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    Add a zero…

    A very busy player has surpassed Paragon 1000 in Season Two, putting the total experience gained by most of the rest of us into complete disrepute. The battletag is is Absidien#1846 and he’s played mostly a Monk and a Demon Hunter in Season Two, racking up over 50,000 elite kills with each.

    Disclaimer #1: There may be other 1000+ characters since Blizzard doesn’t offer a complete leaderboard of Paragon points, and we must refer to third party sites that can only list accounts that have been added to their database. But going by that Diablo Progress listing, second place in the S2 exp race is Gabbynator, who is just over 900. Which sounds like a close second, until you consider that the exp to go from 900 to 1000 is equivalent to the exp to go from P1 to P855. Which means #1 Absidien has more than double the exp of the account in 4th place.

    Disclaimer #2: We’re talking about softcore, and as is well known, such exp counts only 1/2, or perhaps 1/10th, the *real* exp earned by mortal characters. Thus numerous Hardcore players in the P700+ range are the real MVPs. Or so I like to tell myself.

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