The First Max Level Diablo 3 Barbarian, Remembered

Behold the noble Khazra.
Behold the noble Khazra.
I always see cool stuff while browsing our extensive Diablo 3 galleries, especially when I run into images released during Diablo 3’s development. Because things change!

Today’s example came courtesy of Fmulder’s Google wizardy. He found this photo of some goatman artwork from the Blizzard museum, and after I followed the “new image alert” to see it, I looked through the galleries for a bit and tripped over the amazing image you see below with an amazing level 60 Diablo 3 Barbarian in her end game gear.

It was part of the Powerpoint demonstration at Gamescom 2011, and was meant to show the sort of character growth we’d see from level 1 to 60. At that point the game was going through an ill-advised DiabloWikiattributes overhaul that had removed the Int/Vit/Dex/Str stats and replaced them with a system in which every single character/class only wanted Attack on their gear. That got changed during the Beta, thankfully, but more than that, I found the Barb’s end game gear and stats amazing.

Check out that massive 1909 DPS! Resistances in double figures! A mighty 2.62 DiabloWikiCritical Hit Chance! There’s no telling how far you’d get in Inferno with a character so well-equipped. (The first zombie outside of Tristram, probably.) So um, yeah. Things change during development. (The whole Gamescom 2011 gallery is a nice time capsule with Runestone progression visuals, old gem graphics, LOLable Inferno item previews, etc.)

Level 1 to Level 60 progression, from Gamescom 2011.
Level 1 to Level 60 progression, from Gamescom 2011.
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19 thoughts on “The First Max Level Diablo 3 Barbarian, Remembered

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you saying that the 2011 version of the barbarian would stand no chance in the 2013 iteration of Inferno ?

  2. I like more the old ui with the old system for some reason. It’s just.. I don’t know, more diabloish?

    That DPS doesn’t tell much, does she even carry a weapon, or it is the bare hands’ DPS? And also, we don’t know how was inferno in 2011, and if it was implemented at all, or was it just a plan.

  3. Who exactly did the itemization in this game anyway. I know it wasn’t Jay all by himself. Was it Wyatt? I remember hearing Andrew Chambers had a lot to do with item creation.

    • That’s a great question. I think that would be the person most directly responsible for the gameplay issues. Sure Jay gave it the thumbs up but I would like to know what evil mind(s) spawned such a horrible idea.

    • The biggest issue here was when they decided to make every spell dependent of the weapon damage, and that was DURING the beta. It’s obvious that the real money auction house was the deciding factor here, and Rob Pardo is the last instance regarding this.

      • Making spell damage scale from weapons was a great idea. Damage calcs in WoW and other “split” systems gets clunky and ridiculous. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than having casters treat their weapons like their gloves or boots, i.e., any other piece of gear.

          • Yeah, he mentioned WoW, therefore we should automatically reject anything he says. It’s much better to do something dumb, as long as it’s different from WoW. Why would we want to learn from past experience and successes?

          • I have never played WOW so I have no reason to dislike what ever system that game use.

            Care to explain how u came to the conclusion that my reply was the result of his WOW refrence?

  4. Somewhat OT:

    The Path of Exile Open Beta starts today at 22:00 CET. Might be worth a short news as the Diablo 3 devs can learn some things here.

  5. I always wonder why they changed the stats from what is seen in the picture, this way it seems that all stats are useful for all classes.

      • This is only true if you ALLOW Attack on every single item. You’ll note that D2 did not generally have +DPS mods on armor slots. You didn’t generally pick your shield or crown or chest piece primarily because of how much it boosted your damage. This is one of D3’s dumbest design decisions and part of why all the items flatten out to the same handful of desired mods.

        • Blizzard knows fun a little bit better than we do though. Forget build diversity, item variety, stat variety… all nonsense. Getting the highest DPS # is where the real FUN is annnnnd it’s an indicator of how skilled you are as a player. Dude just trust them! Jay Wilson would remind you but… he’s busy making some other game FUN right now.

  6. I believe that crit chanche to be 26.1 as the befoer pictuer has 3.0, don’t think it makes sense to loose approx 0.4 on your progression to lvl 60. The UI for crti chanche probably only have 3 numbers, so as soon as you pass 10 there will be only singled digit after the comma.

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