Some lucky friend (or family) of a Blizzard employee located in North America made the first post in the Battle.net Beta Feedback forum… and it was promptly deleted. No, not for the usual “ur-not-enough-fanboy!” reason Blizzard has been using to ban/delete posts in their new forums, but because the beta feedback forum isn’t open yet, the F&F testers are supposed to be NDA secret quiet, they’ve probably got a private beta feedback forum none of us in the general public can view, etc.

    Happily, some fans were quick to screencap the post while it was there, and you can see the forum index and the actual post in images below. They’re unenlightening; it’s just a guy reporting some kind of log in error message, but it’s interesting to see that they are there at all.

    If you want more on this, including fan ‘shops for luls, hit up this forum thread.

    Update: A few more posts have gone up (and been deleted) as more of the F&F get the client downloaded and dig into the game. Check the comments to this post for links and screen grabs. One that I found amusing can be seen below, beside a screenshot illustrating his problem. Here’s the bug report:

    I’ve been the victim of a peculiar bug, when moving from the outdoors to inside, and vice versa, my screen goes black, excepting for the UI, which is perfectly fine (though not tracking health/mana usage correctly.) Eventually it might come back partially, but it’s still extremely dim.

    Edit: This also goes for waypoint travel. Any time the game has to load a fresh screen it seems.

    Edit #2: Resolved by updating drivers.

    Like they say when you get a new game or start a beta test… be sure you update your drivers!

    The best part is that we already had a screenshot of that bug. It was mixed in with the other shots in the first leaked batch on Thursday night. I didn’t post it at that point since it was just a black screen with the UI visible and I figured it was a bug in the guy’s image capture or the upload. Apparently not! It’s in our Diablo 3 Beta screenshots gallery now, though, and you can see the bug report and the bug in the screenshot below.

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