Everyone loves the Diablo 2 jigsaw images; those huge, map-like images created from dozens of individual screenshots. Fans have created lots of useful ones of various areas of the game, and Blizzard even used them in the marketing.

    With the news that Diablo 3’s outdoor areas will be largely static in their overall shape, the anticipation for D3 jigsaws began to grow, but thus far we’d never seen any. That’s finally changed thanks to a fan named EtherealUnity, who took a ton of screenshots of the Leoric Highlands, the outdoor area seen in the 2008 WWI gameplay movie, and pieced them together into a huge overview image. He’s posted a small version of the whole area, and a larger version of the first half of the level, both of which you can view below, or in our newly-created Diablo 3 Jigsaw gallery.

    Click through to see his whole post. The artist talks about the difficulties of doing these since in D3’s 3D engine, objects are larger when closer to your character than when far away, unlike the static-sized background of Diablo 2’s sprites. It’s therefore impossible to just overlap them with everything fitting, as can be done in Diablo 2. Bashiok replied to his post with a well-deserved, “Awesome! Great job.”

    The original post:

    I’m making some beautiful…
    I’m half way done…
    That doesn’t help you though because you don’t know when I started it…
    I’ll update this post when it’s done…

    And so… after some time much longer than I had anticipated it to be…

    I give you my compilation.

    I hope you enjoy it.. some what.. or something. I was going to make it look nicer, but it was just taking far too long. As you can see, there are some spots where the 3-Dness took it’s toll, and I just couldn’t make things fit (was lazy).

    Everything is much closer near your hot bar, thus bigger, and spread out. So you can’t simply overlay one screenshot over another. I had to take multiple screenshots, average them out, and kind of decide what to erase in which screenshot, and what things I could blend together. When trying to piece together diagonal, or vertical things for more than 2 screen heights, it started to get dodgy and hard to make things fit.
    You can see some things (especially in the full, near the end) where I just couldn’t make fit.

    Anyways, hope it’s something you can enjoy, but in the least appreciate. It really made me realize how much detail there is in the environment while putting this together.

    I don’t think I’ll be doing one of the dungeon. That bridge was a doozie. Landscape is easiest because you can blend most of it. Anyone can use this.. it’s not really mine.. it’s Blizzards, but just as long as you keep “made by: etherealunity” on there, then post it where ever.

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