The Diablo Podcast #73: Quitting or Not?

Flux is joined by Grug and The Eliminator to talk about their Diablo III experiences thus far. One guest is still really enjoying the game while the other… not so much.

The original plan for this show was for Exile to talk about why he burned out on Inferno, while Eliminator talked about why he still enjoyed it. However, when Flux had to postpone the recording time and Exile couldn’t make it, Grug was able to step in on short notice. That guest substitution changed the show focus, since Grug played much less of the game before burning out. So much less that all of the usual “sick of the Inferno grind/lame end game item system” issues don’t apply to him.

This change was probably for the good of the show though, since instead of another “why aren’t the uniques and set items better” debate that you’ve read in a dozen forum posts by now, the conversation focused on the pros and cons of other aspects of Diablo III, none of them specific to the end game. Topics include repeating content, level design, story, dialogue, expansion thoughts, the skill rune system, and what needs to be changed in patches to improve D3 and win back disenchanted fans like Grug.

Apologies for the YT version on this one: I somehow managed to cut off about the first 10s of audio, so you don’t hear some of the set up and guest introductions, and I didn’t stretch the image properly so it’s a postage stamp. Video editing is not my area of expertise, but I shall check it more closely next time.

The audio is fine on the mp3, if you want to hear what you missed in the opening seconds.

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69 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #73: Quitting or Not?

  1. i can only laugh at the title. the fuckin drama, it burns. playing, can’t imagine how many more hundreds (thousands, really) of hours until i quit.

  2. Going to listen to this while working today, so thanks for posting!

    To answer the title, “or not”. Patch 1.04 is on the way (the wait is anxiety inducing, similar to waiting for D3 to release!), but I have IRL friends buying the game every week and that definitely keeps me playing. I would probably say that if I had a TL2 beta key I would play 3 hours of D3 for every 1 hour of TL2. No such luck right now. Not playing PoE beta, not playing anything else.

    Edit: So Grug maxed one character, has an alt at 27 and another alt at 15 (both normal mode), yet 2 main pillars of his argument are 1) leveling design choice and 2) obtaining skills is not rewarding. He also was questioning if there would be unfinished storylines that could carry through to an expansion…

    Perhaps he should get more than one character through normal before he lectures the community about game design… /facepalm

    • I’m 40 minutes in and struggling to finish the podcast.

      Feedback: I love the negative vs. positive structure. THAT SAID, next time you do this, please get somebody with a negative opinion of the game who has actually logged enough hours to comment intelligently. Eliminator did a great job of trying to reel the discussion back in-bounds (example: Grug wishing random quests would all be revealed in rapid succession, while simultaneously wishing the game had more long-term variety to keep him interested). Blizzard before Metzen? Seriously… I realize the point was to have Exile, but just delay the podcast next time.

      • Yeh… The negative guy didn’t even really play the game… I have all 5 classes to 60.. Leveling isn’t that hard or long..

        I think he just outgrew video games??

        Also the game is 1.03b… D2 is 1.13d – endgame apples and oranges

        • In fact 80% of the negative guys didn’t play the game.

          As such the pod cast is a good representation of what is really going on here.

          Session spoofing says hi !

          • 99% of the population didn’t even buy the game. Oh look, I can make numbers up too!

  3. Why do we never hear about elly/flux’s in-depth input of how they feel about the game?

    • I have put my comments on the game here and there in numerous podcasts and dozens of news posts, and have a few strategy-esque game articles coming up soon. I enjoy playing, though I share a lot of the community concerns, though I think a lot of the complaints are from players bringing the unfun on themselves with their play style choices.

      Don’t rush through the content, don’t just play one char in inferno, experiment with different classes, etc. It’s silly to just grind one char with the same build for hours a day and then act surprised when you get bored with it.

      Elly hasn’t been available for podcasts for a while, so I can’t speak for her opinions, but she’s playing when she can and enjoying it, AFAIK.

