Flux is joined by Xanth and Exile to discuss about the imminent v1.05 patch, Monster Power, Magic Find changes, and more. Exile hasn’t played D3 in months, but says that v1.05 might pull him back in.

    Times and topics are approximate, as the flow of conversation twists and turns.

    • 0:00 — Xanth’s recent play, PTR testing, and why Exile has been living up to his name.
    • 3:30 — The first Paragon 100 Hardcore.
    • 7:00 — Monster Power function and general game changes and difficulty nerfs in recent DiabloWikipatches.
    • 14:20 — Why do all Blizzard’s acronyms now suck?
    • 17:15 — The joys of DiabloWikiMonster Power with a new character on MP10, and rushing new characters to 60 ASAP.
    • 25:20 — Diablo 3 improving every patch and gradually becoming what it should have been at launch?
    • 32:20 — Battle.net ghost town. Will Monster Power completely end the already unplayed public games?
    • 38:00 — Is it too late? Even when PvP comes out will there be any players left to care?
    • 41:20 — DiabloWikiParagon System + Monster Power = the end of DiabloWikiMagic Find from equipment?
    • 49:30 — Has the conversation and news about DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5 lured Exile back too Sanctuary from Pandaland?

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