The Five Player Beta Bug

We had a report of this about a month ago and we were sent in a screenshot of it in action. However, being a screenshot it was hard to tell if someone had disconnected and the party on the left of the screen had simply not updated. Another report was made in the Beta forums about this bug and it apparently does happen and is still happening.



Wellsey posted a link to his video which clearly shows five players in the game at around 2 hour and 3 minutes on the video. The Blizzard team are obviously on the case, responding to the thread. It seems this may be happening more frequently as another post appeared in the bug forum shortly after.

Blizzard are asking players to report this bug and send get a copy of the D3Debug.txt file over to them so they can try and nail the problem down.

Any one else who reproduces this bug or knows someone who has reproduced this bug, please post your logs and info in this thread as well 🙂

I know some people would love to see the party number increase but it’s not going to happen, neat to see it in action though.

Thanks MLVII.

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    31 thoughts on “The Five Player Beta Bug

    1. Well, they almost certainly have the required infrastructure for five, six, seven maybe even more players in the game. I highly doubt Jay Wilson woke up one day and said: “We will have 4 player max limit.” and everybody agreed. In order to get to their number, which they think as ideal as possible, they definatly had to test, on different stages of the development, how the game feels with five players, six players, etc. in order to come to conclusion that four players is the best.

      • Well they would of had to of tested with 5 player count to see that 5 is “to many” players, hence the 5 player bug.

        • Also, “would have”. Is it strange that this mistake SCREAMS out at people who don’t speak English natively? I truly have no idea how you’d be able to make this mistake.

          • It’s a common mistake. I’ve made it myself.
            It’s because “would’ve” sounds like “would of” and it ends up being phonetically injected.

      • Sigh. Of course they have the INFRASTRUCTURE. It’s a game design issue, not a technical one. They most certainly can support 16 players per game, but chose not to.

        • Do people actually read comments or is mine just exceptionally confusing? Yes, they can support large amount of players but they chose to limit it to four because the felt that gives players best experiance and above that would be too hectic.

      • Yeah, when testing even with 4 players in game. I’d have times where it really started to slow down. I dropped my video and sound settings down to help it out, but at times with 4 players and a bunch of enemies etc it still started to slow a little.

        Thats with a Intel Q6600, 8GB RAM (DDR2 tho), AMD HD 6800 and Auzentech sound card for proper 5.1 sound.

      • I agree that more players would be more fun.  That said, the move to isometric 3D from isometric sprites has made the screen very cluttered with spell effects with the full 4 players.  I would imagine the screen looking like one big fireworks display with 8 players.  6?  That may be a bit better – I still find it cluttered with 4 though.

        • Has nothing to do with the “move to 3D”. D2 was cluttered as fuck with 8 players and spell effects, auras, curses, minions, etc. You got used to it.

        • Completely agree. Get four players in a game, especially with a WD’s zombie dogs, and it can get very hard to figure out wtf is going on.

    2. Im sure that the idea to have 4 players max is that it brings more combinations, having 5 you can always have one of each class, having 4 you will always have a mixed party having all diferent classes or repeating one or more, this gives more variations and avoids the “all classes pros inna game” issue.

      • This is the most absurd rationalization of this “feature” that I’ve read. You never get more combinations from reducing the pool. Why would it be an issue to allow a party containing one of each class?

        • Its the same rationalization they used for the Skills, less skills more customization!
          If you didn’t get it the first time go and read it again…

          • Yeah, but the math was wrong on that one too. If there are 24 skills having 7 slots gives you many more possible combinations than 6. As 6 gives mroe than 5, and 5 gives mroe than 4, etc.  The math only works once they go past 50% as many slots as possible things to slot into them, thus 12 slots would provide more possible combos than 13, if you had 24 skills.

            It’s not a real applicable to max chars in a game though, since all classes aren’t the same. Barring massive cookie cutterism, each barb, wiz, etc, won’t be identical to another one.

    3. I was playing in that exact video (i’m treZealot there) and I gotta say, it wasn’t nearly as chaotic as Wilson said it would be. It was actually pretty smooth… silky smooth

    4. Well, I hate people so it’s deeply upsetting that this game has even 2 person multi-player. Nothing good will come of this I tell you!
      battletag: Ignatius#1870 XOXO

    5. If you mean the number of skills, it is only slightly smaller then in D2, considering there were a lot of skills that nobody actually used, like Blaze, that is hardly important. 

      If you mean a loss of custimazation, while we have lost mathematically larger number of builds, considering every skill in D2 had 60 skill points, but we have gained immesurably more meaningfull and deep custimazation. In D2 only a handfull of skills are used in Hell, rest are either ignored or taken only for synergy.

      And, in D2, each choice had minimum impact, some skill having 3 or 4 points in it hardly mattered when there were few skills you spammed all the time anyway, and then there is the issue of \one point wonders\, which further demonstrate how deeply flawed D2 system is.

      As opposed to that, in D3, we have tremendous freedom of choice. All skills are usable in end-game, all skills are viable, you are free to build your character however you want, instead of copy-pasting build from the internet. In D3 you can create five builds, all of which use different skills and passives without repeating anything, which is absolutely impossible in D2.

      Yes, there are flawes in D3, there is no such thing as a perfect game, however, when it comes to skills, D3 is vastly superior to D2.

      EDIT: This was meant as a reply to elganame, I have no clue what happened.

    6. Don’t report the bug!  Four players is too tiny for a game of Diablo.  Don’t give me any BS about too many spell effects, Diablo is supposed to be chaos.  And if it really is that bad, perhaps they need to tone down the anime explosions a bit.

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