      • Flux. Your right. But your completely wrong for me, you said to try different characters, don’t grind inferno all day with a single hero… but I have found the game 20x more tedious and boring, every class I try ends in a flaming crash where I can’t STAND them and I never play them again, I have tried each class, some like the WD and wiz I have mad a hardcore counterpart aswell, I have literally turned the game off in frustration/boredem over 5-6 times with every new class I try. And it hasn’t changes since launch, I geniunely just can’t stand playing 4/5 classes in this game. Now the barb is the exception because I mained a barb through all d2, I played and had alot of fun playing necro’s sorc’s etc, but for the most part the barb was all I cared for, this followed into d3 like never before because I have been UNABLE to play other characters, what do I do? Get bored as hell endlessly grinding the butcher or literally stop playing the game out of complete boredom trying to spice it up with different classes? Because right now I haven’t touched d3 in 2 weeks and I have 0 reason to play at all until ether my friends will star playing again with me, or the game changes drastically. And even though the IAS patch didn’t effect me, it literally ended a lot of my friends play dead in its tracks and I find myself completely alone if/when I decide to play now.

        Also “Don’t rush through the content” I literally tip-toed through the whole first 2-3 playthroughs of this game, and at this point I have practically been unable to find anything new to spice up any aspect of content now, I have seen all the events, seen all the little things, experience every drop of content it had to offer… in about 3-4 weeks.

        • I agree SGLeroy. I didn’t rush the game or over-play it. How could I play this game for many hours or too intensively? I really wouldn’t want to the game is too poor. It’s not good enough to become burned out on, can’t even light it up.

      • man, thanks Flux! Finally some positivity. Completely agree with you, especially with “It’s silly to just grind one char with the same build for hours a day and then act surprised when you get bored with it.”

        • I hate playing every other character then the barb, I get bored off my ass using anyone else… so I guess once i finished getting burnt out on the barb im done. Yeah im kinda done.

  4. i agree with Grug

    last time i went from 0 – 60 i skipped act 2 on every difficulty because of the booring grind. I would probably skip more if it werent for the difficulty level cap

    I wish the game had some interesting shit like hero defence or just something that wont make me wanna skip the whole game

    i wonder how i would feel if there was only one difficulty

    • We’ve done those, often with listener assistance, when we do interviews with game devs and such. And sometimes when the podcast is about a big issue that I want to elaborate on in an article.

      But for regular conversation type podcasts, no. That’s kind of the point. It’s an audio medium based on conversation and meant to be listened to on your mp3 player or played in the background while you do other things.

  5. The mere thought of having to play through a character from 0-60 all the way to Inferno again, well… just too repetitive for me. I think I share some of Grug’s opinions here.

    I am probably becoming too for this. But at the same time, Diablo 3 is more boring than is should be, that’s for sure.

  6. What a waste of time, Grug is so uninformed. He can’t even keep the Act I quest line in order, yet complains about repetition. He never played any Hell/Inferno, and he even admitted he didn’t get characters through Hell in Diablo 2. What is this guy doing on the show? I feel sorry for Eliminator and Flux for having to endure his ignorant comments for an hour.

    • But that’s just it. All anyone hears about are the people who put 400 hours into the game and are bored now. No kidding you’re bored, you’ve done everything in the game already. Grug’s argument rings more true to me because he’s not bored with the game due to logging a ton of hours, he’s bored with the game because the low to mid level game is extremely boring. That’s about where I’m at. My level 54 Monk got to Act 2 Hell a few weeks ago but I haven’t had the desire to continue with him since I’ve seen all of this before.

      I decided to start an alt from each class (all between level 10-25) but it’s so monotonous. I find myself logging in for an hour tops and then logging out again. The wizard and DH are fun and all but the content itself is lacking. I’d love to play the end-game but the grind has lost it’s fun long before I even got there.

      • It’s quite obvious that Grug just doesn’t like Diablo-style games. His input had nothing to do with Diablo 3 specific problems, it was this way in Diablo 2 and Diablo 1 as well. If you’re bored with the repetitiveness on your second or third time through, then go play something else. Diablo has never been about constant new content.

        As Flux said on the podcast, the leveling before endgame in Diablo 3 is actually much improved over the Diablo 2, since you can actually use and experiment with skills instead of point hording.

