The Diablo Podcast #78: Paragons, Items, and Farming

This episode covers a wide array of topics in v1.04 Diablo III, including the paragon level, item farming, jewelry hunting, a Res All hardcap, needed crafting improvements, coming feature changes, and much more.

Flux is joined by JrMint, Azzure (briefly) and Xanth to talk about all sorts of issues created by the v1.04 patch. All the guests are playing a lot and enjoying the game much more than they did prior to the patch, but not everything is perfect just yet, so there’s plenty to discuss.

Times and topics listed below are merely a guideline, as the flow of conversation twists and turns. Many, many topics come up that are not detailed below.

  • 0:00 — Intro chat and Azzure discusses his happy return to D3.
  • 3:00 — Items in v1.04. Seeking but not finding. Quality issues?
  • 9:00 — Item binding needed in D3 along with increased Legendary drop rates?
  • 11:30 — Are item level 55-59 Legendaries the most useless items in the game?
  • 18:10 — Speculation about upcoming game change features.
  • 24:45 — Xanth enters as Azzure leaves, and talks about his v1.04 Hardcore Inferno play.
  • 26:40 — Does the Paragon system encourage playing just one character forever? Should paragon levels share across all chars on your account?
  • 38:00 — Why is finding good rare jewelry so difficult?
  • 40:10 — Crafting improvements needed?
  • 49:45 — Would a hard cap for RES ALL improve item variety?
  • 56:50 — Xanth on hardcore inferno Witch Doctor improvements in v1.04
  • 60:50 — Xanth on the Monk in v1.04. No changes to encourage the class’ use.
  • 63:00 — Jay Wilson and the “F that loser” controversy.
  • 70:00 — Enjoying v1.04? Still playing? Curious to try new class/skills, or just boosting more in paragon levels?
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    1. Bind on equip is a terrible idea.

      So what you’re saying is that if we finally manage to find an upgrade, you want to punish the player who finds an upgrade such that you won’t even let him sell his old gear he’s replacing. Ugh – no more nerfs, please thanks.

    2. the game needs a item reset of some kind bro get over it

    3. I love the game, but man, that AH, what a mess.

    4. Its a good day, D3 Podcast!

    5. thanks again for another podcast! i always listen with great interest and pleasure.

    6. The Destructor quoted \the game needs a item reset of some kind bro get over it\.

      I disagree, and don’t call me bro. Also, don’t tell me to get over it. This is my opinion and you should be respectful of it. Stating a conclusion that we need an item reset without explaining why is a weak argument. Sorry bro, but we don’t need an item reset – get over it. (What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?) Some of us would like to resell our gear when we get upgrades.

      Bind on equip destroys the values of items that are hard fought for and earned, whether you spend money on them or not. It destroys the trading economy and when you find upgrades you can’t even share your previous gear with friends (even if you didn’t want to resell). The item then becomes worthless – even if it has decent stats that might be useful for someone else.

      Bind on equip wasn’t in Diablo 2 for good reason, and thankfully it’s not in Diablo 3. It’s probably the worst idea I’ve even heard of in fact. Way to destroy the trading economy for used gear. More over it punishes players who incrementally improve their gear – such as a player who moves up from a 1 million gold item to a 5 million gold item. That player now has a loss of the value of the old item. Why punish players in this way?

      The game does not need an item reset, the items are just fine. I’ve played Diablo 2 for years without item resets – and Diablo 2 NEVER had item resets. The ladder system was voluntary. The ladder system is far superior to \bind on equip\ because it allowed those who wanted an item reset to play in an environment with item resets every so often.

      If you have a decent argument for why this game needs an \item reset\, I’m all ears. But until you come up with a decent argument your opinion really isn’t worth much salt. You merely stated a conclusion that we need an item reset without explaining why. That my friend is a weak argument.

      I respect your opinion, it just doesn’t have much weight to it IMO. I believe my opinion is quite on the mark, and covers much of the issues that people would have by being punished with a bind on equip feature.

      I do have an alternative solution. Instead of bind on equip – you could make items that are equipped unable to be listed on the AH. That way you could still trade them for other items or give them to friends. The item would retain some inherent value and the player wouldn’t be punished by a draconian solution.

      Besides, as it stands – Blizzard would have to fix the right mouse button auto-equip feature before a bind on equip feature. It is far too easy to accidentally misclick while identifying items and accidentally equip an item.

      But I adamantly oppose bind on equip as an idea. It’s an idea borne of selfishness – that some people insist that the economy should be shaped exactly the way THEY want. And I don’t like selfishness. I like the economy as it is. I bought a game without a bind on equip feature – knowing that the Diablo economy never had such a feature. Bind on equip simply isn’t Diablo – period. You want bind on equip – go play Nodiatis or something. Every RPG I played – I was always able to resell used gear – INCLUDING Diablo. It’s an RPG tradition – and we should keep it.

