to expect but it’s quite amusing.

Thanks to the guys at Gamefront for sending that over.

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  1. “Diablo 3! Its basically Diablo 2 with less features.” lol, Sad but true…

    • Diablo 2 may of had 50 thousand hacks but its STILL better than diablo 3 and porble will always will be… But if I had to choose between diablo 2 and diablo 3 I would pick…. (Dramatic sound Affects)Diablo 2. SHOCKER

      • The problem is that people compare Diablo 3 one month after release vs. a finished game that went through an expansion pack and countless patches.

        What you should compare is D3 vs D2Classic. In D2 Classic, Unique items were also useless (abait a few) and there was no inferno. There were less items in total than D3.

        So I think it is unfair to compare the D2 of today vs D3 at its current state.

        Overall, the basic functions and gameplay is much better in D3 than D2C or D2X. Blizzard can easily add more stuff, such as better items, talismans, enchants, and don’t forget future expansions.

        • So I think it is unfair to compare the D2 of today vs D3 at its current state.

          Why? Because they didn’t have over 10 years to look back at what worked, what the winning formula was, and emulate it with gameplay changes? Because that isn’t what happened. They spent 90% of their PR time bashing D2 during development. Oops?

        • why in gods name should u compare d3 to d2c, d3 should have learned from the failings of d2 and built upon them, not repeat them, and not take steps backwards on proven systems

        • totally in agreeance with Red and Rock here

          seriously, people who use this whole D3 should be compared to D2C are INSANE

          so we should compare the launch of D3 to the launch of a game from over a DECADE AGO MADE BY THE SAME COMPANY?!?!?!?!

          by that same logic you shouldn’t use the microwave or the oven, you should still make your fire by rubbing sticks together or using flint

          these people are so stupid it truly defies all reason

  2. It’s funny because it’s true.

  3. I still don’t get the clicking complaint. It’s a mouse game. You…play it with a mouse.

    • ya that was definitely the only real weak point i noticed in the video

      I was like, hrmm well that’s not really a very valid complaint… the mouse is the interface tool… =P

  4. “Diablo 3! Its basically Diablo 2 with less features.” <- lying… Diablo III way better than II. D2 was (is) a hack fest, every single player used a bot, or something… Noneed this anymore.

    • ?!?!?!?

      um what planet are YOU on? have you seen the AH in D3? or are you oblivious to the fact that D3 has more bots RIGHT NOW than D2 EVER HAD?!?!?!

      nm clearly you are living in a fantasy bubble

      • Fairly sure you’re just trolling since no one who can spell correctly could make such a dumb argument seriously… But just for the sake of the argument, it’s quite obvious that there’s nothing in D3 that’s even remotely as bottable or profitable as was Pindleskin. Not to mention Meph, Baal, Thresh, Shenk, or several others.

        Add on the fact that D2 had no mechanism to detect or deter or ban botters, and your argument becomes double nonsense. Add on the fact that D2 had massive hacked item issues and duping, and your words can’t even be described as an argument.

        The botting problem in D3 is based entirely on gold being a viable commodity. Botting for gold in D2 would have been easy, but there was no reason to do so. There is in D3, and that’s why we’ve seen multiple nerfs of loot and gold from destructibles, as well as thousands of bans for botting.

        It’s quite possible to critique how Bliz has handled numerous elements of the game and the economy and the community, but try to make claims that have at least some faint relation to reality if you’re trying to spur debate.

        • Bots, hacks, and dupes are in D3. Even after Blizzard promised kicking single players to the curb would solve the problem. Heh. We both know the real reason for forcing everyone online is the Real Money Auction House.

        • Bots are impossible to stop, period. The technology behind botting is so advanced at this point that you can not be completely removed, especially since some of them are capable of playing the game using the real game client. Luckily those that do use the game client are usually evry ineffective, so while you can’t completely remove botting, you can remove their effectiveness to some degree.
          Also I agree that there are hacks in the game. Probably. Hard to tell but those are also very hard to completely remove. “Hack” is a very broad term and can mean many different things. Since there will always be some smart people able to abuse the game in certain ways. To prevent hacking from happening you would need to make the game so secure that it would no longer be fun to play.
          Dupes on the other hand is a very specific type of exploit and I’d say you would be hard pressed to prove that those are happening, with emphasis on “happening” not “happened”.
          I think that the online only drm did help with the hacking issue. The question however is: was it worth it? For Blizzard: definitely. But was it worth it for us, consumers?

  5. Geez. It’s a joke guys. Lmao to the guys above arguing.

    I think it’s hillarious. Especially the 20 different color imps stuff.. very true for the franchise .

  6. You know it’s sad that Blizzard didn’t learn from D2. If people start comparing your game with a 12 year old game, you know you messed up somewhere.
    for all those say that D2 had all the patches and sh*t…. DIABLO 3 had 7 years of development time if you start counting from 2005.

    I’m a level 32 DH now, and I’ve spent the whole game spamming Bola Shot cuz quite frankly the other skills are As* cream, where I had a lot of methods and attacks with my D2 Amazon, there is one comparison.

    • Your argument is confusing. If you have a game called X 3, how can you NOT compare it to X 2 or even X 1? I’m not saying they didn’t rush the game, they obviously did. But saying that Diablo 3 is a failure because people are comparing it with Diablo 2 is absurd.

      Also… bola shot? Really? Well I guess it’s good that someone likes this skill.

    • Well given that D2 was still king of the ARPG’s when D3 was released I think it only to be expected (some people will say it still is). Also they are both DIABLO games.

  7. Hahahaha this video is hilarious and true. And what’s also hilarious is reading all of the people’s comments above – some people take their lives and video games so seriously. Get a grip folks.

  8. ” […], twenty different colors of imps! […]”


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