        • “the leveling before endgame in Diablo 3 is actually much improved over the Diablo 2”

          matter of opinion

          my opinion is that D3’s leveling provides no replayability; once you get one class to lvl 60 there is no reason to ever level the same class again

          when Blizz first announced no skill points and free specs, I thought it was the best idea ever, but now that I’ve played, I don’t think it works too well

          leveling a class is boring; I discovered that I actually like stopping and taking time to decide where to spend skill and stat points (yes, even though most of the time you’re just following a recipe for the build it was still fun)

        • Well, I’ve played D2 single player since a year or so after release and continue to play. I’m certainly not a power-gamer, I’ve only had a couple of characters reach Hell, most of my time has been spent leveling up different build variants and trying different play styles (and going through months here and there when I don’t play for various non-Diablo reasons). I always had a blast and still do. I never found the D2 low-mid game to be boring.

        • You can hear on the show that Elim and me had basically that same WTF reaction, when Grug described his play experience. We didn’t want to gang up on him on the show and tell him he was wrong, but I did have a lot of, “what did you expect from a Diablo game?” to his complaints.

          That said, they were his reactions and he was hugely anticipating D3 and wanted to like it, so I don’t think he was just trolling or being a drama queen. And he described a lot of his dissatisfactions clearly enough, and I’m sure those apply to a lot of casual Diablo players who don’t make forum posts when they quit.

          But those are certainly not my feelings or reactions to the game.

          • I had a lot of similar feelings as Grug towards the game. I also quit before Inferno (I have a level 54ish barb halfway through Hell) and I have no desire to continue because the game is so monotonous.

            D2 at least had randomized areas, overland and in the dungeons, not to mention that the dungeons grow larger each difficulty level. Point being there was something that was “new” each time you replayed it for the difficulty levels, not to mention every time you replayed it for simple relevelling of alts.

            D3 has large, predictable tiles in it’s dungeons, as well as an overworld that is essentially static. You say that people just ran around the edges to look for the exit, but again, that’s not what I did. I did full clears, every time I played. I liked seeing the randomized content, both within the levels as well as the overall layout.

            I was expecting the team to take one of the major aspects of the Diablo series that it had over all other challengers (it’s randomness) and make it leaps and bounds better. Instead the developers made the game more linear and story driven, just like all of D2’s copier-“killers” and it has suffered for it.

            I was hoping when the developers said that they wanted to encourage exploring every nook and cranny to find secrets and to mean that they were actually going to emphasize “exploring”, that you didn’t know where to go. Instead we get mini-map driven quests and a static map to show us where to go.

            This was a big part of me not wanting to play. On top of that there was the lack of item variety (both in affixes as well as types), lack of depth to the item system (both crafting and in general), the lack of monster variety, as you progress in the game, as well as in each subsequent act, the lack of new and interesting events, the lack of character progression and depth in character growth, the lack of interesting gameplay even, The monster affixes are such that they are a complete walk in the park, or they trounce you. There is no “challenge” in them. There is no “skill” involved in how you play the game. It’s not like you can dodge or block hits, like any good action game will let you do. Instead you just have numbers, and those numbers tell you whether you get hit or not.

            Inferno farmning just doesn’t look appealing. I get to try and farm items to progress through an unbelievably terrible story just to farm items more? Yay? I was hoping that Blizzard would be able to add depth to the game, but instead, they stripped all semblance of “thought process” out of the game.

            Why should a player need to level up to “end game” just to get to the “fun” parts? Why isn’t the game fun all the way through? Diablo 2 did not have an endgame, and yet people still played it for 12 years, because it was fun to play, and replay. The developers should have actually studied other arpgs (including their predecessor’s one) and maybe they would have learned a thing or two. They launched D3 as a “Diablo-killer” not even understanding what made Diablo fun in the first place, which is why Diablo 3 feels like a bland game, where people are “looking for” the fun rather than just playing the game and “having fun”.

  7. I already stopped playing. Waiting for Guild Wars 2, looks like a good version of WoW and I liked WoW – without any monthly fees. For me Diablo III was a fail-buy, sadly.

