Flux is joined by Grug and The Eliminator to talk about their Diablo III experiences thus far. One guest is still really enjoying the game while the other… not so much.

    The original plan for this show was for Exile to talk about why he burned out on Inferno, while Eliminator talked about why he still enjoyed it. However, when Flux had to postpone the recording time and Exile couldn’t make it, Grug was able to step in on short notice. That guest substitution changed the show focus, since Grug played much less of the game before burning out. So much less that all of the usual “sick of the Inferno grind/lame end game item system” issues don’t apply to him.

    This change was probably for the good of the show though, since instead of another “why aren’t the uniques and set items better” debate that you’ve read in a dozen forum posts by now, the conversation focused on the pros and cons of other aspects of Diablo III, none of them specific to the end game. Topics include repeating content, level design, story, dialogue, expansion thoughts, the skill rune system, and what needs to be changed in patches to improve D3 and win back disenchanted fans like Grug.

    Apologies for the YT version on this one: I somehow managed to cut off about the first 10s of audio, so you don’t hear some of the set up and guest introductions, and I didn’t stretch the image properly so it’s a postage stamp. Video editing is not my area of expertise, but I shall check it more closely next time.

    The audio is fine on the mp3, if you want to hear what you missed in the opening seconds.

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