Ynzerg and Xanth join Flux for a conversation about the v1.08 patch, recent PTR testing, and other current Diablo 3 news. Plus, another bonus obscure item type quiz!

    Show program:

  • 0:00 — Intro and recent PTR testing (or not). Will the new game type tags work? Can we just get a return to D2-style game naming?
  • 6:15 — Single player and online-only D3 thoughts.
  • 9:05 — Recent play. Everyone’s still Hardcore, Ynzerg’s new Wizard and the weirdness of being a non-Barbarian (and thus almost dying sometimes).
  • 12:00 — Crafting gear costs vs. big price upgrades.
  • 18:00 — Why it’s impossible to go back to Softcore after playing Hardcore for a while. Also, is the Auction House mandatory for Hardcore success?
  • 23:55 — Monster density changes in v1.08. Will Act 2 will be the best farming ground in v1.08?
  • 38:30 — Possible nerfs to the duration of DiabloWikiArchon and DiabloWikiWrath of the Berserker. Given the state of the OPB, why do players waste time with other lesser classes?
  • 44:30 — Other v1.08 skill changes. Ray of Fail, Rapid Fire, etc.
  • 46:30 — Flux rants about the OPB of Inspiring Presence. (Slightly defused by skill unbuff announced earlier this week, after the podcast was recorded.)
  • 55:05 — Craft-o-matic in v1.08. The assembly line begins.
  • 1:00:50 — Boss battle notification coming in v1.08, and the return of the “guess that item type” game.
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