  8. Diablo 3 is a raw diamond, much more than Diablo 2 plus LoD ever were. The core problem is the item economy. Blizzard cannot fail here, and therefore they had no alternative than to test this in the live version, with the auction houses. After a half year or so, they have a much better idea how the final touches have to look like.

  9. After 200 hours and beating inferno I switched back to playing SCII, anyone who can play this mediocre game for “hundreds of thousands” of hours needs to accept the fact that the game isn’t great. I think we were all in that phase of telling ourselves it was a great game for the first month or two. And then, we came to the realization the game sacrificed quality for RMAH. Now I’m sure someone will say, “Then why are you posting”. Well, I just wanted to stay up to date on D3 news to see if they’ll ever fix issues.

    • Now all of the fan boys brainwashed by Blizzard can tell me how great the game is. The game’s a shit sandwich and it’s surprising how many people can say it’s tastes good.

      • Exactly. I ended up not buying this pos, I have waited couple of years for it so I decided to wait and Im glad I saved 60 bucks now.

        Ive been following this site for a year now, so dont tell me not to bother posting and FOFF.

  10. I’m losing respect for this site rapidly… You invite a freaking noob to podcast “I was 49lvl Witch Doctor, and I didnt even finish nightmare and I stoped playing becasue game sux”. So please if your doing serious podcast about lack of endgame ect. Get a person that at least beat Inferno or spend 100h in this game not 20.

    I got 500h+, done sc inferno on 2 chars out of 5, Im afraid to touch act 3 HC with my barb, and I really enjoy the game still. I’m just sick and tired of spoiled kid in gaming community and sadly they are in majority.

    • But the game doesn’t get better in Hell+, on the contrary, it gets more boring and more frustrating and more linear in what builds work and what don’t, Grug just correctly anticipated this. The game is crap and some people have no taste at all and like to eat crap.

  11. Yea the game isnt perfect. It can be much more. I play mainly hardcore and only set foot in inferno for a few hours. The releveling for me still doesnt get old but the grind to 60 is abit boring. Working on my 8th champion now. Also leveli.g some softcore but still stuck there at 51. Hardcore is more rewarding for me personnally. I can understand for the peole that arnt so much in the genre this game loses value fast. See inferno once… Level all classes till the last cool skill or rune and you can be done. I hope they add something extra to do or obtain between 1 and 60. The idea of some more lower level set items like d2 is a nice option for the average itemhunter but i doubt it will be enough for the average player. All in all a lot can be changed for the better. A lot can be added. For me personally this game will still keep me entertained for a long long time like d2 en wow did. And that for only 50 bugs! I payed more for other games that were ok but never gave me the same time played. I guess if you complain that its shit and what not already the game is just not it for you and you outgrew the diablo genre. Taste differs. I accept people dislike there purchase but negative comment can also be constructive you know πŸ˜‰

  12. After reaching level 60, the early game feels like a waste. Drops are totally worthless before act 3 hell. Quest rewards are useless at end game.

    Early game can be fun by buying ridiculous gear to play crazy builds. But at inferno, viable builds are limited because the elites can deal so much damage so easily to both melee and ranged.

  13. Reading the incessant bitching is getting really fucking annoying. I can only imagine how awful the bnet forums must be. Time for me to switch to mainly reading the news blurbs and playing the game. Happier camper that way. Later folks. See you in game, and for the rest, hopefully never see or hear you again. πŸ˜›

    • There’s a small handful of people left who think everyone else is just crazy and that this game is actually really good. You are in said handful. What you see in this game, I don’t know. It has no depth, it has no replay value, it doesn’t even have the Diablo atmosphere. Maybe you just like pay to win.

      • Your right and wrong, this game has serious problems, problems that blizzard is planning on fixing and giving the game that “I want the next big rare drop” but right now I feel like the game is in an experimental phase where they haven’t hit where they need to, in terms of replay value right now your right, the games a slow grind that never ends, and is extremely tedious to subject yourself to. In terms of depth… yeah you just kill shit and get items this game has 0 way for a complete casual to appear differently to the most hardcore of hardcore, and atmosphere… iffy, the game delivers in alot of areas but it really doesn’t ever make you scared. and thats the key here, knowan actually gets scared to play diablo but the dark mood and the chilling visuals are supposed to give you the feeling that shit is serious and your in a dark place where you can get ripped apart. Diablo 3 doesn’t do this as effectively as its previous games.

