The Diablo Podcast #77: v1.0.4 First Week Play Test Reactions

Flux is joined by Muggs and Philter to discuss everything about the v1.0.4 patch after a week of play testing. Everyone is a big fan of most of the v1.04 changes, though there are still issues that can be improved, here and there. Topics include changes to the game on the whole, the Paragon system, improved (or not) item finding, changes to boss modifiers, easier multiplayer gaming, and specific changes to the Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, and Witch Doctor.

  • 0:00 — Intro and general v1.0.4 reactions.
  • 3:35 — Paragon levels discussion. Magic Find and very slow Paragon level progression. Is +exp gear needed? Should the devs reintroduce +experience from quests? How has v1.04 improved your item finds? Does the Paragon system make you want to play the same char all the time, instead of playing multiple level 60s?
  • 20:40 — Monster and boss changes. Is Diablo 3 too easy now?
  • 26:50 — Demon Hunter.
  • 30:10 — Wizard.
  • 33:20 — Barbarian.
  • 42:35 — Witch Doctor.
  • 57:55 — Monk.
  • 58:15 — Overall v1.0.4 patch change reactions, and final thoughts.
  • All the class discussion is based on first hand experience, and both guests have played a lot of Witch Doctor, plus that class got the most changes, so that’s the most thorough conversation. The Barbarian gets the second most chat since everyone has tested him out, while the poor Monk is excluded by the luck of the draw.

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    29 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #77: v1.0.4 First Week Play Test Reactions

    1. Paragon levels should last over two expansions, so not to max up to 100 with all 5 characters right now is not an issue. And when Act5 & 6 are in game those give much more exp.

    2. I don’t see a download link on the post. Would be much appreciated if I could download the pod instead of youtubing it.

      • Same here: Mp3-link would be appreciated, as my umts-connection is almost at it’s data limit.

        • I updated the post and now the link is showing. I don’t know why they keep not working when it first goes live; I uploaded the mp3 Monday night and it showed fine when I previewed the post then. And then I set the post to go live hours later one the YT video finished processing… and no mp3 shows.

    3. The slow paragon leveling / game to easy for some people issue is probably going to be fixed by implementing the /players 4 option – if the game is too easy you increase the difficult for yourself and the reward blizzard can implement is that you get xp faster.

    4. I think the character discussion was too heavily focused on how they haven’t changed the est build. The entire point of the changes were to allow people the *option* to use skills that are viable, though not the best, in Inferno. I think they’ve accomplished that in many cases.

      Fan of Knives is a perfect example. I play Demon Hunter and I never touched Fan of Knives before the patch. In the first 5 minutes of use, the new Fan of Knives was still stupid. Then I started trying to use it in a different way and discovered using it like a Discipline skill for the slow + damage changed the skill entirely. Is it as good as the other skills? No, but once I tuned my playstyle it became fairly effective (halve the cooldown Blizz!)

      I don’t think I’ve have more fun with my DH than vaulting into the middle of a mob, setting off a 20-yard Fan of Knives and having it crit. Everything just explodes. Give it a try and you’ll love seeing it.

      Chakram is still useless.

      I missed the change to Trail of Cinders, so many thanks for that. I’ll give it a try.

      By the time you’re hitting Paragon Level 50 wouldn’t you want to have something else to do without giving up all of your kill speed? You’ll appreciate the alternate skills once you get there. 🙂

    5. Couple of skill thoughts:

      I’m really enjoying Arcane Hydra. Worth trying imo.

      I’m really enjoying Bash (Punish) for a 24% damage buff after 3 hits. Doesn’t out-DPS Frenzy, but it gains a lot more fury than Frenzy. I think you guys are overvaluing Frenzy a bit.

      I also hear a lot of a complaint that I’ve commented on previously: That this patch doesn’t change the best build. The POINT wasn’t to make the newly improved skills BETTER than other skills, it was to make them as good or at least viable. If you had a working build you shouldn’t feel the “need” to change things! It just increases options for everyone.

    6. Whirlwind skill damage was buffed to make it better than fury generators. In general, they brought all fury spenders up to the level of sprint/tornadoes. The build remains the best at high levels because movement speed is so important to farming. If there were more monsters everywhere, the build would not be as dominant. When you have to walk a screen+ to find the next trash to kill and 5 screens to find a new elite, movement speed becomes the liniting factor.

        • Rush decided to stop the simulcasting on, so now all posts will be made directly on this site. But there are some technical issues ATM, as we’re migrating all the files to this server in the older posts. Hopefully resolved soon; I’ve got #78 to upload right now, as soon as we can get some bugs fixed.

        • Rush had to make some temporary changes in order to address some technical issues which he has now done. So normal service should have resumed. Thanks.

    7. D3 is still as boring as ever.

      Yes, I see more Rares drop, but the Rares are still all crap. Yes, I see higher DPS weapons on the AH, so someone is finding them, but again, I’m not finding them myself. Also, I still have never found a Set Item and my Legendary count is still sitting at 6; the quantity I managed to find prior to 1.0.4. 1.0.4 has done nothing to improve item drops. Trash is trash. Quantity of Trash is irrelevant.

