The First Post in the Beta Feedback Forum… Got Deleted

Some lucky friend (or family) of a Blizzard employee located in North America made the first post in the Beta Feedback forum… and it was promptly deleted. No, not for the usual “ur-not-enough-fanboy!” reason Blizzard has been using to ban/delete posts in their new forums, but because the beta feedback forum isn’t open yet, the F&F testers are supposed to be NDA secret quiet, they’ve probably got a private beta feedback forum none of us in the general public can view, etc.

Happily, some fans were quick to screencap the post while it was there, and you can see the forum index and the actual post in images below. They’re unenlightening; it’s just a guy reporting some kind of log in error message, but it’s interesting to see that they are there at all.

If you want more on this, including fan ‘shops for luls, hit up this forum thread.

Update: A few more posts have gone up (and been deleted) as more of the F&F get the client downloaded and dig into the game. Check the comments to this post for links and screen grabs. One that I found amusing can be seen below, beside a screenshot illustrating his problem. Here’s the bug report:

I’ve been the victim of a peculiar bug, when moving from the outdoors to inside, and vice versa, my screen goes black, excepting for the UI, which is perfectly fine (though not tracking health/mana usage correctly.) Eventually it might come back partially, but it’s still extremely dim.

Edit: This also goes for waypoint travel. Any time the game has to load a fresh screen it seems.

Edit #2: Resolved by updating drivers.

Like they say when you get a new game or start a beta test… be sure you update your drivers!

The best part is that we already had a screenshot of that bug. It was mixed in with the other shots in the first leaked batch on Thursday night. I didn’t post it at that point since it was just a black screen with the UI visible and I figured it was a bug in the guy’s image capture or the upload. Apparently not! It’s in our Diablo 3 Beta screenshots gallery now, though, and you can see the bug report and the bug in the screenshot below.

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53 thoughts on “The First Post in the Beta Feedback Forum… Got Deleted

  1. why do u keep spreading false information…F&F hasn’t started, and you just make yourself look like an ass by posting stupid articles like this,.

    • The F&F Beta has started, Read all the news on this from Friday.

      I have had this confirmed btw, just so you know.

    • Of course the F&F beta has started, but they forgot to invite Bashiok. That’s why he says such confusing things.

      • Oh sure. That’s why he writes this “We haven’t announced specs and I wouldn’t be able to guess how it could run for you, but yes, I run it on my 30? at home at 2560. It is glorious.”

        • Well they haven’t announced specs.

          And he wouldn’t be able to guess who it would work for some random person on the internet.

          Did you have a point?

          • We haven’t announced specs and I wouldn’t be able to guess how it could run for you, but yes, I run it on my 30? at home at 2560. It is glorious.

            I run it on my 30? at home at 2560.
            at home

    • And you are blaming incgamers for posting every news they can get their hands on so you can relax and read it at your leisure? Wow talk about being spoiled. I blame Blizzard for not being transparent enough. Some CM says yes some says no. Some says its started and later retract saying no.

    • SuperBaked – You are wrong, and if Bashiok says it hasn’t started then he is wrong too.  As Rush said the F&F beta has most definitely, 100% started.

      It doesn’t affect you anyway, you’re not on it so there’s no need to get annoyed when news regarding it is reported.

  2. Well, I’d rather read rubbish regularly than nothing at all… especially given how we’re all waiting for that gun to go off (beta to officially start).

    Whether this is considered rubbish or not I wasn’t implying. I did find this interesting.

    Interestingly though, I would probably be considered a fanboy (as I pretty much like all the Blizzard decisions on Diablo 3 so far) and I just recently got banned on their new forums lol.

    • all this was was an employee posting there who wasn’t supposed to, not a friend or family member…they deleted it to keep it clear for when the F&F ACTUALLY starts…assuming this means the F&F has started is dopey, and sadly typical IncGamers.

      • SuperBaked – tell me, do you carry a bucket of sand around with you for emergencies?  In case someone catches you off-guard with a piece of D3 news you don’t want to hear?

        And you’re absolutely right, this piece of news is very typical of IncGamers.

        • *cough* full of s**t *cough* what? I didn’t say anything… 🙄

          By the way, I doubt actual Blizz employees would be misinformed enough to make posts on a forum they aren’t supposed to during internal testing before the period of testing where one would use such a forum… if they aren’t in some form of limited beta testing then why would people be making posts on a beta forum? If they were still in internal testing then things would continue as they have for months with people at Blizz giving feedback straight to the devs… nice try though… oh wait, no it wasn’t… 😆

  3. Blizzard´s post by


    “Hey guys,

    We need to do some maintenance on this forum. Please don’t be upset if your posts are deleted..”

    whos fooling who here!!!!