  14. Your first lvl 60 should have plenty of awe factor because it will be your first lvl 60. I don’t think Grug had the end goal in mind. Sounds like he didn’t set mini goals to finish the main goal of getting to endgame. Certainly doesn’t help he picked the most boring lvler (my first 60 was wd too and it’s hella boring until zombie bears). I’m working on my last <60 toon and the worst part is the item drops. Yes I can always twink my toons with my other high characters, but it's just not exciting lvling my toons and not even finding 1 rare between 2-3 acts. The early stuff can definitely use some love.

  15. I agree it can be annoying to start from the beginning of the whole boss fight when you die, especially when you are about to kill the boss and you die. It would also be cool if you actually got good items from them, especially before you hit 60 and have nv. Getting 3 blues from an act boss is never satisfying especially after a crafted/”epic” boss battle.

  16. It’s annoying that I have to spend 2-3days now to get to lvl60, after my lvl60 geared wizzard died on HC (wallers walled me with nice triangle wall and fire chained me, all could do was watch powerless).

    Not to mention friend can’t loot my gear off my corpse, so all thath gold/time bam gone… And then you add all this boring story forcing crap, loong lvling, uninteresting items, broken boss modifiers, and other boring/stupid things and you ask your self, do this again?

    No ty.

    In D2 I died alot, and took me 1 afternoon to get back to action and hunt items, here can’t do that… so so so beh. SC is just something I can’t eaven start playing cause of nature of it and then add broken economy. And you get utter crap.

    No patch will save this game. it need complete overhaul, make it more D2 and less modern (EASY, PLAIN, SIMPLISTIC).

  17. As mentioned, there are no skill trees.

    Why not create ‘skill trees’ but not require any of the skills to be ‘known’ in order to progress. This would allow the same idea of ‘plus skill tree’ affix without really adding the tree.

  18. Of course I don’t listen to these pod casts anymore.

    Seriously as some said’ this game is hated by this site and they even promote someone to talk about the end game who never finished Nightmare.

    Hey dudes, that is the same thing as talking about pvp balance in Wow With a 1300 Arena personal rating…

    Actually most Diablo 3 haters never even bought the game.

    So without knowing it, the pod cast was a good illustration of what really is going on right there on infested troll forums.

    Noobs telling 400 hour long players how the game works … Because they read forum posts…


    Session spoofing says hi !

    This site is in a terrible state of mind.

    Diablo 3 got 88% on average on the web. Yeah, all these professional reviews were wrong and bribed, we know …

    Pull the plug will you because no serious fans of this EXCELLENT Blizzard game wants to listen to children with male voices.

    • I’ve never responded to you before, just observed really but oh boy do you ever read what you write before hitting submit? Seriously, I mean just, wow.

      they even promote someone to talk about the end game who never finished Nightmare.

      There are lots of people who quit at that point (or even before). Hearing why isn’t in itself a bad thing. Disagree with him by all means. Doesn’t make you right. Doesn’t make him right.

      this game is hated by this site. This site is in a terrible state of mind.

      We are playing the game nearly daily, as you know. You’d have to be pretty lacking to continue playing a game you hated, or even going to a site that covers a game you hate. That would be like visiting a site multiple times a day that has nothing to offer you. Wouldn’t that be silly. As I say, lacking.

      Pull the plug will you because no serious fans of this EXCELLENT Blizzard game wants to listen to children with male voices.

      The word you’re looking for is ‘boys’.

    • Thrall is a mega troll and sock puppeter who posts the exact same fanboy nonsense from numerous different user names, and I’m always shocked when I look at his IP and it doesn’t redirect back to Irvine, California. I feel stupid when I skim over one of his predictable diatribes, and stupider when I actually want to reply to the logical fallacies and inaccuracies that comprise them.

