If you enjoyed the podcast but wish there was just less of Flux talking, this is the show for you. Long-time, old-time Diabloii.net columnist Garwulf, AKA Robert Marks, is the guest and my goodness does he have a lot to say. Fortunately he’s pretty good at saying it, so hear him discourse on his new book project, his place in the origins of video game journalism, the evolution of ebook publishing, and his interactions with Blizzard back in 2000, when he published the first official Blizzard ebook and the first official Diablo fiction, Demonsbane.

    Garwulf’s new book is called The Traveller on the Road of Legends. The official blurb:

    “We’ve all read fantasies about quests, and dragons, and annoying wizards. In which the fate of the world hangs in the balance. And here’s another one. But this one is intriguingly different. THE TRAVELER ON THE ROAD OF LEGENDS introduces a setting of infinite possibilities, characters we care about, and danger that must be fought right now. A great adventure.”

    You can also check the original Garwulf’s Corner columns from 2000-2002, an interview Flux conducted with him upon the publication of Demonsbane, and Flux’s 2002 review of that novella. Garwulf’s blog can be seen at garwulf.livejournal.com.

    The whole chat is a good one, but if you’re really only interested in the “writing a book for Blizzard and getting a preview of Diablo 3’s plot” content, you can skip to about 37 minutes.

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