With the removal of the DiabloWikiMystic and therefore her enchants Doomscream asked what will become of the DiabloWikienchants she could place on your items. Not that we knew any details of the bonuses she could add but Bashiok had this to say on Twitter.

    Oh right, uh, as far as I know the mystic enchants are just being put into the item affix pool, not gems. Might change.  We’re still working on adding affixes, cutting ones that don’t work, and testing. No major changes for gems, though.

    It makes sense to absorb them into the general affixes pool for now and I guess if the Mystic does make a reappearance in expansion packs as Blizzard alluded then perhaps they’ll give her completely new affixes to imbue or just shift some of the existing general affixes list or perhaps give her a new higher level version of some from that list.  Cream of the crop as it were.

    Socketable RingsIn related news site reader Domi‘s powers of observations get a +1 for noticing that a screenshot released with Jay’s recent progress report had the paper doll for a Witch Doctor open but more interestingly he was sporting a ring with a gem socketed in it.  Despite the shot being so small it looks like the ring has the same gem as the Mojo – looks to be a Chipped Ruby which adds 6 to Strength.    You can see what all the rings look like in game with their own semi-precious stones in and they all sit atop like the one on his left hand.

    We’ve known that there are about 6 items that can spawn or be given (via the DiabloWikiBlacksmith) sockets and now it looks as if rings can be added to that list.  Well, at the time of that shot being taken at least.  Sockets could be out completely for all we know. /troll

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