      That said, his argument in this one is even weaker than usual, because the previous podcast, posted 4 whole days ago, featured 2 players (plus the host) with hundreds of hours played, all of whom enjoy D3, play extensively in Inferno, and clearly want and expect the game to get better in upcoming patches. As will be the one I’m set to record this weekend.

      • You know something is terribly wrong when a fan of Diablo 3 who likes to play it is called a troll.

        I am pointing out obivious FACTS about this site.

        The fact you mentioned in EARLIER articles session spoofing going on, you mentioned dupes going on, hex coding and guess what ??? where is the P R O O F ?

        As to your Bobby Bucks…you keep mentioning: Blizzard is still very much its OWN Identity.

        I give a 1000 dollars to anyone showing me a real game box of a Blizzard product with Activision mentioned on it. Do not bother: you won’t find it because Blizzard publishes its own games (even the card game and other products don’t mention Activision).

        Apparently you still don’t know Blizzard is the publisher of their own games. No one else.

        So Bobby Bucks, session spoofing, … quitting mentioning monitor and pod cast site owner, calling me a troll doesn’t solve any issues does it ?

        So where are the CONSTRUCTIVE posts and links on this site.

        I can find them everywhere else, why not on this site ?

        It sure doesn’t surprise me you were on the black list of Blizzard a few years ago (that was even WITH Blizzard North btw).

        Being the owner of a fan base makes it pretty bad you call me a troll as I always used decent arguments and pointing out some obvious facts about this site.

        • If you hate this site so much why do you bother reading? You said they should “pull the plug”, wouldn’t it be easier just to stop visiting? I don’t like food in some restaurants, yet I don’t want demolish them, I stop going there. You can’t control the world, get over it.

        • How is it that whenever someone writes FACT instead of fact it’s inevitably not a fact at all?

          ps game sucks πŸ˜‰

    • I am still here because of the people working on this site, I just always liked them.

      I am not playing Diablo 3 anymore. Aside from that, I am a console gamer.

      So I will probably play it again in the expansion or when they fix many many things of the game -the lackluster story compared to the great one told in Diablo 2 cinematics and many other details can’t be fixed, but anyways…-

      • This site should be for active players of the game who actually enjoy it.

        Not for some whiners who are using “many many many ” undefined things to clutter it. Your “many many many” things are not my problem because they are undefined, unclear and for the most part not even consistent. On line only, security, session spoofing, hex coding garbage aside, those things are already a thing of the PAST, mostly based on invented garbage out there, but still promoted as “truth because I heard it on the internet on this site.

        So OR you follow the game OR you just quit and stop telling about undefined “many many many” things that could mean that you don’t like Jay Wilson at all or that Diablo 3 is not a full fledged MMO or that the end game was just too hard.

        But apparently such visitors do matter for publicity sake of this site.

        In fact the whiners take precedence because a site which attracts haters have more visitors. Ask They specialise in hate.

        And look where they brought this industry: on a garbage level player wise.

        Diablo 3 got 88% average on serious game reviews all over the place.

        Yeah they all were bribed. (LOL)

        • Don’t you see that you’re the whiner here you idiot?
          I visit this site because i have much respect for Flux and i like to hear what some people have to say about the game here. I also secretly hope this site won’t die together with Diablo 3.
          Why the fuck are you here? To whine and bitch about people you disagree with.

  19. This was my favourite podcast. The problems with the troping “characters” and being locked into story mode affect everyone, regardless of hours played, and needed addressing.

    Suppose Grug was wrong about everything. Well, that list of 10ish issues Flux mentioned actually goes on to at least 50. Many of these are preventable blunders. Not sure why people want the site to be more like Fox News.

  20. I have like a love hate for the game now. I love the franchise as a whole but hated the way they did the art style, itemization and auction houses. Still playing though and hoping for major improvements.

  21. I’m surprised and pleased at the debate being sent back and forth in the comments. I do think it’s unfortunate that I am labeled a “Noob” because I haven’t reached Inferno. Is it really so different than the rest of the game? Do the 60 hours I’ve played count for nothing? If I don’t understand the true Diablo experience, than what have I been doing for all that time? Is it impossible to get the true D3 experience outside of inferno? If that’s true, why do the other difficulties exist?

