The Diablo Podcast #72: Inferno Prescriptions

Flux talks all things Inferno with long time podcast guest Wolfpaq and first time guest Muggs. Both guests have extensive experience with Diablo III’s end game and enjoy it, though they’ve each got a list of features that could/should/need to be improved and upgraded.

Inferno-related topics include what’s good about the end game, issues with the end game items, D3’s “never level again” experience curve, the Auction House as a blessing/curse/necessity, fast games with Nephalem Valor stacks, pros and cons of the crafting system, nostalgia (or not) for customizable runestones, and much more.

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20 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #72: Inferno Prescriptions

    • I accidentally set this post live before I meant to, while YT was still processing the video. But soon…

  1. “sometimes you just can’t do anything, you get feared into frozen and then the arcane beams spawn.” Thats just bullshit. I have 5 level 60 hardcore characters (all classes) and I do A1 + A2 on all of them. I always managed to avoid this situation (I don’t skip packs). You just need to make sure you have some cards ready to play in these situations 🙂

    • Tell me that in act3 and 4 where you can’t kill a pack instantly or your “cards” are on CD and you get chain frozened or feared. It is not impossible but I have seen many a time where I was chain CCed and just watched my barb die.

  2. Besides making ‘random events’ valuable to do post-level 60, I would also like to see more incentives for ‘multiple kills’ and ‘mass destruction’ of destructibles.
    These things were so much fun pre-level 60, but give no rewards post level 60.

    • Good point, and this seems like another way the devs didn’t really think about the end game in advance. Maybe the bigger destruction bonuses could give you some chance of a random rare dropping, to spice them up? It would have to be a level appropriate one to keep people from going to lower difficulties and getting 500 count mighty blows.

      • Or maybe other kinds of buffs to speed, damage, or both for a short amount of time. It would be great to gain some kind of benefit from these. The buff amount reward could scale with the number or multiple kills or damage done at one time. More kills or damage at one time = a bigger damage or other kind of buff.
        I’m not sure if we’d want it to stack, but that actually might be fun and encourage players to race from one pack to another.

  3. I thought 1.04 was just gonna be a class balance patch. Is it gonna be more than that? I don’t remember reading anywhere that they said it was gonna be more than that.

  4. Come on…. 14 year old people crying about the game? Joke right?

    When i was 10 I was playing D1 / D2 I felt like I was playing a ‘mature’ game, now in my 20’s I expected a sequel to the diablo series. Instead we got a ‘kiddy’ game.

    • then your sense of what is mature is freaking twisted.

      D3 is much darker than D1/D2. (i’m not talking about colors or screen brightness) It has way more gore and there are a few elements that I felt were awesomely gross. The stuff in Leoric’s halls of pain are pretty killer. Then other things like zombies munching on bodies, worms being sliced in half, monsters exploding in a spray of blood, etc. I also love the fact that if you engage some zombies near a body and run away, they’ll go back to eating.

      D1 had what? 1 room full of dead bodies, a splayed kid on an altar, and??? The only thing I can think of in D2 was bodies on spikes but those were pretty tame.

      granted, a 14 year old should be able to handle this game fine. But I would never recommend it to a 10 year old.

  5. Gear progression is like WoW ?
    Are you kidding ?

    There is a BIG difference between Diablo and WoW when it comes to gear progression:
    The amount of randomness.

    In WoW, you clean the content in a few hours every week and your whole group progress because of fixed loot tables. Sure, one exact loot may never drop for you but it wont matter much when you are almost full BiS already. Also loot is a REWARD to killing a hard raid boss or something.

    In diablo 3, its all about a stupid amount of luck and isn’t rewarding at all. Damn I killed Diablo 2weeks after launch and he dropped 2 <60 blue after a 15min fight.

    • I think you missed the point it is like that in that there is an actual progression system. Hell leads to act1 which leads to act2 and then finally 3/4. You have to farm the previous act in order to gear up for the next act. Which is more like WoW than d2 was the point trying to be made and was very much true prior to 1.0.3 and the loot distribution. Now as you said it is nearly all luck but that was not the original intention of the devs or should I say I don’t believe that to be their original intention.

      I know there are loot tables and the randomness skews the results but it is general feeling the whole progression system feels more MMO than ARPG. The fact that there is a progression system at all even points to that feeling more like a truth.

  6. Two experienced players praising the D3 endgame? I must still be asleep, dreaming!

    Great to hear!

  7. The problem with Inferno is Item Levels 61-63. They should have given Inferno the flat difficulty level of “61” (to the player’s max level 60), and let you try and beat it. Level 60 items are the best you can get, thus it would be a challenge to get through Inferno, one that relies more on player skill rather than gear checks, and one that can be “doable” from farming Hell.

    On top of that, they need to grow the number of affixes for monsters considerably, so that there are many more different ones, to allow much more varied combinations. They need to balance the difficulty (not just “double it”) and they need to offer incentive beyond just item hunting in order to do it.

    Maybe in Inferno, the quests give you actual bonuses (resistances, skill boosts, stat points, stash increases, etc.) since you can’t get experience, and the gold is not worth the trouble. They need to have many more random events throughout the game as well.

    They need to improve the item quality and variety, to allow people to “want” to keep hunting for items. Give us new stats and abilities on items, especially Legendaries! Make them “worth” wanting to find. They need to have more socketables, and much more variety in what they do.

    They need to tone down the “frustration” aspect of the game, and tone up the player skill aspect of the game. There is nothing “difficult” about Inferno. It is simply a gear check, and that’s where it fails and is causing so much grief amongst players. It was touted as being difficult because it would have “enhanced monster AI” where they would be using different tactics and abilities that would make the player actually use skill in order to defeat them. This does not happen in any way, shape, or form, and is why people are upset. “Save or Die’s” are not difficult gameplay mechanics.

    The big thing was that people could complete “the game” in the earlier Diablos without having to find the “optimum” gear or build. In D3 you are “required” to have the best gear in order to “beat the game”, and with the drop rates how they are, that is virtually impossible to do so without “playing the auction house”. Instead of making a game where people “want” to use the auction house in order to get better, or create a neat build, they made it so you “have to” use the auction house in order to do the most basic thing in the game…progress.

    That is the failure of D3’s Inferno.

  8. Maybe if you spent a fraction of the time you spend playing Diablo actually finding out about Mitt Romney’s economic plan, you wouldn’t make stupid comments that have no place in your podcast. Great way to turn off listeners.

    • You’re right in that any political mentions turn off listeners, since most people probably don’t care. Which is why I try not to mention real life issues very often, since it’s a podcast about gaming.

      On the specific joke, what are you objecting to? Romney’s economic plan is largely predicated on tax cuts for the highest income bracket. That’s not some deep dark secret or conspiracy theory. It’s not even an opinion; it’s clearly outlined in his policy positions and defended by the man himself and his backers.

      If I’d opined that this was a horrible plan and that I’d prefer to see rich people ground up into meatloaf for the poor, I could see you objecting to political commentary on the podcast. But there was nothing of the kind.

  9. Not a republican at all. Conservative independent who wants the communist in the White House voted out. By the way, love the podcast, but pointless political jabs are pointless.

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