You will probably see news all over the place today confirming Blizzard is “working on an unannounced Diablo project”. To readers here this is not news as we’ve been following the job postings for months. It’s common knowledge within the community that something new in the Diablo universe is being put together. With that in mind let’s take a quick look at what has been going on.

    MrPinsky has been keeping the forum thread up to date with all the job postings for months. Hirings started to ramp-up in November last year with the following job positions:

    • Senior Concept Artist
    • Senior Environment Artist
    • Senior Software Engineer, Tools
    • Software Engineer, Live Ops
    • Software Engineer, Tools
    • Creative Director
    • Software Engineer Intern, Gameplay
    • Software Engineer Intern, Graphics
    • Brand Manager, Europe – Heroes of the Storm/StarCraft/Diablo
    • Associate Software Engineer, Online
    • Associate Software Engineer, Tools

    In January this number reduced to ten positions and the Creative Director position was still open which is obviously an important and tricky slot to fill.

    In February the job openings increased to 14 positions and included a Lighting and Rigging Artist. Things started to ramp-up again in March, and by the 24th of March, there were 24 Diablo related job openings.

    A Senior Content Designer job appeared on 3rd April, and by 23rd May, there was a total of 12 open positions. As of today, there are only four open Diablo positions which means all the previous jobs are likely filled which also indicates that production could be underway on the new project.

    The majority of the job positions have stated they were for an unannounced Diablo project but it’s just gone unnoticed by gaming press until today which is why you will likely see stories about this unannounced Diablo game.

    As always, we’ll keep you up to date.

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