    • I agree with everything you said in the podcast.

      I find the game is really boring and completely lacks creativity. It feels like a game made by people who are technically gifted, but have no creativity, imagination or originality. All the content is so one dimensional.

      I was bored on my very first playthrough, but still carried on playing because im an achievement whore and have 5 level 60 characters (one of each class) and a level 54 hardcore WD (still alive).

      And inferno is in my opinion even more of a boring grind than the rest of the game, so you are not missing much. All my friends who reached inferno have stopped playing.

    • If anything, the game actually gets worse as the difficulty levels increase, culminating with a very subpar attempt at an end game with Inferno. Your character, which felt awesomely OP in Normal, continues to get progressively weaker until reaching the brick wall of a gear-check that is Inferno. At this point, it’s pretty much expected of you to go to the AH and purchase All Res/Vit/Mainstat gear in order to progress through the same shit you’ve already done three times. You haven’t missed much.

    • I’ve been playing the game since a couple weeks after it came out with some friends, and I have to say I agree with much of what you said as well. Right now it’s in the category of “well, I have an old friend out of town that it gives me something to do with, so it’s ok for now but not fantastic” category. My first character was a demon hunter, and used basically the same abilities from ~20 to the end since so many of that class’s abilities are just utterly useless fluff. I quit that character a bit before they nerfed nether tentacles, and I think if I went back to it at all now I probably wouldn’t even use anything that uses hatred – kind of screams bad design IMO.

      So I screwed around with the other classes a bit, finally got a wizard through normal and discovered a silly melee build for it that’s kept me entertained for a while. Thing is, though, that I’m sure that this build was totally unintentional on the part of the developers and so likely will be destroyed at some point in the name of “balance.” And once that happens, there will be no reason for me to continue playing since all of the “intended” builds are ridiculously boring.

      This all gets to what I believe is the core fundamental flaw that makes this game somewhat enjoyable but totally lacking in that “wow” factor that would make it really satisfying. Rather than providing an interesting toolbox, interesting loot, and interesting enemies, the developers chose instead to force all the classes into little boxes, with no loot that could alter the shape of those boxes. You play the game exactly how they intended, or they make sure to destroy whatever it was that you discovered that made it different from that. One should never fear that a heavy-handed patch will change a game and eliminate something that made it fun.

  22. I literally have nothing to do and I can’t find a reason to play D3 right now. I literally have 0 motivation to continue playing as all my friends have dropped the game completely, and theres not really anything to do except endlessly run the same content until im rewarded, and if im not lucky and im not getting rewarded and I can’t make any headway to improving my character its becomes a very slow grind that really starts to sink into me “Why keep playing? I have almost 0 social interaction when I play random lobby’s online, every person I try to connect with ends up ending when I leave the lobby, I do not feel like straining and going the extra mile to force interactions with people, im not making any progression I keep running through the exact same content hearing the same phrases, seeing the same animations, pressing the same buttons over and over and over… and I feel almost completely alone.” Thats my play experience, I try to keep social and I try to get involved with the people I play with but its just not going anywhere for me and I have found myself unable to even open the game for about 2+ weeks now, this comming from a long time D2 addict who played the game from the moment I got it to about a month before D3 came out.

    Idn maybe its cause I just main the barb? I find every other class extremely uninteresting (not because barbs over the top gameplay, but because I enjoy the character, I enjoy what he says, how he looks, what his attacks are, not just the effects and explosions) I used to love sorceress, having a wizard as my closest secondary at level 44, I have made every class up to around 20-30 and have found it extremely tedious and each moment playing as them feeling bored, wanting the next spell to be interesting and getting disappointed, literally all I think of when I play another class is how much I would rather use the barb, how much more I love the barb, but I eventually hit the wall for my barb where im literally in an endless grind, I can solo the butcher pre-nerf in a 4 man lobby but I can’t even get through the last half of act2, and I just… I can’t keep playing, and I haven’t kept playing. The games just burning me out for a game thats been in production this long you think I would atleast be able to enjoy most of its content but I find myself only interested in a fraction of the games content and the rest is basically killing me to play.

