Flux interviews Ryithos about his adventures in Cosplay. Crafting foam swords, getting onstage at Blizzcon, meeting his future wife, and going eight hours without peeing; it’s all in a day’s work!

    During the conversation Ryithos talks about his recent introduction into cosplay, what it’s like attending Blizzcon in costume, how he met (and later proposed to) his fiancee while they were cosplaying at Blizzcon, how they created their WD outfits last year, why they needed 6 hours of prep (body paint) before the show, what it’s like being backstage at Blizzcon, how the costume contest is judged, what it’s like playing the Blizzcon demo while in a WD costume with meter-long horns, why you must make sure to include a fly in your Paladin trousers, and much more.

    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cosplay at Blizzcon, and making costumes in general, is covered in this podcast. Check it out. You can stream it in the post, download the mp3, or listen/subscribe to TDP via iTunes.

    As Mario talks about in the podcast, it’s really hard to create a costume based on concept art that might be largely in shadow, boast impossible proportions, be constructed from unwieldy materials, etc, but I think they did an amazing job. As did the Blizzard artists who sought them out at the show to offer their congratulations.


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