Though Season Three is far from over, a player named Vajet has accumulated enough experience to equal out to Paragon 2000, ahead of anyone else. He’s actually at the equivalent of P2008 right now, with an amazing P1789 in Season Three, which gets him to 2008 when added to the P1339 worth of exp he earned before S3 began.

    The grind... it grinds us.

    The grind… it grinds us.

    The world’s #2 biggest grinder is back at 1978, and yes, of course they’re both softcore. The highest in Hardcore is at P1339, again adding Season 3 experience to non-seasonal total, which you’ll note is coincidentally the same amount of EXP the P2008 guy had before S3 began. Hardcore… just a season behind!

    If you’re wondering what it takes to reach P2000 ahead of everyone else in the world, you’re in luck as a Diablo 3 ladder site has posted an interview with Vajet. The First Paragon 2000 Reveals Flaws in the System:

    I remember Alkaizer back in the old days reaching paragon 1000 which was an amazing feat back then, he had a particular farming route and technique. Could you share with us some advise in terms of what you found was the most efficient way to farm, a route etc?

    It seems so quaint, today.

    It seems so quaint, today.

    Vajet: I believe it was Paragon 100 which Alkaizer reached first in the Paragon 1.0 system by grinding an efficient farm route and then Gabynator who achieved first Paragon 1000 by a questionable method (abusing a bug that gave double xp when killing the act 5 boss Malthael).

    Since patch 2.2 and it’s including buff of Greater Rift experience gained, Greater Rift farming has been the most efficient way to get EXP. In Greater Rifts, bonus experience items and sets such as Hellfire Ring scale multiplicatively with the EXP gained which means you can gain more than three times as much wearing all of these items compared to a player who does not wear any of them.

    However, these experience items and sets can’t all be combined with the most powerful sets and items in the game. This basically means that in order to get the most experience you are depending on players who are playing with their best sets/items (in terms of damage) so that you can wear all the experience sets/items and play a support role.

    Some classes like the Crusader and Monk are especially suitable to fill these support roles as they are very tanky and have a lot of offensive and defensive buffs.

    Because of these group setups it became a habit that the support players come up with either trial or greater rift opener keys.

    Unfortunately, these keys are easily obtainable in larges masses by using bots which made it an even bigger challenge for me to constantly find players without using any kind of illegal botting software as I’d have to farm trial keys and/or greater rift opener keys during my playtime while players using bots would get these keys “over night”.

    My strategy was to organize very fast and efficient farm groups where players playing classes like Demon Hunter (which are not suitable for support roles) would get a large amount of blood shards and items.

    Unlike other players trying to maximize their EXP gain by wearing the full EXP item setup, I ran a reduced EXP item setup in order to make the runs faster and more rewarding for the DPS players. This way I never had a hard time finding people while the competition was struggling to find players that actually want to play with them.

    If you’re wondering, that quote above holds the only mention of “botting” in the interview. Vajet also points out that playing solo is hopeless in terms of pushing for the highest EXP, and that gearing in +EXP% gear in a party, basically playing a support role, is the only way to compete even playing multiplayer.

    It’s interesting that the highest exp player on earth thinks +exp% gear should be nerfed or removed. He also feels that Paragon levels over 800 should be less rewarding, since the gain of 5 mainstat per level above 800 is too rewarding and makes too much difference at the highest levels of GR pushing. Consider that just in S3 he’s P1789, which equates to 989 x 5 = 4945 mainstat. Most well-geared characters have 10,000 or so mainstat, which means Vajet’s got a 50% mainstat increase over a players who has “only” P800. That’s equivalent to an additional SEVENTEEN sockets in your armor!

    What do you guys think? Is multiplayer exp too rewarding, especially when you consider that zDPS support chars can wear 3 or more items of +EXP%, which all tack on multiplicatively? And do Paragon points over 800 seem too rewarding? Back when the system was announced, most of us thought what Blizzard apparently did; that hardly anyone would ever get over P800, and even if they did, a few more points to DiabloWikimainstat wouldn’t make a big difference… Think again?

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