      Yes, weaker skills were improved, but it has done nothing to change any of my builds, except my poor Demon Hunter which suffered the Caltrop/LoH nerf (or should I say gutting?). Also, nothing was done about the ridiculous, overpowered, complete-cheese Barb and Wizard builds. Nothing can compete with these. No one playing these classes (in Inferno) have switched to anything else. Yes, I see under-geared, new players playing these classes trying other builds, but they die to anything that looks their way and sooner or later these under-geared, new players will discover the OP-cheese, and will effortlessly free-spec switch.

      Yes, Champion Packs were made easier, but all that accomplished was allow people with player skill to move into the next Inferno Act with their current gear set. Nice if you were tired of the current scenery, but ultimately nothing has changed. Gear-check barriers still exist.

      In my opinion, the only good thing about 1.0.4 was the removal of the idiotic enrage timers and the full life regen of Champ Packs.

      • Ive got same impressions… I stop playing and cameback when I saw legendary changes and paragon system. Now after many hours of boring act 3 farming Im 14lvl paragon, got lots of ilvl 63’s but 3 of them were worth more than 1-2 mil, no sets, 1 crappy ilvl 60 legendary. Then I saw diagram at diablofans that shows how far you are in paragon progrssion and then I was shocked that my run 1-14lvl is less than 3% of exp needed to 100 and i started to doubt my decision to comeback…

        Dont get me wrong I still think 1.0.4 is a step in a right direction, but as Galtrovan said about drops ” Trash is trash. Quantity of Trash is irrelevant”, nothing have been done here, at least thats my observation after a lot of farming.

        Paragon also is not ideal, and should be fixed a little bit because getting 100 level on 5 chars looks kinda impossible. I dont know, maybe add exp% affix on blues and rares, maybe add exp shrines ect. something must be done imo, because right now all level fast but when you found out that from 59-60 you need to farm more than 1-20 then you will lose interest in farming paragon.

        • If the point of Paragon levels is to give you something to do, why should it be easy to get 5 characters to plvl 100?

          • There are plenty of ways to slowly dilute/diminish MF/GF impact/necessity to have on gear.

            It just happens that they pick the route where MF/GF is attached on the Paragon system. Just having a Paragon system attached won’t be as much motivation without additional carrot (MF/GF). It’s like buying Shampoo & Conditioner in one. Two birds ~ one stone.

            From looking at various responses of many flavors, it seems that those who have most positive reaction toward the changes introduced by recent 1.04 patch are those who were struggling prior the patch. Players like me who could already do well as far as “farming” concern see little to no significant improvement. Eventually those who struggled will reach the point where I am at. How long will it take? Will vary one person to another.

            When it comes to build varity or options…,
            Those who already did well pre-patch would’ve had their gear tuned in a way that provides most effective result when paired with certain build(s). So the build revamp introduced by the patch does not promote significant enough change to warrant build deviation for those who already did well prior patch. Impact magnitude will of course differ per class basis.

            I suspected that once the honey-moon period ends those who were looking for improvment, stick and go extra mile to find “that” improvements to justify continue staying will eventually come to the point where they have to face themselves honestly and ask whether they want to continue or stop.

            I am indifferent toward the change. The patch does not make me play extra nor cut down my play time. Besides the significant change on WD, I still use the build I previously been using, simply because my gear is already tuned to compliment and take advantage of certain build more effeciently. After few days my online friend list went back to being almost empty.

            One thing that worries me is that if I happen to like game state after Patch A introduced, I need to pray that outside factor (like other players preference) will not alter that good experience negatively in form of a different Patch. I see Diablo 3 experience as very volatile. Dev team does not have that long enough vision that work about the game that prevent drastic and frequent changes from happening when anticipating users’ reactions. In other words, the stability is not there. Something I expect to find from MMO, but if I were to evaluate Diablo 3 as MMO it is short in too many areas, so many it is hard to start.

        • There are exp-shrines in game, although I haven’t seen one since patch.

          @ Sentarius: Did you mean “to work for”? Because I’m doing the same thing I did before. But the Paragon-carrot is working for me – at least at the moment 😉 (Compare it to work: Your boss might give you a lot to do, but it’s the paycheck you’re working for ^^)

      • Completely agree with Galtrovan. I quit about a month before 1.04 was released. After playing about 10 hours post-patch, I’m bored again. Endless farming then and endless farming now. The carrot is a mirage in the desert of trash drops and boredom.

    8. Totally agree about witch doctor. Was also my first 60, and the mana system was horrible. I was stuck with either a mana-less build with firebomb and poison darts as your single target and aoe, because fire bomb almost cost as much as base regen, or the option of vision quest bear spam. Now pets are miles better and with the new mana regen I can go back to using locust swarm and even spirit barrage. My current build is thorns with toads, locust, spirit barrage, dogs, gargantuan, and spirit walk. It’s amazing now that I can actually cast high-mana costing spells.

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