The Diablo Podcast #81: v1.05 Soon and Returning Diablo Players

Flux is joined by Xanth and Exile to discuss about the imminent v1.05 patch, Monster Power, Magic Find changes, and more. Exile hasn’t played D3 in months, but says that v1.05 might pull him back in.

Times and topics are approximate, as the flow of conversation twists and turns.

  • 0:00 — Xanth’s recent play, PTR testing, and why Exile has been living up to his name.
  • 3:30 — The first Paragon 100 Hardcore.
  • 7:00 — Monster Power function and general game changes and difficulty nerfs in recent DiabloWikipatches.
  • 14:20 — Why do all Blizzard’s acronyms now suck?
  • 17:15 — The joys of DiabloWikiMonster Power with a new character on MP10, and rushing new characters to 60 ASAP.
  • 25:20 — Diablo 3 improving every patch and gradually becoming what it should have been at launch?
  • 32:20 — ghost town. Will Monster Power completely end the already unplayed public games?
  • 38:00 — Is it too late? Even when PvP comes out will there be any players left to care?
  • 41:20 — DiabloWikiParagon System + Monster Power = the end of DiabloWikiMagic Find from equipment?
  • 49:30 — Has the conversation and news about DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5 lured Exile back too Sanctuary from Pandaland?

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21 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #81: v1.05 Soon and Returning Diablo Players

  1. Why do people think the Diablo 3 population is dead? There are loads and loads of players – all polluting the Auction House. Have you posted a thread in the official Diablo 3 forum? It’s on page 2 by the time you refresh. Have you looked at the AH? There are loads and loads of new posted Legendary items every minute.

    Diablo 3 is not dead and far from it. Just because your group of pals are interested in TL2 doesn’t mean the entire world is. (Talking to people in general – not author).

  2. i will still play diablo 3 public games even though the mp is in. will make those games easier for me with my new found gear!

    playing with others is sometimes fun!

  3. “Have you posted a thread in the official Diablo 3 forum? It’s on page 2 by the time you refresh.”

    have you actually looked at the threads on the official Diablo 3 forums ?

    yeah, new threads get pushed to page 2 quickly, but that’s because the first page is full of complaints

    when I look at my friends list in D3, most of them are playing WoW

    and while there are 550 people in public games at all hours (even at 4 am here in new york city) I’m pretty sure its the same 500 people all the time

    I’ll usually log on at 1 am and play till 4 or 5 am and just run the same Acts 1 and 3 over and over and over and over

    it’s really boring, but I’m just killing time till PvP

    I’m not even sure the diablo3ladder interests me

    the quests and item find is just so boring, I really don’t want to level a new character

    pleas god let there be a “disable all cut scenes” in patch 1.05

    • Apparently you never got the memo. The number you see for public games is how many people are in non-full public games.

  4. pushing escape isn’t that hard, but i am not trying to be a dick. I just have no issue with pushing escape.

    • Its not only pushing escape though.

      Are you sure you want to skip this cutscene?
      Click ok.

      Now repeat that in every boss fight.

      • maybe i am just patient, click, enter, click enter. does not phase me.

        i have 5 toons on inferno dif. so i can say i have gone through it countless times.

        maybe make a suggestion on the forums.

        i rather them focus on other aspects of the game first though.

  5. I’d actually enjoy a no cut-scene option. Not only that, but pop-up messages as well, e.g., Spider-Cydae pop-up while I’m fighting can get annoying.

  6. can’t they make it so that paragon shares on all characters.. Just like they say it’s getting pointless to play on some other character

    • I agree. I have three level 60s. I’ve only really played one of them since Paragon was added. My current Paragon level is about 40 (it feels like I’ve been playing forever). My other characters just seem like n00bs in comparison. And even after I hit 100, I’ll still probably not the other characters, as there is no way I’ll want to do that horrid grind again.

      This is just me, though.

    • why should your freshly leveled toon get free benefits of paragon 100?

      barb: level 13 paragon
      Demon hunter: level 19 paragon
      WD: level 1…14? paragon
      Mage: level 1 or 2 paragon
      Monk : level 3 paragon

      I have zero issues leveling them individually.

      would be silly to give it free to your other toons. without putting the work into getting these bonuses.

  7. Here’s hoping this one makes it into the iTunes feed in less than a day. Last couple episodes took a couple days to become available.

  8. Good podcast, guys. I personally don’t care about PvP and wish that Blizzard introduces the ladder asap. The ladder would bring much more players to D3, stimulate AH trading a lot (in a ladder-only AH which is separate from the “normal” AH), and effectively counters item inflation. Every 6 months everything is flushed from the ladder into the “normal” realm (chars & AH items). It’s a clean and simple solution.

    Until this happens, I see only two alternatives: Play softcore with only self-found gear using max. MF & MP, or play hardcore incl. the non-RMAH at times. This however, cannot be in Blizzard’s interest. If they want a constant revenue stream from the AH, they should introduce the ladder with a separate ladder AH.

  9. What happened to the RSS podcast feed? When I click on, it just redirects here, and the feed is broken in my podcast app for quite some time now.

    Please provide a pure podcast feed again! Not everyone uses an iPhone…

  10. I ripped the youtube version and converted it to mp3 this morning before working. Always enjoy listening to the podcast while working. Only wish the podcast came more often.

  11. I’ll probably get flamed immediately for this here but just hear me out and, if my logic is flawed (happens a lot) I’d love a response.

    I haven’t played D3 since the day after paragon levels came out and I left the game (and this podcast) in a state of constant flux between the game being broken because it’s too easy and the game being broken because it’s too hard. I left not just Diablo but ARPGs in general.

    Then Torchlight 2 came out and, though I felt guilty for plunking down 20 bucks after the 60 for D3, I started playing and holy crap is it fun. I’m constantly changing out pieces of gear, leveling FEELS like leveling and once I build up enough class-specific loot in my shared stash, I switch over and play as another class until the same happens for a different class. Consequently, all four characters are 30+ and pretty much none of the complaints being presented in the Diablo community transition over.; it’s just fun as hell.

    Now, this is coming from someone who has been looking forward to D3 since the site went up in ’08: where did Diablo go wrong and am I crazy for starting to think that the gameplay that comes naturally in TL2 is what I was looking forward to in D3?

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