Demon hunting is serious business.

    Flux is joined by long time guest Wolfpaq and first time guest JrMint for a podcast focused (almost) entirely on the Demon Hunter. Both guests and the host have played the class extensively, and we cover every aspect of Diablo III’s pewpewpew expert. Pros and cons of the class, best and worst builds, discussion of almost every skill, favorite rune effects for various situations, passive skill choices, build options and variety, and brainstorming wish lists for ways to improve the class.

    We tried to keep the show interesting for experts AND accessible for newcomers, so in addition to debates about the best Inferno builds and high end gear talk, it includes basic info about how the class works, explanations by the guests why they like the DH the best, what new DH players should keep in mind, and more.

    Though we tried to explain things as we went, if you’re not super familiar with the DH you’ll probably benefit by referring to a full list of her skills and effects while you listen.

  • Demon Hunter skills.
  • Demon Hunter passives.
  • If you’re not a big fan of the DH, never fear. We’ll be covering all five classes in this level of detail on the podcast, with the Barbarian or Wizard coming up next week, and the others following soon after.

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