The Hall of Fallen Heroes?

Fresh off the twittergeddon we had learned about the DiabloWikiHalls of the Dead still being on the wish list for Diablo 3. Something I just lamented here. No one I saw seemed to think losing this feature was a good idea for hardcore. Just what now is to become of our dead hardcore characters? Will we see a ghost in our selection screen, and hold onto them for nostalgia. Bashiok didn’t quite deny this but it seems as if we are in for something similar or new.

@Bashiok so what happens to a hc char when they die? Take up a slot still?
@HCXAnth Why, they’re transferred to The Hall of Fallen Heroes, of course.

What is the Hall of fallen heroes? I would assume it’s what we were told Halls of the Dead was to be but with a new name. Why the turnaround from a few days ago? Hopefully the new name will soon be accompanied by some screen shots or a better explanation how this will work out at release. I still have my fingers crossed for Oregon trail style tombstones!

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    15 thoughts on “The Hall of Fallen Heroes?

    1. Well, I know it’s a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quote when Veruca Salt was talking in her abrasively loud voice. Willy Wonka responds by saying that … it’s probably that he got a bunch of tweets asking the same thing.

      So… I assume “being a dick.”

    2. I suspect they have the code in place to store the names and info of the dead characters but what was holding it off from making it in the final game was simply the interface for browsing it.

      • That is such a great tie-in to the lore of the game.  I just hope it doesn’t get flooded with a bunch of level one characters.  Can change the name to the “Hall of Idiots…”

    3. At first i didnt like that they changed the name, i liked the D2 referance. I didnt know it was a D1 referance, thats cool too then lol.

    4. Oregon Trail ftw…

      I’m pretty sure when he said the “Halls of the Dead” are not in the game he thought the person was referring to the special area that someone had proposed that you could actually walk around in and view statues of your dead characters. The Hall of Fallen Heroes is probably the feature they had talked about long ago that is mostly just a ui thing that shows your dead hc characters with some statistics about them. Or he was just bombarded with tweets and didn’t know wtf was going on when he answered that one…

      • @scorth

        Nope, look at his post, he even says (hardcore characters) when he first asked the question.

        Second, click the links he posted in that, the orignal blue post called it “the hall of the dead”

        • I know he said hardcore characters. That was what I was referring to. What else would I be talking about?

          The original post said it yes, but that doesn’t mean Bashiok remembers that. When he said “That was a wish list feature we mentioned at BlizzCon right?” he is probably referring to when someone asked about the one with statues and such during one of the Q&As or twitter questions or whatever it was…

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