      I want a game that is true to the Diablo franchise. Bind on equip is NOT true to the franchise. It is not true to the RPG tradition of resellable gear.

      The ladder season was Diablo 2’s far more eloquent solution to some people’s demands for an item reset. But remember the reason why they created the ladder in Diablo 2. Diablo 2’s economy was plagued by dupes – and people wanted to play in a dupe free environment. Diablo 3 has what appears to be very small amounts of duping. There is no reason to cry for an item reset in Diablo 3 because most of the items are legitimate. I enjoy playing in an environment with legitimate gear and a relatively dupe free economy. This game simply does not need an item reset yet. As long as Blizzard can keep Diablo 3’s economy relatively free of dupes, then we need no item reset. The economy is generally legit, bar a few exceptions. When that changes, they can always create Diablo 3 ladder.

      Now I await your counter argument. Good luck bro. 8)

    7. Capping res at 75% or even 80% will not remove the need for res all on items. Capping it any lower just means other forms of EHP become even more necessary for a melee toon, like ridiculous amounts of vit. Then every item would need vit to build a viable toon.

      There are right and wrong ways to balance a game. Instead of looking at the stats themselves, why not look at why people feel the need to stack res to ridiculous levels in the first place?

      Can’t see the forest for the trees, sheesh.

    8. “60:50 — Xanth on the Monk in v1.04. No changes to encourage the class’ use.” Basically. Nice podcast though.

    9. It’s very clear that something will neeed to be done with the itemization long term. As someone who plays completely self found with no buying or selling on the GAH (hardcore only), I can avoid the majority of the issues of instant gratification, lack of upgrades, etc. The only thing that hurts in the turning down of item drops.

      The nature of the AH means you have to control the flow of awesome items one way or the other. Nerfing drop rates is one way of doing it, bind on equip is another. But lowering drop rates hurts all players and diminishes the carrot portion of of the ole carrot and stick. While it’s true that bind on equip kills the residual value of an item once you upgrade, binding to the account ensures that you can reuse the item with alts down the road, which is nicer than binding to a single character. I personally think bind on equip makes sense from a lore perspective. The strongest items ever created attune themselves to the heroes that find them. Almost thinking of them as being so imbued with energy that they are sentient.

      A full item reset can’t happen since we have real money involved in the transactions now. Lawsuits aplenty.

      Another option is one they talked about on the podcast, which is continually making stronger items and stronger enemies on which to use the stronger items. This works in small doses, but at some point, the numbers get so preposterously large, they tend to lose meaning. It’s a fine line to balance.

      Unless you completely segregate the servers that house people who want to use the AH versus the ones that don’t and would rather have a more single player feel with their own set of drop rates, this will always be an issue.

    10. Diminishing returns are a lie, as far as effective hit points are concerned.

    11. I’ve been playing the Witch Doctor a lot more since 1.04 came out and I’m having a ton of fun. I’ve gone through about 4 different builds, and am still considering tweaks. Granted, the current one is basically the old “spam zombie bears” but without Vision Quest. And I also agree with the idea that now I want to play one class more often…my monk has languished-and I agree that 1.04 didn’t change anything for him. Heck, with Flux mentioning Locust Swarm, I may have to try that out some more, too!

      I’ve dabbled in hardcore (L38 monk) and I intend to play it more at some point, but the people I know who play the game all play standard, so that’s where I spend most of my time.

      I enjoyed 1.03, and am enjoying 1.04 even more!

    12. I actually like the keep. I do, however, HATE the tower leading up to Cyndea or wtvr that spider boss is called. Starting on Ghom quest, getting 5 stack then killing Ghom -> Azmodan is my run of choice, but it takes so long after siegebreaker to get to the next super boss.

      • Also, witch doctor is my main and I love locust swarm. I’ve tried the fire one that does more damage, but I find pestilence is just better overall.

        WD was my first 60, and it was in such a bad state then I had to stop playing it. The mana issues were just stupid and I was stuck using vision quest + zombie bears, or just poison dart and fire bomb. Now I can use spirit barrage, locust swarm, and plague of toads with spirit walk and both main summons, without any mana regen passives. I can’t say it’s a great spell, but I love how it works too much not to use it.

    13. An 800 dps 1h crossbow with 100% crit hit damage, a socket, and 900+ life on hit would definitely sell for a lot. It may even be able to roll life steal too. Throw in some dex and you’ve got an amazing weapon.

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