The First (?) to Complete Normal Difficulty?

Rumors have been flying about various players on the Asian realm who supposedly beat the game the fastest, but the only concrete evidence I’ve seen yet, in the form of a screenshot (which could easily be ‘shopped) is seen below. It’s a Barbarian who supposedly beat normal in 12:29. Source.

Has anyone done it more quickly? Pics or it didn’t happen.

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19 thoughts on “The First (?) to Complete Normal Difficulty?

  1. If they resolve some major issues with connection and lost achievements I might be able to finish normal some time. Too bad Bliizard, the game is great but your sucks big time.

  2. When it comes to defeating Normal… At this point in time, I say \Bullshit\… I’ve been playing since the beginning… Got in at midnight… LUCKY FUCKER, YES, BUT PLAY TILL END, NO! At this point in time, maybe halfway through A3 with 4 people running… Farthest I could get to was finishing A2… But… A4 will be finished before I wake up, guarenteed.

    And about the Asian side finishing the game… Fuck the asian side… I live on the asian side and couldn’t play till the American release… Fuck that doesn’t count…

    1:00pm where I’m making this comment… Central time…
    Even though I live in Japan at 3am.

  3. I had 12:20 on the game clock after being halfway through nm act 1, so yes I did it faster. Was not trying for a record though, listened to some npcs tell me stories too, so… Can take a pic if needed, though I believe some people did it A LOT FASTER, if they tried to get a record.

  4. That 12 hours better mean he finished Normal and Nightmare, because if it’s for Normal only that’s not even close to impressive. I’ve been watching 2 separate streams with players that finished Normal and Nightmare in about 12 hours. both teams are now on Act 2 hell and I very much doubt those are the fastest rushers.

  5. 11:59 with demon hunter. but we have not been very fast. mit baba.
    2nd act boss is the lamest fight i have ever seen. almost ruining the game.
    and the story blows i think, but i am not telling … 

  6. Strange MF-Behavior ruining the game, 4 players, already at the end of act4 and still no good stuff, no legendarys… wtf? impossible to kill diablo in nm

  7. 12 hours for normal is slow, no way was 12.5hours played the first players through normal. I watched an EU stream (4 player) go through it in about 7 hours yesterday.

    (nothing wrong with slow of course, friends and I took 5 hours to do Act 1)

  8. Proud to say I just finished Normal on HC. Was friggin hard and for some reason I didn’t get the achievement….

  9. Finished normal in a little less than 7 hours of play time. You should delete this frontpage outrage.

  10. Wow, I guess I could have finished normal if I wanted too. I am enjoying all the tidbits that the game has to offer. The visuals, and lore, and all the NPC dialogue’s. I even ran the following maps twice; the weeping hollow and den of the fallen, cemetery of the forsaken and all of the defiled crypts, and all the cathedral levels. I ran the fields of misery and all of it’s dungeons 3 times. I even started a barbarian and rescued Deckard! So I did plenty of other stuff instead of rushing through it. Not to forget, that I did a buttload of crafting too. And got many achievements that required time and patience! I couldn’t even connect with all their problems til 2 hours after they launched! I guess older players like to take their time!  😀 I will enjoy it, my way!

  11. I could of finished Normal in that time if I wished but I want to take it slow and enjoy D3 <- this and getting dropped randomly means that I only got party way into act 2 in ~5 hours or so, no way I am gonna hit nightmare in 12 hours.

  12. I beat normal today like 3 hours ago. Atm am halfway through Nightmare A1.

    Yday been 8h in work and EU suffered from damn connection issues. 

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