  4. SuperBaked, I am assuming you have never had a real job.  If you work in development/QA and you’re doing internal product testing do you think you post your issues on the product’s community forum or communicate directly with the development team?  You must be thick.

  5. What’s funny about the second post is that there’s even a screenshot of the bug from the leaks.

    I don’t know why they wouldn’t have made the forums private, or at least taken them down so they wouldn’t have to moderate them over their holiday. Why not let someone enjoy their time off before the big rush of beta and release?

  6. superbake – well seing as theres a NDA on F&F, maybe, just maybe you weren’t one of those Irvine employee top-5-friend to invite you to the beta, hence they cant actually tell you it started.  and seeing you bragging that you know bliz employee in the comment section and have extra information, i think they made a wise decision not inviting you.

    • Ya, lets ignore all the logical facts that were just stated and claim personnal attacks, almost seems like the averag religious blind faith debate.  If you weren’t invited, unless those persons want to risk legal trouble, you wouldn’t know about it. Simple as that.

      • Chars are the reason it looks a bit fake.
        Why post both reports with WoW and SC2 account if they had a D3-beta acc? I believe when they log in on it should automaticaly select D3 account to post.
        It just may be a joke from people who found a bug in the forum allowing them to post. However, they could be banned for this. I’m not sure Blizz delete accounts in case of ban.
        A post on forums about writing a PM to this WoW-guy is deleted. And that’s really funny – why no one contacted him, or there are no US-WoW accounts between Diablo fans?

  7. Aside from the weird issue of several posters claiming this isn’t happening and treating the reporting of it as some kind of evil attack… wtf is bliz doing with their forum? It’s just so clown shoes. Can they really not post a private forum? Or keep their testers from making posts in a public forum before they want it to be seen?  It’s not as if forum log in software or private forum settings are cutting edge technology.

    Maybe this is all a clever viral marketing sort of thing that we’re falling for without realizing it’s a con? Except for the part where several other Bliz CMs from outside the US have confirmed that the F&F beta is underway…

    Or was that part of the scam too!!??!?

    • Don’t trust those Soviet spies  working for Blizzard Flux! Nothing is happening except them trying to create riots within our country over their lies about the beta! Clearly the Cold War never ended 😯

    • I think it’s the F&F invites who are posting their instead of posting to whichever private forum they have setup.  Mostly they just don’t know any better.

    • lol yeah, I kinda wonder why they haven’t just gone and flipped the switch to make the beta forums not for public viewing or something. At least then the ‘accidental’ posts wouldn’t happen.

      Maybe it was an inital mistake and they became amused by all the forums going crazy and so they left it as is or something lol.

      Either way it is pretty funny. I can just see tonnes of people refreshing the beta forums every 5 seconds just get a snap shot of a thread that’s about to get deleted lol.

    • Why would this be a marketing trick?
      Everyone that reads this kind of news is already certain of buying the game, they won’t gain anything.

  8. To me, it seems fairly clear that the F&F has started. You have to have a beta license to post in that section of the forums. I highly doubt that it is just some Blizz employees just trying to mess with us. If it is, I feel like it was a good joke, because in the end when I have Diablo 3 in my hands, I JUST WONT GIVE A FREAK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!

  9. It’s not a viral marketing scam. In a viral marketing campaign the idea is to show a nebulous piece of commercial/information to lots and lots and lots of people, who might be interested in it. That way, the new product is in the mind of the public and hype is generated. Here, we have no kind of teaser, that lots of people can access. And we – the die hard Diablo Fans – are maybe… what… 0,0000000000000000015% of the future customer base?
    It was a mistake made by someone who does not belong to Blizzard. Why should a blizz employee post in an online forum instead of sending the report directly to the responsible unit in the company? Clearly Friends-Beta has started. Period.

  10. I don’t care if the F&F has started or not. I’m reading Flux’s and his crews posts on here because I just looove every little bit of Diablo 3 info I can come across. Keep up the good work!
    If you want Blizzard news, go to Tell me what you find.. ^^

  11. trolls keep trolling…pfff O well. even if the F&F beta hasn’t started I do not think someone inside would be THAT stupid as to post on that forum…bugs have been tested for years now and nothings been posted randomply by some blizz insider -_- si my guess is the F&F HAS indeed started in the end.

  12. There are a lot of people here who underestimate the stupidity of World of Warcraft Game Masters. These posts are most likely made by GMs who fail to realize they really shouldn’t post their help requests on a public forum. No, the FnF beta hasn’t started yet, but most likely about 5 thousand blizz employees, about 4.9k of whom didn’t previously have access to the beta, jost got their access. Also large companies, like blizzard are notorious for having bad communication regarding proper feedback routes.

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