This episode covers a wide array of topics in v1.04 Diablo III, including the paragon level, item farming, jewelry hunting, a Res All hardcap, needed crafting improvements, coming feature changes, and much more.

    Flux is joined by JrMint, Azzure (briefly) and Xanth to talk about all sorts of issues created by the v1.04 patch. All the guests are playing a lot and enjoying the game much more than they did prior to the patch, but not everything is perfect just yet, so there’s plenty to discuss.

    Times and topics listed below are merely a guideline, as the flow of conversation twists and turns. Many, many topics come up that are not detailed below.

  • 0:00 — Intro chat and Azzure discusses his happy return to D3.
  • 3:00 — Items in v1.04. Seeking but not finding. Quality issues?
  • 9:00 — Item binding needed in D3 along with increased Legendary drop rates?
  • 11:30 — Are item level 55-59 Legendaries the most useless items in the game?
  • 18:10 — Speculation about upcoming game change features.
  • 24:45 — Xanth enters as Azzure leaves, and talks about his v1.04 Hardcore Inferno play.
  • 26:40 — Does the Paragon system encourage playing just one character forever? Should paragon levels share across all chars on your account?
  • 38:00 — Why is finding good rare jewelry so difficult?
  • 40:10 — Crafting improvements needed?
  • 49:45 — Would a hard cap for RES ALL improve item variety?
  • 56:50 — Xanth on hardcore inferno Witch Doctor improvements in v1.04
  • 60:50 — Xanth on the Monk in v1.04. No changes to encourage the class’ use.
  • 63:00 — Jay Wilson and the “F that loser” controversy.
  • 70:00 — Enjoying v1.04? Still playing? Curious to try new class/skills, or just boosting more in paragon levels?
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