Neinball and Philter join Flux to discuss recent Diablo III news, including the v1.0.5 feature previews, Inferno nerfs, skill changes, item and economy issues, and Auction House problems and solutions.

    Times and topics listed below are merely a rough guideline, as the flow of conversation twists and turns.

  • 0:00 — Introductions, recent D3 play, and Torchlight 2 testing.
  • 8:30 — Paragon level 100 already achieved. Was the Paragon system rushed?
  • 16:05 — Banner rewards and armor dyes. Use? Ignore? Wut?
  • 19:45 — Inferno changes, difficulty nerfs, player skill nerfs, new players X system, Infernal Machine speculation.
  • 31:10 — Auction House issues. More item search improvements are needed. Why doesn’t the Auction House in WoW cause the same “grind for gold” gameplay issue that’s made Diablo III not-fun for many players? Would item binding would help the Diablo III economy? Were regular ladder resets the key to D2’s item economy remaining fun?
  • 52:30 — Crafting improvements and general economy issues.
  • 57:00 — Surprised at how many content upgrades we’ve already seen in the Diablo III patches? Final thoughts. Moo. Moo. Moo-ooo.
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