This episode opens with half an hour of Flux discussing Blizzard’s social media marketing with Wolfpaq777 and DiablosMinion. Neither of the guests are very enthusiastic about the ongoing Facebook and Twitter approach Blizzard is taking. The second half of the show is all about the BlizzCon 2010 PvP Arena demo. Flux speaks with three fans, Exile, Dana, and Neinball, about what it was like to play the demo, which class they chose, if they played on a team, how successful they were, and much more.

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    The fourth episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online! In this one our focus on Blizzcon continues with a show all about last year’s Arena demo. As you heard on Monday’s show, I interview three show attendees, all of whom played numerous Arena games at Blizzcon 2010. Did they enjoy the Arena, were they fans of PvP in D2 or WoW, which characters did they play, did they win or lose (Exile’s team won big, as the image shows), and did the experience leave them craving more PvP in D3? Those and many more questions are answered, in the second segment of the show.

    To start with, I talk to DiablosMinion and Wolfpaq777 about the ongoing Diablo Facebook promotion, and the images it’s providing to the Diablo community. Neither of the guests are especially thrilled by the quality of the images, or even by the general concept of releasing old images showing stuff we’ve seen a million times before, instead of short videos, info about skill runes, or other more substantial offerings.

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