Flux is joined Exile to speculate on all things Diablo 3 expansion. Class and item makeovers, improved B.net features, new monsters, new game modes, Act Five’s setting, and more.

    Times and topics are approximate, as the flow of conversation twists and turns.

    • 0:00 — Intro and why it’s more fun to speculate about the future than talk about the present.
    • 3:00 — Improved multiplayer features. More exp/items in MP games? Raid-type content?
    • 8:20 — Better character customization and item system improvements.
    • 14:40 — Level design improvements. More randomness/variety in expansion/act 5?
    • 18:40 — Guest monsters? More monster variety and design?
    • 26:00 — Simplification of features in Diablo III. How does WoW retain more complexity and how can Diablo III add more depth?
    • 36:40 — New class in the expansion. Return of the Necromancer? Paladin? Other? Both?
    • 42:00 — Act five? Where? What? Difference?
    • 46:50 — A new Follower? Sparkle Panda suggestion!
    • 48:30 — New game modes. Tower defense, competitive PvM, bottomless dungeon, etc.
    • 54:00 — When will D3X be released? How did they make D2X with act 5, Druid, Assassin, all the new items and other features in just 12 months?
    • 55:00 — Farewell and thanks to Xanth, and welcome to ZappaFan. Plus new podcast guests wanted.

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