We’ve been making massive updates to the wiki all week, and with the process (thankfully) almost complete, and virtually all of the new Gamescom info added in, we’re going to share some of the more interesting new tidbits. Stuff you probably heard in the interviews or saw in the Caravan movie, but that’s worth a closer look.

    Today we’ve got a detailed look at the DiabloWikiEmpowered Wrist Spade, the first crafted item ever seen in Diablo III. This DiabloWikiMonk‘s DiabloWikiFist weapon was created by the DiabloWikiBlacksmith, and as you can see in the compilation screenshot below (click to see it larger/legible) it’s a three step process. Well, two steps, but the first two windows display at the same time.

    After you open the list of DiabloWikirecipes, you point at the one you want to make. That opens up a box showing the DiabloWikimaterials and DiabloWikigold required for the item. At the same time, another box to the right shows an approximation of the item you’re going to get. (That box needs a catchy, explanatory name. Something better than “item preview.”) Once you’ve made the item, you see how it turned out; how you fared on the variable preset stats, and which DiabloWikirandom properties you scored.

    Then you curse and DiabloWikirecycle the item and try again. At least that’s how I imagine it’ll go most of the time in the final game. At first we’ll just be happy to have anything we can get. Also keep in mind that the DiabloWikiJeweler has crafting recipes to make rings and jewelry; imagine the fun you’ll have with that gamble/crafting!

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