The Diablo Podcast #74: The Great Demon Hunter Discussion

Demon hunting is serious business.
Flux is joined by long time guest Wolfpaq and first time guest JrMint for a podcast focused (almost) entirely on the Demon Hunter. Both guests and the host have played the class extensively, and we cover every aspect of Diablo III’s pewpewpew expert. Pros and cons of the class, best and worst builds, discussion of almost every skill, favorite rune effects for various situations, passive skill choices, build options and variety, and brainstorming wish lists for ways to improve the class.

We tried to keep the show interesting for experts AND accessible for newcomers, so in addition to debates about the best Inferno builds and high end gear talk, it includes basic info about how the class works, explanations by the guests why they like the DH the best, what new DH players should keep in mind, and more.

Though we tried to explain things as we went, if you’re not super familiar with the DH you’ll probably benefit by referring to a full list of her skills and effects while you listen.

  • Demon Hunter skills.
  • Demon Hunter passives.
  • If you’re not a big fan of the DH, never fear. We’ll be covering all five classes in this level of detail on the podcast, with the Barbarian or Wizard coming up next week, and the others following soon after.

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    9 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #74: The Great Demon Hunter Discussion

    1. Good one, really liked it. Not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much if it would have been about a class that I haven’t played, but still. Was only complicated to follow the discussions around the skills because I had to look’em up.

    2. Did I just hear 3 different builds on L60 DHs? This makes a DH whose undergeared for NM Diablo (and getting his butt kicked) happy. Even if I never make it through to Inferno I love the idea that you can try some different builds and still have fun even into Hell. Thank you for this gentlemen.

      Going to go try some of those stun builds might be interesting for Diablo.

      • yeah, I mentioned on the show even that NM diablo gave my first DH fits. She was my highest level char at the time and all self found and my normal build was okay for act 4, but useless for Diablo. I ultimately had to go with dual xbows and the bolo shot rune that stuns, along with the stun from Impale, plus Caltrops.

        As I recall from my earlier DH days, it’s healing that’s a real problem, since the class doesn’t have many healing or regen skills that can equate to what other classes get. And you don’t get the Templar to help with the Diablo fight, which is most of your regen gone right there. Some gear with regen is very helpful, as is the heal rune in Preparation.

        Brooding, the passive that grants regen if you haven’t been hit for 3s, can be useful if you’re running from your duplicate during the shadow realm, but you’ll probably need to pair it with vault to avoid getting hit.

        • yeah I noticed you had said you had some trouble with NM Diablo as well. The stun bola shot with stun impale and stun lightning elemental arrow was awesome…not necessarily cheap…but it was much more comfortable.

          As far as passives, I’ve pretty much stuck with TA since I got it. Same with Steady Aim and Archery (just recently switched to SS). Going to try some others in the first act of Hell just to see how it all feels.

          I think the best thing for me in this podcast (other than hearing 3 level headed DHs talking) was that you guys instilled a desire for me to try some alternate ideas instead of just sticking to what has worked. My bar has not changed in so long its actually criminal I’ve only switched runes as I’ve leveled. It’s likely that I’ve never tried >50% of the skills. I got so caught in a) using what I had as if I couldnt change things out and b) spending so much time worrying about my gear that “doing it efficiently” that I’ve forgotten to just screw around (so to speak) and see what happens.

          So again thanks for this.

    3. I’m using Multishot a lot. With the rune that drops hatred cost to 20 and the hatred passive (+25 base & globes restore hatred) you can kill a big pack of mobs in 2-3 shots, pick up health globes to refill your hatred and move on to the next pack. Great for farming early inferno.

    4. I’ve been running a 2-handed Xbow build that makes heavy use of Cluster Arrow along with as much +Crit Dmg % gear as possible – up to about 230%). I regularly do crits of 90-120k in Act 1 and 2 Inferno. Only problem is that most Elites are more than capable of 1-shotting me despite having 35k hp. After playing a Barb for so long you really notice the difference their innate 30% DR makes.

      • I am enjoying your podcasts tremendously…keep it up!
        One Demon-Hunter skill you did not mention that I find very useful against dangerous bosses is Elemental Arrow runed with Screaming Skull….it seems you have around a 33% chance to cast fear, and it works on everyone…from Belial to Diablo! Nothing better than getting a deadly boss to turn tail and run the other way for 2-3 seconds…while you continue to deal massive fire damage…just spam this and have the enemy on a yo-yo until it dies!

    5. Im using the tank build, the funny thing about this is that i tank better than any barb/monk i know :-O Why it works so much better than other char´s is that i have sooo many ways 2 get small hits here and there, LoH becomes Imba :-O

      Feel free 2 add me if you wanna test my gear 🙂 (e-mail above)

      also, tankgear for a DH at inferno act 1-2 aint expensive.. you just gotta get used 2 the playstile 🙂

      Thanks for a great show, keep it up!

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