News has hit, and while I’ve known about this news for a while, I wanted to read more on what was going on before I posted it as legitimate news. I’m still not 100% convinced, as I’ve not seen any video proof, but people “swear” by it on reddit and the official forums alike. However, people “swore” that it wasn’t their fault they got hacked.

    The claim was this: gold could be duped by using the AH client-side clock changing mechanic to bring auctions back in time after they are sold to “dupe” the gold and keep the item. Images were posted with players that had gross amounts of gold that could only be attained through such illegitimate methods. When posted to the forums, it seemed that torches and pitchforks were already halfway to Blizzard headquarters.

    When people began to dig deeper into the matter, the claim was that “it has been hotfixed,” piggybacking on the server lag and using this to fuel the flames. It seemed to be quite the convenient caveat for people now trying the method and finding that it doesn’t work. Blizzard has been diligent since the last hotfix goof by providing the community with changes as they occur, rather than hours/a day later.

    There is no official word from Blizzard yet, but we will surely be keeping the community updated with any other information.

    Update: Bashiok has woken from his slumber, laying down the law.

    We haven’t deployed any hot fixes this evening. As far as we can tell the supposed exploit never worked, but we’ll continue looking into it. Yes, changing the system clock can change auction times, but that doesnt dupe gold. It’s pretty easy to see how much gold people have, and we have no indication anyone has/had that much.


    Alright, so as stated he didn’t try the dupe on the stream, so I guess everyone claiming otherwise is … pleasantly mistaken? His friend claims it worked, which is great, but obviously the photos floating around are shopped. I appreciate the repro steps, and the belief that server lag is secret hotfixes. As I said we’ll continue investigating.

    This seems to be Exhibit A of why you should believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. Everybody can put their pants back on and come home from running naked in the streets banging pots and pans to wake the towns folk. Much of the internet has been had by what was clearly a poorly executed hoax. It’s nearly a year until the next April 1st, so don’t get all premature on us.

    Original content after the fold.

    Certainly I’ve never seen the Diablo community so united as I have before now, as noted by the sheer amount of “/signed” votes on a petition – and let’s not forget, petition threads generally get closed because they’re against Blizzard forum TOS. This particular thread reached maximum post capacity with no such lock. While that is far from having solid evidence, it indicates how adamant the community is if this happens to be a legitimate case. Isn’t it interesting how quickly people become activists when they hear something shocking and act without proof?

    If this happens to be true, we would see a complete break down in the game’s economy that would require certain rollbacks. But… is everything as it seems? I have been unable to find any video of it working, and all images are simply shopped or manipulate (confirmed). Could this simply be round 2 of the troll hoaxes aimed at destroying the game’s community? Hot on the heels of the hacking fiasco that swept the web, this instance is flowing on a similar vein.

    Hold on to your butts everyone. Don’t rouse the rabble until you have the proof.

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