news-realm-of-trials-hatesA new trick/exploit is growing in popularity, since it enables players in a party to repeatedly clear the same level of Greater Rift without repeating the Realm of Trials each time. It’s not an exploit since you’re not cheating anything, just taking advantage of the game mechanics to run multiple Grifts after just one Realm of Trials. The method is slightly complicated to explain, so I’ll try to be clear.

    The “Hidden” Grift Key Exploit. Objective and requirements:

  • You want to farm the same level of Greater Rift several times in a row, but *not* the highest Grift you’re capable of. (Going GR25+, especially GR35+, yields FAR more exp than clearing T6 Rifts.)
  • Entering a GR in a party game requires a key of that level, or higher. (This is where the trick comes in.)
  • Assume for the sake of the example that you could struggle through a GR45, but can speed farm GR35. Thus the trick is for your party of 4 to earn 4 GR35 keys, and then use them to quickly clear 4 different GR35s, without doing Waves again.

    1. Start off in the Realm of Trials, where everyone exits once you’re at the appropriate Wave for the GRKs you want. (High 30s, in this example.)
    2. This earns all 4 players in the game one GRK 35.
    3. Three of the players then “hide” their GR35 key by putting it into the stash, then logging on a different character and moving it to that character’s inventory.
    4. Trick: You can not drop GRKs, but you can force the GR35 key to drop to the ground when you first earn it by making sure your Inventory is completely full. (This is slightly risky since if the game crashes, you’ll lose the keys on the ground, but it’s faster than switching characters.)
    5. The one player who didn’t “hide” their GRK then creates the GR35, and all the other players enter, using some other GR35+ key they had already. (If you don’t have any higher keys already, you need to do the Waves twice at the start of the game.)
    6. Players churn through that GR as quickly as possible, earning big EXP and items from the Guardian, and then take the GRK upgrade from Urshi, which will generally be a GRK40+, since your party cleared the GR35 so quickly.
    7. Another player in the game then retrieves the GR35 key they “hid” and creates a GR35 for the party. Everyone joins, using the GRK 40 they just earned doing that fast GR35 clear.
    8. Repeat this twice more, with the other two players taking turns using the GRK35 they earned in the Waves at the start of the game.

    The net result is your party of 4 does 4 GR35 clears, and you only had to do the Wave of Trials once. You’ll gain far more EXP (and Legs, probably) doing 4 GR35s than you would doing 4 (or 6, or 8) T6 Rifts in roughly the same amount of time.

    That clear enough? Anyone got further refinements or tricks to add? If the explanation isn’t clear, ask in comments and I’ll try to streamline it further.

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