The First Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots

An unknown early bird beta tester has leaked a fair number of screenshots from the Diablo III beta, and they were spotted by Popez and posted in our brand new Diablo 3 Beta forum. They’re not great quality, and the gameplay action is fairly lacking, but they show some interesting scenes in town, mostly involving NPC dialogues.

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. You want to see screenshots from the beta, since it means that someone outside of Blizzard is playing it already. And the next person…. could be you?

There is one surprising image, though. Note this one, with the 17 second timer (presumably it starts at 20) to leave a game, when not in town. That seems a fairly sturdy anti-chicken hack measure, one that will stop players from being able to bail out in the middle of danger to avoid death. Not a big deal for softcore characters, but Hardcore beware, especially if you’re prone to disconnects!

We’ve added several image galleries for DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta Images. There are brand new leaked ones in the Beta Screenshots and Beta Interface, and we’ll be adding shots to the Items and Misc/Humor galleries as well. All these galleries are publicly-accessible for uploads, and anyone with a forum account on this site can upload their own images there. Once you get into the beta test, (be confident!) you are encouraged to upload your cool images there, for everyone to see.

See more leaked Diablo III Beta screenshots here.

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30 thoughts on “The First Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots

    • I’m not 100% sure its a real leak rather than a controlled PR stunt. Why would he still have beta access after being 2 months away from Blizz is beyond me also why it happens now and not 2 months ago? If they are working on a beta, servers for them should be running loooong before.

      I’m guessing Blizz caught the smell of people expecting beta this Friday but wasn’t able to deliver so they released something in return.

    • I’d also like to point out that these screens show nothing really new, very little action or info and the movie is a lame character selection…

      If any of us got their hands on beta with intention of revealing it there would be HD movies form the whole beta playthroughs for each character, screenshots for each characters full skill list along with stats & attribute progression, inventory screens revealing item types/numbers/etc. 

      We will see what gets leaked over the weekend or will it be some lame excuse like “Blizz shut down my account” 8)

      • Lol, not if you did actually get it. You’d start making screenies right away while you were playing. Because the movies and what you are talking about would take time to make.

        There’s no way in hell one of us would just sit back patiently and make a video that might take a few days to make without saying nothing at all. Nah, we’d spit out quick screenies while we were playing and then later on maybe make a video.

        • You can see time logged on one of his characters so he deliberately returned for some interface screenshots, why not just upload that playtime?

          Its also not really that time consuming to make a video (few days??), he is using fraps so its just a matter of turning it on in character selection and off after Leoric. From what we know beta is a small portion of Act 1 so I’d just finish one class and start uploading to YT, its a couple hours max to go through it all for one class so I call fake leak.

          Until I see some real meat I’ll remain sceptical.

  1. Call me crazy but I don’t like how ingame interface looks and some of the icons look like they’re from a idie open source game with 100$ budget not AAA title from a company that shits cash thanks to the most successful MMO of all time…

    Restrain your fanboism for a second and look at the potion icon, it looks horrible. The section with active skills doesn’t blend well graphically with the rest (I know their intention was to distinguish them but in my opinion they overdid it, it looks alien) and shortcut icons (chara, inventory etc.) not only look like they’re from a different game (ovals, really??) but also they’re just plain fucking ugly… D2 had better and more in-line with graphical style icons.


    • I’m not a fan of the ovals, but I can live with them. That’s just a minor stylistic difference we have. But the one with a picture of a PC on it takes a colossal c**p on immersion. That needs to be rectified.

    • I’ve been having sort of similar thoughts. For the most part I’m very happy with the interface, but I agree with some of your points. The whole skill shortcut and potion belt bar looks bad. It’s like they just decided to redo the interface, but rather than putting more effort into it, they just used bevel and emboss and called it a day. 

      I wish they would fix that, but somehow I doubt they intend to make that big changes so near to beta.

    • Ohh man, the old fashion D2 Potions where absolutely epic!!! They where sooo Diablo exclusive, like a fu**ing logo i would say! Bring the same old Potions back! (By the way, this is not a nostalgia attack)

    • The potion looks soooo bad it’s almost unbelievable. Seriously.
      Thus far the potions in D1 looked the best. Better than D2 and definitely better than D3…

      • hmm… are all the potions going to be those square vials because there’s a different potion icon on the new official site that looks pretty different (on the button for the services page)…

    • It’s probably a network latency indicator. There are 3 small bars there, which probably means that it goes from 1 green bar, to 2 yellow bars and then 3 red bars.

  2. WHAT is that little vertical line on the left of the resource globe and on the right of the menu buttons (character, inventory, etc buttons)?

    I wonder if it tells you how full your inventory is or something.

  3. Ohh man, the old fashion D2 Potions where absolutely epic!!! They where sooo Diablo exclusive, like a fu**ing logo i would say!

    Bring the same old Potions back! (By the way, this is not a nostalgia attack but this new potions is very generic)

  4. I think the potion is somewhat OK, because there will be different sizes as I assume, so they should be different in shape (this is definitely the smallest), but I agree with the problem of oval icons. The shape should be circle or round cornered rectangles if they so want to go with round buttons and that ugly computer must be replaced with gears or something, because the overall image of them is beyond ugly…

  5. I think they should lower that timer to 10 seconds. 10 is enough time for a character to be hammered by monsters and die. And that’s if the character was near full life to begin with, most players that are planning to chicken have less than half life left.

    20 seconds is way too much, and if they’re doing it simply as an anti-chicken measure then I’d rather them do it exactly the way they’re doing the stone of recall, by having it as a 5 second channeled ability that’s canceled w/e you move or are hit.

  6. I really hope that there is an option to turn off, or quickly time out, that large block of text that comprises the chat window; I hate it when games give you no option to do so (talk about ruining immersion).

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