In this episode Flux speaks with Wolfpaq, DiablosMinion, and The Eliminator about the the newly-revealed Followers system. The majority of the guests, and the host, are fairly displeased with the Normal-only/single player-only implementation of D3?s potentially awesome Mercenary system.

    As you must have been expecting, this show is all about the newly-revealed DiabloWikiFollowers system. The first 45 minutes or so feature me talking with regular TPD guests DiablosMinion and Wolfpaq about the new system. Both of them were fans of mercs in D2 and were initially thrilled by the upgraded version of mercs in D3… until they learned more about it, when their excitement turned to disappointment as they realized D3’s followers system is purely for noobs in Normal, and will be of no use to more devoted players.

    Faced with that unfortunate consensus, I then spoke with a first-time TDP guest, The Eliminator, since he is actually a fan of D3’s Followers system, and I wanted to get both sides of the issue on the show. His segment begins around the 46 minute mark, and he likes the Followers system because he’s more into SP mode, and he intends to experiment with all the classes in normal before powering up to higher levels. In contrast, both Wolfpaq and DM planned to start out with MP chars on B.net and figured it might be months before they even played with a Follower.

    My take, after talking with these guys and reading about a thousand forum posts and main page comments made since Friday, is that people are judging the Followers system by their own interests and standards. (Yes, a shocking insight there.) Basically, people who plan to play mostly MP and who want to concentrate on the end game and high level play and perhaps some DiabloWikiMF, are annoyed that the Followers in D3 are useless for all those functions. Whereas people who didn’t like mercs in D2, or who like SP, or who aren’t intent on DiabloWikiend game grinding or MFing, are pleased with D3’s Followers, or are at least happy that the end game builds won’t be all about using mercs, as they so often were in D2.

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