  23. I have a lvl60 monk that had act2 viable gear, my brother has a DH along the same lines. I stopped playing a few weeks after release. My brother stopped last week. A majority of my friends have stopped playing as well I still lurk because I always have, I was checking up on the site every few months before the release of D3.

    I think what burned me out in the end is a combination of lots of little factors. Perhaps I’m past the grinding game and I can’t play another loot hunt like Diablo again. Not being able to try out builds or customize your character is annoying. Diablo 3’s style of “you can change skills on the fly” had the opposite effect on me. In D2 I tried out lots of builds with many sets of items, in D3 I feel pigeon-holed into a specific build for my monk since it performs better in Inferno and there’s no incentive to roll another monk.

    Always online is and has always been an annoyance for me, everytime I experience rubber-banding or a slighty delay I cringe and think “wouldn’t have happened in single play”. I think drops and loot are getting sorted but man it was horrible in the first few weeks. After the initial rush nothing sold from ilvl61-62 and even ilvl 63s only sold for anything if they had good stats. And the prices just kept climbing and climbing. Is there anything besides the fee on the AH and repair that removes gold from the economy?

    About the time I started playing less the repair cost increase “fix” was released. And suddenly I felt like a lab rat trying to keep up with the increasing speed of the wheel I’m put inside. I was farming act1 with my monk (in high GF/MF gear) and I felt this pressure of repair money nipping at my heels as I waited for big gulps of gold to drop or some good rare that would sell for more than 50k (since magical items from act1 were useless) because I knew going back to town I’d need it for repairs. Even worse if I had an unlucky draw and chanced on a “impossible to kill” champion pack.

    Speaking of which, I am amazed people stand for the idea of “impossible to kill” champion packs and the developers actually defend it. Unless you vastly out-gear them, a combination of arcane+waller+plagued+shielding is going to destroy any melee. Sure you can pick up a “teleport over there” skill to manage the situation, but a-you lose your nephalem valor, b-if you already had picked the skill, then you were running around with a less than optimal skill in one slot and were less efficient overall anyway.

    So, there’s my opinion/rant on the state of the game when I stopped playing. I’m still planning to check from time to time to see if changes have made things better.

  24. “I’m going to dig up your dead mother and skull f### her” -Diablo … lol thank you flux, that was epic πŸ™‚

  25. Fanboys are amusing…
    “What? You played only 40 hours? How the F*** you know the game is bad? You have no right to express your opinion until 150 Hour mark!”
    “You played 200 hours? Why the hell did you do that, if you don’t enjoy the game? If you don’t like it, just uninstall and leave us alone!”

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t at it’s finest…

  26. The funny thing was that grugg was right even though he hadnt played thru the whole game while the other two ones had. The argument that you have so many skills to choose from and that you have to be “smart” and make viable strategic build to be able to play inferno is not true. The truth is that there is only 1 build that works and alot of skills are worthless.

  27. yea and “The Eliminator” should not be invited to talk about d3 end game. He doesn’t understand the game. End game now is about finding items, finding items is done by valor stacks, valor stacks are kept by not changing skills. I do not think “the eliminator” understands this when he talkes about how amazing it is to change skills and try out different builds…

    • I wasn’t talking about Inferno when I was talking about how I like to change up skills all the time. I was talking about as you go from lvl 1-60. I fully understand that when you are in inferno (or just loot farming anywhere) that you pick a skill set and stick with it for that play session. That doesn’t mean you have to stay with the same skills from play session to play session. Once I get Valor I don’t change skills till I next log in.

  28. Anyone who says the story is “OK” must surely be trolling.. Its shit. Also – it took 10yrs for D3 to be made. Stop comparing D3 to D2 and the fact that D2 had to reach patch 1.13d for it to be awesome. 10 years in the making should put D3 at least on par with 1.13d there is no excuse as to how bad D3 is. -.-

    edit: TheEliminator just sounds like a typical Blizz fanboy..

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