Fresh off the twittergeddon we had learned about the DiabloWikiHalls of the Dead still being on the wish list for Diablo 3. Something I just lamented here. No one I saw seemed to think losing this feature was a good idea for hardcore. Just what now is to become of our dead hardcore characters? Will we see a ghost in our selection screen, and hold onto them for nostalgia. Bashiok didn’t quite deny this but it seems as if we are in for something similar or new.

    @Bashiok so what happens to a hc char when they die? Take up a slot still?
    @HCXAnth Why, they’re transferred to The Hall of Fallen Heroes, of course.

    What is the Hall of fallen heroes? I would assume it’s what we were told Halls of the Dead was to be but with a new name. Why the turnaround from a few days ago? Hopefully the new name will soon be accompanied by some screen shots or a better explanation how this will work out at release. I still have my fingers crossed for Oregon trail style tombstones!

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