Flux is joined by Muggs and Philter to discuss everything about the v1.0.4 patch after a week of play testing. Everyone is a big fan of most of the v1.04 changes, though there are still issues that can be improved, here and there. Topics include changes to the game on the whole, the Paragon system, improved (or not) item finding, changes to boss modifiers, easier multiplayer gaming, and specific changes to the Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, and Witch Doctor.

  • 0:00 — Intro and general v1.0.4 reactions.
  • 3:35 — Paragon levels discussion. Magic Find and very slow Paragon level progression. Is +exp gear needed? Should the devs reintroduce +experience from quests? How has v1.04 improved your item finds? Does the Paragon system make you want to play the same char all the time, instead of playing multiple level 60s?
  • 20:40 — Monster and boss changes. Is Diablo 3 too easy now?
  • 26:50 — Demon Hunter.
  • 30:10 — Wizard.
  • 33:20 — Barbarian.
  • 42:35 — Witch Doctor.
  • 57:55 — Monk.
  • 58:15 — Overall v1.0.4 patch change reactions, and final thoughts.
  • All the class discussion is based on first hand experience, and both guests have played a lot of Witch Doctor, plus that class got the most changes, so that’s the most thorough conversation. The Barbarian gets the second most chat since everyone has tested him out, while the poor Monk is excluded by the luck of the draw.

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