The fifth episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. In this show I spoke with Neinball and Ilyak about last week’s big items news; no item binding in Diablo III, and some new and somewhat-confusing info from Bashiok about how DiabloWikiItem Sets will scale up and be craftable, to make them more useful throughout the life of your character.

    Will no-binding enliven trading, or doom an DiabloWikiend game DiabloWikieconomy already threatened by DiabloWikimudflation? Are there benefits to item binding forcing players to find their own gear instead of just buying/trading for it? Will the scaling and crafting implemented into the Item Set system work as designed? And can Neinball and Ilyak moo like mad cows? All these issues, and many more, are discussed in this week’s show.

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